Inner Beauty Guidance


At the center of your being you have the answer,

you know who you are and you know what you want. -Lao Tzu

 Journeys are a part of life

Some come with love and laughter and others with tears and heart openings. We all have power, yet accessing it seems to be our biggest challenge.   There are times when we fall into the grace of someone who is able to help us step back into ourselves. I would be honored to help you learn to be still, listen to your soul and feel the winds of change move within you. We deserve to live to our fullest potential. Tending to the wisdom of what our body and soul calls for can lead us to our own well of resources. We are all teachers, healers and artists and it is an honor to link arms with others to nurture them into following their hearts and dreams. There are many practices and tools to strengthen our connection and serve to support our nutritional and emotional balance. My knowledge of these practices comes from decades of wise teachers, classes, research and personal growth. I do not have all the answers to the universe but if you’re looking for an open ear and an honest voice, I am here for you.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Gemstones and crystals
  • Herbs and Essential Oils
  • Ceremony and ritual practices
  • Whole-food nutrition
  • General life guidance
  • Intuitive Tarot Card Readings
  • Moon cycles and astrology
  • Animal Totems and Guides

I would love to assist you in discovering the beautiful magic within, and help you to unlock your hidden potential. Sessions may be based on combining my skills, or focusing on one particular area in order to meet your needs. It is my intention to be intuitive, honest and present with our time together to empower you with tools and insights. 

I work with clients for 30/60-minute slots and session rates are $125/hr. For more information and to schedule a private session please reach out to me, Debra Haugen, at