Goddess Gift Set

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This is the perfect gift set for the fashionable or Kundalini mama in your life; your sister, yogi friend, wife. Give the gift of fashion with this chic headband and highly vibrational gem jewelry.

Gemstone bracelets are made from high vibrational beads. Each piece is carefully arranged with 11 beads + 11 beads separated by a silver charm. Referred to as a portal number, 11:11 is an extraordinary numerical pattern that guides us into cosmic awareness.

Gemstone Smoky Quartz Bracelet 7 in. ~ Stone of protection and personal pride, absorbs and clears negative energy, grounds you through your root chakra, connects you to the earth.

Gemstone Aventurine Bracelet 7 in.~ Stone of opportunity, inner harmony and optimism. Encourages perseverance. Beneficial to eczema, acne and other skin conditions.

Gemstone Amethyst Bracelet 7 in. ~ Stone of focus and concentration, increases spirituality and intuition, protects against electromagnetic radiation and other environmental pollutants.

VENIUS Infinite Headband ~ Amazingly versatile headband with gathering down the center great for a day at the beach.. great meditation, yoga or just rocking a fashionable look! Colors will vary between white, nude, mauve, blue, or gray. 

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