My Journey

This is a writing space to share my journey. You can join me here to find out news and updates.

In April 2021, I was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer metastasized to liver, lungs and peritoneum. If you remember I had been dealing with chronic pain for the previous year and so it has been a lot to deal with these last two years.

I was not afraid, in fact I did not feel like I had cancer, but the pain, discomfort, trouble sleeping, and weight loss were taxing me. I had not been to the doctor in over 20 years, as I am not a big western medicine fan. However, I felt the deep need to do Chemo as I was going to turn this around for me and my family. I bought Eve Ensler's book, 'In The Body of the World', about her journey with Cancer.  I believed that the chemo was a tool to really find myself, to strip myself so bare that my body could attend to the deep issues of having cancer that were stopping me from healing. And so here I am almost done with chemo!

I was lucky to have been in MN at the time doing a big project with my sisters and then ended up going to the Mayo Clinic, a blessing in disguise. They scheduled me for colostomy surgery three weeks later as the tumor was large enough they were concerned that it would block the colon.  

I did not start the chemo until the end of June due to complications and so I am just about to finish my last of 12 Chemo treatments this week.  I found this an easy choice as I believed in all the steps I was taking. I researched and found both conventional and integrative doctors ~ I am a holistic healer and so all these decisions were very hard!! I have taken on the following regiment for the last eight months:

  1. Cannibus ~ some of you may have heard of Rick Simpson Oil. It has been healing people for many years. The ‘sweet spot’ is to get to 1 gram per day and for someone who does not smoke or dabble in the TCH realm, it has been a little tricky! But very successful and I am at a gram now for almost 12 weeks and rocking it!
  2. High Vitamin C Infusions
  3. Ayurvedic Diet
  4. Supplements to support my healing process
  5. Juicing
  6. Relaxation Meditations/Imagery
  7. Daily stretching and chanting
  8. Fasting during my chemo
  9. Chemo

I took a virtual class with the Simonton Cancer Center ~ it was one of the most life transforming experience I have ever had. I want you all to know that I have found this cancer to be a wake-up call ~ it has taught me more than I can ever share!

 In August 2021 I had a CT Scan that showed my tumors had all shrunk 50% ~ fantastic! However, in October the CT Scan showed slight improvement, yet stable.

 On December 15th, I am scheduled for another scan and excited to see the results. I will update you more then on my spiritual and emotional growth, as I have so much to share.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me!

With so much love,
xx Debra

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