Moon Family Gift Set

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This gift set was created with our Moon Family in mind, to give the gift of harnessing Grandmother Moon's energy to manifest and align with ones deepest desires. 

Manifest Elixir .5 oz ~ A limited edition elixir inspired by the Summer Solstice under the Fiery Full Moon in Sagittarius. Apply this sultry potion for an enticing, smoky fragrance with a hypnotic and mesmerizing gemstone essence. Manifest is made with the aromatherapy of organic essential oils suspended in a high vibrational gemstone essence with Pyrite in the bottle to fire up abundance in all areas of life.  

Gemstone Moonstone Bracelet 7 in. ~ This gemstone bracelet is made from high vibrational moonstone beads. Each piece is carefully arranged with 11 beads + 11 beads separated by silver charms. Referred to as a portal number, 11:11 is an extraordinary numerical pattern that guides us into cosmic awareness. It represents the universal mind, reminds us of our role in the beautiful magic that is life and can be used to activate deepest desires for healing and beyond. Moonstone is a stone of feminine goddess energy, reflects healing qualities of the moon, heightens awareness and emotional balance, awakens Sacral, Third Eye and Crown Chakras, gives skin a healthy, youthful glow.

Moonstone Face Creme 1 oz. ~ Soothes dry, sensitive skin. It moisturizes and reduces redness while preventing hormonal acne and other reactive breakouts. This créme contains organic essential oils to balance hormonal skin and clear acne, while fading away spots from past skin flare-ups. It boosts cell regeneration, leaving the skin with a smooth and youthful glow. It is made with Gemstone Essence from rainbow moonstone, grey moonstone, phenacite and other select crystals. 

GAIA COLLECTIVE Gemini Moon Box ~ This Moon Box includes three crystals, an essential oil blend, tea blend, Moon oracle card, guided meditation, sage smudge stick, guided Full Moon ritual, ritual supplies, and wearable gem based of this upcoming Gemini Moon. Give this gift to optimize the energy of our Moon, her invigorating powers, and align with her placement in the stars.