Valentines Day Packages

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Heartfelt February

It is still winter and time for some regeneration! Take time for recalibration, quiet time for imagining, for rest and recalibration, and most of all, time for healing and self preservation.

Here is a package for your to treat your body with self-love:

  • Signature Face Creme of Your Choice
  • Herbal Steam 
  • Sun Clean 
  • Gua Sha ~ Rose Quartz or Opal
  • Enchant Elixir (to bring out your enchantress within!)
  • Rose Quartz Gem Bracelet

Take time to love your skin ~ and carry that feeling and care into your day with your Enchant and Gem Bracelet.

FACE CREME:  Gemstone Organic was founded with five unique handcrafted Face and Healing Crémes. These creamy moisturizers are for your face and anywhere else on your body that deserves a little extra care and attention. These cremes will leave your skin soft, smooth and glowing from the inside out!

HERBAL STEAM: Facial steams are a treat for face, pores, lungs and soul! So treat yourself and your skin to a simple, yet vital routine that will make your skin glow!

SUN CLEAN: Start your morning or facial off with Sun Clean, a sweet honey cleanser infused with roses and essential oils. 

GUA SHA: This ancient beauty ritual is known for its ability to breathe new life into the skin. 

ROSE GEM JUICE HYDROSOL: Rose hydrosol has been used for millennia as a beauty tonic as well as for emotional and spiritual healing. It is uplifting to the spirit, while balancing your skin’s pH and softening your skin.

ENCHANT ELIXIR: A limited edition elixir inspired by the charm of Venus and the enchantress in us all.  Apply this moonlit potion for an uplifting, warm fragrance with an alluring gemstone essence

ROSE QUARTZ GEM BRACELET:  Represents the universal mind, reminds us of our role in the beautiful magic that is life and can be used to activate our deepest desires for healing and beyond.

MAKE-UP BAG: Sweet little cloth makeup bag to carry your gua sha or facial care!


Happy New Moon in Aquarius,

Happy New Year of the Tiger,

Happy Valentines Day Moon Sisters!