Moon Girl Box

"Moon Child be free.
Free from the tides of being boxed.
Free from the norms of those who status quo.
Find your path and follow it to the moon."
~ Malebo Sphodi

Our Moon Girl Box was created to awaken the Moon Child within, allowing your unique beauty, to shine forth.

A woman of the Moon is wrapped in her intuition, which is as illuminating as the moon's rays themselves. This brings effervescent truth that flows easily in both action and voice. A woman of the Moon, revels in her femininity, nuanced, radiant and succulent.

Like the moon itself, Moonstone , presents a depth of emotion. This stone is not for the faint of heart - it brings one what one needs, rather than what one wants. This stone is a silent 'true prayer' in that it expands us beyond the limiting phase of "getting what I want" and asks the Divine, "What do I need to be truly nourished?" Moonstone also helps us develop a profound emotional IQ, a relationship with the deep unconscious, and perhaps most importantly, a connection to the energy of the divine feminine. It delivers profound teaching dreams, opens one to the flow of life and synchronistic events, and softens hard edges.

Awaken Your Goddess Within
Know as you use the Moon Girl Box, it will usher all the gifts listed, above and below into your life.

Organic Moonstone Creme ~ for balancing hormonal skin and giving skin a youthful glow, and heartening clarity and intuition.
Moonstone Gem Bracelet ~ stone of the feminine goddess, to inspire inner growth and strength, awareness and balance, and healthy skin.
Droplet Prism ~ to shower you and your surroundings with rainbows and moonbeams. A gift from my heart to yours.