Diamond Membership

Free Shipping on All U.S. Orders Over $100


  • A Diamond Membership Card in the amount of $1350.00
    You pay $1000 and receive $1350 in membership credits.

It works like this:
You purchase your Diamond Membership for $1000 + I add a 35% discount
in the amount $350 = a total value of $1350.00. This is the same as
receiving 35% off on every purchase you make over the life of your card!

  • Exclusive access to newly created products throughout the year
  • Fresh product on every order (yes!)
  • Special discounts to all workshops & events

Once you complete your Membership Purchase you will receive your Membership Card by email. This email will also include your Membership Cards unique code to use at checkout when paying for your purchases throughout the year. When making a purchase you will enter your special Membership Code to make your payment and your card will be automatically deducted.

Once the balance on the card is less than your order, you will be prompted to choose a second payment method for the balance of the order. You may also purchase a second Membership Card as needed.*Please note that all membership discounts are good for one year from the date of purchase.

CHECKING YOUR BALANCE: You can access your balance using the special link that is provided in the Membership Card email. I am also available to share card balances as needed.

I will be creating your skincare ONCE A MONTH. You can check the Production Calendar for production dates**. Reminder emails will also be sent to each MEMBER two weeks prior to the production date.

IMPORTANT: You can place your orders online up to 3 days prior to the production date.

*Cards that are not used within 12 months from the date of purchase will lose their discount pricing (i.e. $350), however, the original purchase of the membership (i.e. $1000) will be available for up to 5 years.

**Production dates are subject to change as needed. Email notifications will be sent with updates to all members to inform you of any changes made to the calendar.

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