Little Bag of Courage

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  • This 'Little Bag of Courage' contains the following five gemstones:

    Carnelian for COURAGE
    Tigers Eye for CLARITY
    Jasper for STRENGTH
    Mookaite for CONFIDENCE
    Clear Quartz for GROUNDING

    These gems were carefully chosen to call forth the power and strength inside you. Use them when you need that extra boost of confidence or clarity.

    Your 'Little Bag of Courage' also comes with a card that includes color pictures of each gemstone and a list of words we have chosen for each gem. Although we have chosen these energy words, your child may connect with the wisdom of the gemstone through another word. Let their medicine of courage, clarity, strength and confidence shine through.

    Each gemstone is unique and therefore colors and sizes will vary with each bag.


  • These are stone friends to hold dear. Your child will be drawn to the one(s) they need as they need them. There are many ways to use them:

    • Carry one or more in their pocket.
    • Carry the bag with all five.
    • Place them under their pillow at night or on the bed stand.
    • Use them in the bath.
    • Build a crystal grid.
  • Cleansing Your Gemstones

    It is good to teach your children the art of cleansing their gemstones. Cleansing gemstones to remove stagnant or negative energy is important. We recommend cleansing your gemstones weekly or after they have been used for an especially purposeful energy. Here are a few ways to re-charge them:

    • Place your gemstones in a windowsill or outside to catch the light of the sun or moon. Full Moon energy is lovely with its powerful light!
    • Bury your gemstones in the earth for 24 hours ~ don’t forget to mark the spot!
    • Place your gemstones outside in the grass under the rain and then dry them in the sun on the windowsill or with a towel.
    • Smudge your gemstones with the smoke of sage, palo santo, or sweet grass.
    • Use sound, such as bells, drums or rattles to sound clean your gemstones.

    A list with of cleansing options is included with each bag of gems.


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