Sage Gift Set

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The Sage Gift Set is the perfect gift for the woman of wisdom in your life; sister, sister-in-law, mom, best friend, coworker. Give the gift of healing, style, and grace with this organic, pure skincare set and beautiful Agate earrings.

Sun + Moon Cleansers 1 oz. each ~ Cleanses the face with organic washes aligned with the rhythm of day and night. Sun Clean is a sweet honey, morning cleanser infused with roses and essential oils. Moon Clean is a deep clay cleanser that gently exfoliates and prepares skin for a good night's sleep.

Mineral Masque 1 oz. ~  Supercharge and detox your complexion with this electric masque. Made with healing powers of negative ions, this masque works to remove free radicals and draw toxins from the skin. The magical blend of gemstones used in this masque also generates far-infrared radiation. These wavelengths have a variety of healing benefits including cell growth and regeneration, improved microcirculation, and increased anti-oxidants.

Gold Face Créme 1 oz. ~ Supports the skin's absorption of essential vitamins and minerals. This créme contains organic essential oils that stimulate your epidermal cells to increase skin regeneration and prevent aging. This formula naturally carries a high SPF value (Carrot Seed: 38-40 SPF, Coconut Oil: up to 10 SPF, Hemp Oil: 6 SPF). Gold is made with Gemstone Essence from raw gold, pyrite and other select crystals. This unique blend heals skin from hyperpigmentation and sun damage.

WILD HABIT Gemini 14K Gold Chain Earrings ~ Agate stones on beautiful hanging gold-filled chain that pulls through, adjust and even loop through a second ear piercing. Due to the individuality of each piece and the nature of the materials, the final product will vary slightly from the item pictured. Agate's give a balancing yin/yang energy, courage, protection, healing, and calming.