Heart Chakra Ceremonial Bath

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  • Open Your Heart Center to Connect to Self-Love and Forgiveness

    Opening and balancing your Heart Chakra is a good choice for you if you are feeling unloved, grief, jealousy, have a difficult time forgiving yourself and others, feel unappreciated, struggle with negativity, or simply to create more balance in this energy center.

    We all need more love in our life and this is a fact!  So this bath is a must for everyone, but especially those who are working with others and want to create a safe, loving and supportive environment (mothers you are at the top of my list here!), when you want to live your life with more kindness and compassion, if you need to break out of feeling judgmental towards yourself, for strengthening your ability to say no when it means you chose self-care, or be more open to the love from others.

    When your Heart Chakra is in balance you love and accept yourself, express respect, kindness, and understanding towards yourself and others. You are able to accept others as they are, create deep bonds and recognize love as a unifying force.

    Your Heart Bath Healing Tools Include: ~ Dead Sea Salts Infused with Organic Nettle Leaf Powder & Organic Geranium Essential Oil ~ Three Healing Gemstones ~ Two Green Beeswax Candles ~ Sweet-grass Heart Chakra Wheel ~ Intentional Bath Circle ~ Heart Chakra Mandala ~ Organic Hawthorne Berry Tea ~ Sage Bundle ~ Mini Colored Pencil ~ Heart Bath Ceremony

  • The Heart Chakra or Anahata is the fourth chakra and is located at the center of the chest, near the heart, lungs and thymus gland. Green is the color associated with this chakra and the element is Air ~ where body meets spirit. The heart center unites the three earth energy chakras below and the three spirit energy chakras above. Balancing this chakra will help you to grow in your spirituality for it is at this center that you can heal both emotionally and physically. This is where love, forgiveness and compassion reside. This chakra teaches us how to give and receive love and how to forgive ourselves and others.

    ~ This intentional ceremonial chakra bath combines Water+Gemstones+Plants,
    a magical trio, along with the corresponding chakra color
    to open your heart center connecting you to self love & forgiveness ~

  • Healing Gemstones

    Green Calcite: eases old, limiting beliefs from the mind so new ideas can flourish; absorbs negativity; boosts your physical immunity; promotes healing and transformation.

    Rose Quartz: stone of self-love, universal love, unconditional love; stimulates the heart chakra to support healing and balance; calms emotions; dispels negativity; promotes peace.

    Aventurine: comforts and protects the heart; good for attracting love later in life; works with angels and guides in prayer; loosens energy blockages.

    Green Fluorite: harmonizes the heart and mind; promotes self-love; dispels negative energy; enhances personal growth and renewal.

    Rhyolite: stone of resolution; helps you see and understand all parts of yourself; useful for finding healthy, loving relationships.

    Jade: calms nerves and soothes the heart rhythm; supports new love; is cleansing; assists in creating magic; promotes healing and transformation.

    Please Note: Each chakra bath will be gifted with three beautiful gemstones specific to the Heart Chakra.  Gemstones will vary in size, color and type from order to order!  Each gift set will receive the gemstones that speak to me and I will listen to their call for you.  

    Healing Bath Salts

    Dead Sea Salts: these beautiful salts replenish your skin with the minerals of magnesium, wonderful for combating stress, slowing skin aging and calming the nervous system; calcium, to increase circulation; potassium, to balance skin moisture; bromides, to relax muscles; and sodium, to balance lymphatic fluids.

    Organic Geranium Essential Oil: balances the love of self and others; improves blood circulation; minimizes inflammation; supports detoxification; benefits health of your skin; balances hormones.

    Organic Nettle Leaf Powder: rich in protein, vitamins and minerals; memory enhancing; restores mood; nourishment to the blood; strengthens the lungs; brings sound sleep; relieves dry, itchy skin.

    Healing Tea

    Organic Hawthorne Berry Tea: increases trust in the process of life; encourages you to feel safe in following your heart; strengthens the heart and blood vessels.

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