Winter Solstice Ritual Gift Set

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We are fast approaching the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year on Friday, December 21st. The Solstice, also known as Yule, is a celebration of the rebirth of the light (sun), and holds a powerful energy for self-reflection and renewal. This gift set was designed to invite you to celebrate this time of quiet energy and look within to focus on your needs and wants. With the Moon reaching her fullness in Cancer the following day, December 22, this gift set was created to bring out the inner warrior(ess) to evoke change and awakening that is carried through into the new Year

Give the gift of ceremony to a loved one and that includes you.  

Solar Plexus Ceremonial Chakra Bath Gift others the ability to tap into their inner fire and boost their self confidence with this ceremonial Chakra bath including candles, dead sea salts, gemstones, smudge stick, tea, and more. Balancing the solar plexus will put you in touch with your inner power, aligned with your deepest values, and teach you to be true to yourself. This is the center where you radiate warmth and joy!

Organic Sunstone Body Lotion to cover your body with the energy of the sun. We developed our Sunstone body lotion with a magical splash of healing ingredients and infused it with the joyful power of sunstone crystals.

Organic Gold Face Creme our solar power face creme to keep you looking young and healthy. This creme resonates warmth, strength, and willpower.

Tigers Eye Gem Bracelet stone of determination. carries the energy of the sun, and strengthens courage.

Manifest Elixir This potion will spark your deep-rooted power and place a spell on your hearts desires

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