Wishing You the Moon & the Stars

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We have created a gift package for you this holiday season to carry your self-love into 2022!
The fragrance of organic essential oils mixed with beeswax will immediately fill your room with natural aromas of uplifting citrus, stimulating clove, and relaxing cinnamon. Refreshing and ideal for brightening up entryways, kitchens, and co

Pick your body butter and candle set. We suggest the following combinations:'

  • Heavenly/ Starry Nights
  • Sister Gem / Starry Nights
  • Mother Earth/Moon Tides
  • Maven Gem/Moon Tides

Yet, your instincts will tell you what combination is best for your or your loved ones!


Our beeswax candles are made from sustainably sourced beeswax and organic essential oils. Beeswax has a lovely honey essence that adds a sweet addition to the organic essential oils will give you a sweet addition to the honey' essence. The candle burns cleanly and soot-free! Home aromatherapy is healing and soothing and indulges your senses!  

Moon Tide: created with organic essential oils of cinnamon, clove, blood orange. To bring you the grounding pull of the moon fo your heart. A holiday of moon and stars!
Starry Nights: created with organic essential oils of clary sage, cypress, juniper and frankincense. To bring you the celestial essence for the holidays and beyond!
These are only available in the Wishing You the Moon & the Stars Packages at this time ~  so enjoy your candle and body butter before and after the holidays!


Made to soften, soothe, heal and moisturize your beautiful body ~ lather up and feel gorgeous! Choose from our four top sellersL

SISTER GEM ~ scented with lemon + blood orange +geranium + grapefruit: this one was made especially for my SISTERS who love citrus! Citrus is full of vitamin C to give your skin the healing properties to fight free radicals! This body butter is invigorating and healing.  Made with: *shea butter, *sesame oil, *sunflower oil, *flaxseed oil, *lemon, *blood orange, *germanium,  and *grapefruit essential oils  (*organic).

HEAVENLY GEM ~ scented with lemongrass + jasmine + cedarwood + rose absolute: bringing the celestial to your skin! You will love the heavenly scent that will gently follow you all day. Made with: *shea butter, *sesame oil, *babassu oil, *flaxseed oil, *lemongrass and *cedarwood, jasmine, rose absolute essential oils  (*organic).

MAVEN GEM ~ scented with frankincense + blue chamomile + lavender: made for the maven in each of us ~ the wisdom of age blended with the innocence of the child ~ wear it and feel powerful. sweet, and sexy. Each scent is delicate yet brings others closer to smell a little deeper.  Made with: *shea butter, *sesame oil, *babassu oil, *flaxseed oil, *frankincense, *blue chamomile, and *lavender essential oils  (*organic).

MOTHER EARTH GEM ~ scented with vetiver + cedarwood +ginger + lime: made to connect you with mother earth herself, with a little 'zing'! this butter has a deep, earthy smell, mingled with a little tingly zip. The scent of the vetiver and cedarwood will ground you  and the ginger and lime will bring you the lift you love!.  Made with: *shea butter, *sesame oil, *sunflower oil, *flaxseed oil, *vetiver, *cedarwood, *ginger, and *lime essential oils  (*organic).

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