Throat Mini Chakra Kit

  • Speak Your Truth & Express Your True Self 

    Balancing your Throat Chakra is a perfect choice if you are unable to express yourself, have difficulty telling the truth or being honest; give mixed messages; are unreliable or wishy-washy; won't allow others to voice their opinions; struggle with doubt and negative thinking about yourself or simply to create more balance in this energy center.

    When your Throat Chakra is in balance you honestly and truthfully express who you are and what you stand for; you listen deeply to others; you carry personal integrity and effectively communicate.

    Your Throat Chakra Ceremonial Bath Includes: ~ Dead Sea Salts Infused with Organic Spirulina & Butterfly Pea Powder & Organic Lavender Essential Oil ~ Two Blue Beeswax Candles ~ Sweetgrass Throat Chakra Wheel ~ Intentional Bath Circle ~ Throat Chakra Mandala ~ Mini Colored Pencil ~ Intentional Ritual

  • The Throat Chakra or Visuddha is the fifth chakra and is located in the V of the collarbone at the base of the throat. Blue is the color associated with this chakra and the element is Ether. This is the energy center for communication and self-expression. It is here that we balance heart and intellect ~ it is the doorway to sound and the spiritual world. This chakra teaches us how to speak our truth, be heard, listen to others with full attention and express our true self.

    ~ Open your communication center to speak your truth and express your true-self ~

  •  Healing Bath Salts

    Dead Sea Salts: these beautiful salts replenish your skin with the minerals of magnesium, wonderful for combating stress, slowing skin aging and calming the nervous system; calcium, to increase circulation; potassium, to balance skin moisture; bromides, to relax muscles; and sodium, to balance lymphatic fluids.

    Organic Lavender Essential Oil: calming tonic for the nerves; relieves exhaustion; increases mental activity; pain relief for muscle aches; improves throat infections, laryngitis and coughs; induces sleep.

    Organic Butterfly Pea Powder: keeps skin healthy; boosts body immunity; improves vitality; powerful antioxidant high in vitamin E; fights against free radicals.

    Organic Spirulina Powder: removes toxins from the skin; rich in vital nutrients and antioxidant properties; beautifies the skin giving it a rosy glow. 

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