Gemstone Bracelet, Moonstone

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This gemstone bracelet is made from high vibrational moonstone beads. Each piece is carefully arranged with 11 beads + 11 beads separated by charms. Referred to as a portal number, 11:11 is an extraordinary numerical pattern that guides us into cosmic awareness. It represents the universal mind, reminds us of our role in the beautiful magic that is life and can be used to activate our deepest desires for healing and beyond.

 Moonstone Magic:

  • stone of feminine goddess energy
  • reflects healing qualities of the moon
  • heightens awareness and emotional balance
  • awakens sacral, third eye and crown chakras
  • gives skin a healthy, youthful glow

We energetically cleanse all of our bracelets before shipping them to you and we recommend that you do this on your own as well. There are many ways to cleanse and charge your bracelets such as using sage smoke, burying them in a bowl of salt overnight, or leaving them out under a full moon. Gemstones will be most powerful when cleansed frequently! Enjoy the healing vibrations.

 *Bracelets are one size fits most (6.5-7in)

Don’t hesitate to ask if you need a larger or smaller size!

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