• In partnership with Goddess Provisions we have created this beautiful elixir to connect you with your inner wisdom. Wisdom is not something you have to learn, but something you have inside, it is your intuition. When we are not moving from our inner wisdom, we are missing the power that is right inside us. 

    This angelic potion was created to help you connect with your inner wisdom through calling on the support of the angelic realm. We all have angels that are devotedly trying to connect with us, to guide and protect us. When we call on our angels they help to quiet our ego and help us to hear our inner voice with clarity. It is one of the best ways to raise your vibration.

    Created with a blend of essential oils to ground you in the present moment through your sense of smell, this captivating elixir your will connect you to your essence in ways that will open you to new pathways of awakening.

    Suspending the essential oils in a high vibrational gemstone essence of Iolite chips brings in the quiet color of an empty sky, one of mystery to help you keep your internal communication vibrant and open to new dreams and visions.

    Seraph was created to strengthen your inner voice so that you will trust it, follow it and allow it to become a guiding force in your life.

  • Aromatherapy: captivating, sensual, full-bodied.

    Gem Essence: iolite and other select crystals

    To use: Gently shake to activate the elixir.  Spray the potion on your pressure points and anywhere your intuition leads you (wrists, neck, and along the chakras are all common places).

  • Alcohol*, Witch Hazel*, Rose Otto Hydrosol*, Geranium, Ginger, Myrrh, Sandalwood, and Orange Essential Oils*, Gemstone Essence

    * All ingredients are Certified Organic. Why Organic?

    Made without: GMO's, pesticides, fillers, synthetics, additives, preservatives, parabens, alcohols, tocopherols, gluten, soy, sulfates, fragrances or petroleum based products of any kind.

    Our products and ingredients are never tested on animals.

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