Sorcerer I Gift Set

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This is the perfect gift set for those friends and family members in your life who could use some healing and grounding energy; your nephew, niece, brother-in-law. Give them the gift of wearable energy and natural skincare to reconnect to their true self. 

Forest Alchemy Gem Juice Hydrosol 2 oz. ~ This Gem Juice is a special blend of hydrosols from native trees, enhanced with essential oil. The leaves and trimmings are hand-picked from a spiral grove held on sacred land in Northern California. This hydrosol is anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and energizing. It is incredibly healing to the skin and is made from trees that carry ancient wisdom. This earth knowledge grounds us and reminds us of our own ancient divinity.

Organic Jade Face Créme ~ This créme balances oily/dry and combination complexions. It helps to manage oil production and sebum levels for smooth and even skin. It contains organic essential oils to hydrate and moisturize skin while keeping it clear of congestion and blemishes. Full of antioxidants - Jade keeps skin looking fresh and healthy year round. We use Gemstone Essence of jade, nephrite, black tourmaline and other select crystals. 

Create Necklace ~ Made of natural tangerine quartz points with a beautiful red-orange color. The tangerine quartz meaning is to help one create whatever it is that they would like to bring into their life. Tangerine quartz properties are powerful for sacral chakra healing and balancing. It activates and energizes the sacral chakra, which is responsible for creativity and sexuality.