Mystic Gift Set

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The Mystic Gift Set is the perfect gift for that mystic, spiritual person in your life. Give them the gift of deepening their spiritual practices and growth with this beautifully illustrated Tarot card deck and ceremonial Chakra bath.

Crown Chakra Ceremonial Bath ~ Give the gift of connecting with their intuitive knowledge and wisdom. This ceremonial bath is a beautiful way to learn to live in gratitude, expand intuitive knowledge and wisdom; to learn to move beyond the limits of ego, or to deepen connection with the divine.

The Wild Unknown Deck + Guidebook ~ speaks with a quiet, clear and resonant voice. The 78 vibrant, heavy-stock cards illuminate The Major Arcana and suits of Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles with archetypes and themes steeped in the natural world. The guidebook is an essential primer into the themes and concepts that animate The Wild Unknown Tarot. With three all-new spreads included, this 200+ page guidebook offers insight into shuffling and cutting the deck, readings, and the meaning of all 78 cards from the tarot deck.

Flying Wish Paper ~ A precious pack of Wish Paper that's hard to resist. At just 5" square, mini kits are fun to hold, easy to pack, and they make perfect little gifts. Platform Cards inside the kit match the main package design. Contents include:
 15 sheets of Flying Wish Paper in RED, 5 Platform Cards, 1 pencil and illustrated instructions.


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