Mineral Masque

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  • Mineral Masque - crystalline face mud

    The next level of gemstone skincare - supercharge and detox your complexion with this electric masque. Made with healing powers of negative ions, this masque works to remove free radicals and draw toxins from the skin. The magical blend of gemstones used in this masque also generates far-infrared radiation. These wavelengths have a variety of healing benefits including cell growth and regeneration, improved microcirculation, and increased anti-oxidants.

    Along with the essential oils in this face mud, the gemstones and other negatively charged ingredients help to brighten your complexion, leaving you with a fresh and dewy super glow.

  • To Use: After cleansing, wet face with warm water to soften skin. Use the bamboo spoon included to measure out your preferred amount (more for a thicker masque and longer detoxing time, less for a thinner and quick detox). Apply gently onto skin, avoiding the eyes and lips. Rinse clean after 1-5 minutes, or shortly before masque is completely dry.

    Store Mineral Masque in refrigerator and use while ingredients are fresh!

  • Mineral Masque: bentonite clay, gemstone powders, ACS, organic aloe vera powder, organic carrot seed essential oil


    Why Organic?

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