Wishing You the Moon & Wishing you the Stars Holiday Packages

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 Created to support you through the holidays
take you into next year with some self-love practices  

Wishing You the Moon ~ we have grounding, earthy, moon love for you:

Rose Quartz Gua Sha ~ to bring your skin into 2022 with a self-love routine that will give you great ROI! Firming, lifting, healing, detoxifying...need we say more!

Earth Magic ~ botanical oils are powerful in that they are very concentrated holding the essence of the flower they come from. Each oil contains its very own natural healing and protective properties for skin and all senses. With a blend of oils to work with your brain and hormones to improve mood!

Little Bag of Love ~ we must have crystals in our life to support us in all of our ventures! This one is to promote love in your life ~ all around! And for you when you are needing a little attention in the areas of love, awareness, connection, communication and grounding!

Tigers Eye Gem Braceletthis magical bracelet will bring you warmth  Wear this beauty to increase perception and clarity as tigers eye is know to sharpen your senses. Draw on tigers eye for bringing harmony and to soothe tensions. Tigers eye grounds the energy of the solar rays into the earth ~ stimulating the first to the third chakra's.

***You will also be gifted a small surprise in each box***

Wishing You the Stars ~ in our second package we have angelic, celestial love coming your way!

Opal Gua Sha ~ we chose the opal Gua Sha for its watery, and very healing properties to give you an outcome you will be happy with! It is a highly protective stone known for its moisturizing effects and for the joy it brings. Due to its high water content, Opal promotes the circulation of body fluids in the body.

Seraph ~ this angelic potion was created to help you connect with your inner wisdom through calling on the support of the angelic realm. We all have angels that are devotedly trying to connect with us, to guide and protect us. When we call on our angels they help to quiet our ego and help us to hear our inner voice with clarity. It is one of the best ways to raise your vibration!

Little Bag of Joy ~ joy is heavenly and we all know the essence of joy is so contagious and lovely! I want to spread joy! And with all things gemstone organic we must have crystals in our life to support us in all of our ventures! These gemstones are to support you in bringing more joy, gentleness, focus and compassion in your life.

Rose Quartz Gem Bracelet ~ promotes love joy, emotional healing. Inspires compassion and kindness. Embodies the female energy of tenderness, comfort and healing. Enhances love in relationships by bringing you peace, calm and self love.

***You will also be gifted a small surprise in each box***

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