Root Chakra Ceremonial Bath

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  • Ground Your Energy Body and Connect to Your Center of Courage and Strength

    Choose this Root Chakra Bath Set if you are feeling disconnected to your body, unable to focus, anxious, controlling, aggressive, fearful or simply to create more balance in this energy center.

    Many times when we are not grounded we over analyze things and spend a lot of time in our thoughts and self-talk.  This bath is wonderful for bringing you back into your body so that you can put your focus where it will give you the most benefit. This is a beautiful chakra to work on to help you be present and open to the cleansing of your other six chakras ~ it will ground you so that you can honestly step into your transformation and growth.

    When your Root Chakra is in balance you will feel secure and safe in your body and with others, practice good health, carry abundant energy, feel centered and strong, and stay grounded and open to healing when working with all your energy centers.

  • Your Root Chakra Healing Tools Include: ~ Dead Sea Salts Infused with Organic Beet Root Powder & Organic Vetiver Essential Oil ~ Three Healing Gemstones ~ Two Red Beeswax Candles ~ Sweet-grass Root Chakra Wheel ~ Intentional Bath Circle ~ Root Chakra Mandala ~ Organic Dandelion Tea ~ Sage Bundle ~ Mini Colored Pencil ~ Root Chakra Bath Ceremony

  • The Root Chakra or Muladhara is the first chakra and is located at the base of the spine.  The color for this chakra is red and the element is Earth. This is an important chakra to balance as it is from this energy center that we gain the stability and grounding needed for personal growth and transformation. This is where we draw our life force and where the seat of raw energy or kundalini rises.  It is from this energy center that we build our foundation for grounding, security, stillness, courage, individuality and health.  This chakra teaches you about your place in  the world, how you relate to success, how to harness your courage and to trust in the wisdom of your body.

    ~ This intentional ceremonial chakra bath combines Water+Gemstones+Plants, a magical trio,
    along with the corresponding chakra color to ground your energy body
    and connect you to your center of courage & strength ~

  • Healing Gemstones

    Red Calcite: soothes imbalances; assists in all physical healing because of its relationship with the base chakra; centers and grounds; eases and releases fear and negative emotions; provides emotional protection; reduces stress; provides stability and inner strength.

    Smoky Quartz: offers protection when we feel threatened at the survival level; supports one in overcoming negative energies; relieves depression; enhances and encourages inner strength and courage.

    Garnet: promotes actions leading to abundance; utilizes creative energy; connects you to your sensuality; increases willpower.

    Ruby: inspires passion and enhances sensory awareness; recharges your energy levels.

    Red Jasper: grounding; stability; cleansing and balancing; gives one courage to speak out.

    Infinite Stone: works on all levels of the self; provides a nurturing energy from the root to the heart chakra; healing and calming.

    Black Tourmaline:  strong grounding vibration to Mother Earth; blocks negativity; relieves anxiety; protective.

    Please Note: Each chakra bath will be gifted with three beautiful gemstones specific to the Root Chakra. Gemstones will vary in size, color and type from order to order! Each gift set will receive the gemstones that speak to me through you and I will listen to their call.

    Healing Bath Salts

    Dead Sea Salts: these beautiful salts replenish your skin with the minerals of magnesium, wonderful for combating stress, slowing skin aging and calming the nervous system; calcium, to increase circulation; potassium, to balance skin moisture; bromides, to relax muscles; and sodium, to balance lymphatic fluids.

    Organic Vetiver Essential Oil: balances, grounds and protects; encourages one to be present in the moment; clears heat from the body; calms and uplifts emotions.

    Organic Beet Powder: boosts energy levels, aphrodisiac; rich in antioxidants, calcium, iron, potassium, manganese and nitrate; improves blood flow.

    Healing Tea

    Organic Dandelion Root Tea: good for unblocking the root chakra; full of antioxidants to fight free radicals.

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