Holiday Gift Sets

Dearest Moon Family,

Our Holiday Gift Sets are here! We have created these to fill your holiday in whatever way you love to celebrate the season of light. Each holiday package includes savings ranging from 10%-20%.

In addition to these savings we are also sharing the following gifts:

  • Each order over $100 will receive natural canvas makeup bag to carry your Gemstone Organic travel needs!


    Made with beeswax, cocoa butter, jasmine absolute, rose absolute, vetiver, sandalwood, palo santo, amethyst, reiki, rose petals, these candles smell divine and evoke a healing and comforting energy.

    The candles are created by my dear Moon Daughter Dana Pennenberg. Dana is a Usai Holy Fire Reiki Master and Craniosacral Practitioner. You can also find her on social media @reikiandritual.
  • USA orders over $200 will receive a candle plus free 2-day Priority Express Mailing!
  • International orders over $200 will receive a candle plus $15.00 off your order. Use the code Light at checkout to receive $15.00 off your purchase.

Our Holiday Gift Sets can be found at the links below:

Enchanting Holiday Gift Sets, we have put together five gift sets to fill all your holiday stockings, baskets or wrappings. There is a special gift set to add love and joy to each bundle, from your little gems to your big gems! 
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Gemstone Tribe Gift Set, created with our beautiful Gemstone Tribe in mind. 

Winter Solstice Ritual Gift Set for you to celebrate the first day of winter and welcome back the light.