LIMITED EDITION! Vegan, Organic, Whipped, Body Butter

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Vegan, Organic, Whipped,
Body Butter

We have a whole lotta body butter for you GEMS! 
We whipped up NINE different scents in THREE sizes
SO LATHER UP and give your skin a
beautiful moon shine
like no other! 

Each batch is hand-crafted, whipped, vegan, organic and made with love . 

Pick Your FAVORITE SCENT from the list below ~ YUM YUM!

BABY GEMS ~ scented with lavender + chamomile: 
 finally!! a specially created baby gem product ~ made with both mama and baby in mind <3. This body butter is gentle, soothing, and calming to share the smell of love. Made with: *shea butter, *jojoba oil, *sunflower oil, *sesame oil, *lavender and *german chamomile essential oils  (*organic).

GEM CRUSH ~ scented with peppermint:  made especially with you 'glowing' gems in mind, this butter is fresh and invigorating ~ just like you!  Made with: *shea butter, *jojoba oil, *sunflower oil, *borage oil, cupuacu butter, *peppermint essential oil (*organic).

COCO GEM ~ scented with peppermint + cacao:  add a little smell of 'chocolatte' to fresh and invigorating and you get this essence to a 'T'!  Made with: *shea butter, *jojoba oil, *sunflower oil, *borage oil, cupuacu butter, *peppermint and *cacao essential oils (*organic).

SWEET GEMS ~ scented with cardamom + cedarwood + sweet orange:  add sweet to spicy layered with a warm grounding essence to make you feel very happy in your body!  Made with: *shea butter, *sesame oil, *sunflower oil, *borage oil, *cupuacu butter, *cardamom, *cedarwood, and *sweet orange essential oils (*organic).

MAIDEN GEMS ~ scented with ylang ylang + cardamom + cedarwood:  made especially with you beauties in mind, this butter smells sweet, sexy and sensual. You will love each delicate scent as it floats off your skin. Everyone will want to get a little closer to inhale the beautiful essences. Made with: *shea butter, *jojoba oil, *sunflower oil, *sesame oil, *Ylang Ylang, *cardamom, and *cedarwood Essential Oils (*organic).

CHOCOLATE GEMS ~ scented with coconut pulp + cacao absolute + sweet orange + cardamom:  this was made for all you chocolate lovers out there ~ added a little sweet citrus and cardamom to give it layers of smells to keep you smiling! YUM! 
Made with: *shea butter, *jojoba oil, *apricot oil, *coconut pulp, *cacao absolute, *sweet orange, and *cardamom essential oil (*organic).

MOTHER EARTH GEMS~ scented with vetiver + cedarwood + ginger + lime this butter has a deep, earthy smell, mingled with a little tingly zip. 
Made with: *shea butter, *jojoba oil, *sunflower oil, *sesame oil, *arnica oil, *vetiver, *cedarwood, * ginger, and *lime essential oils (*organic).

HEAVENLY GEMS ~ scented with rose + jasmine + lemongrass + cedarwood:  this butter is made for those who love the smell of flowers. watch out, the bees will find you!  Made with: *shea butter, *sesame oil, *sunflower oil, *arnica oil, *borage oil, *cupuacu butter, *rose, *jasmine, *lemongrass, and *cedarwood essential oils (*organic).

MAVEN GEMS ~ scented with vetiver + frankincense + blue chamomile:  this butter is deep, steeped with the wisdom of the maven, and infused with the scent of the newborn baby. In honor of your beauty, Mavens.  Made with: *shea butter, *apricot oil, *jojoba oil, *vetiver, *frankincense, and *blue chamomile essential oils (*organic).

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