We put our heart and souls into making the freshest, healthiest and most healing skincare.
Here is what people have to say about their experience:



"I LOVE THIS STUFF. My skin in luminous..."

– Tanya, Minnesota 



"I wanted to say that I have been using your face creams and hydrosols now for the last five months. I no longer have to go to the dermatologist now that my skin has almost completely cleared up. [W]hen I was around a lot of people I haven't seen in a long time everyone kept going on how I was just glowing."

– Ariana, Texas 


 "I would like to say thank you for creating such amazing products. I am truly amazed at what the Jade creme has been doing for my skin - I saw results the very first time I used it and I've only had it since Christmas, but my skin has already changed.  For someone who has been struggling with my skin and skincare products for years, I can't tell you how grateful I am to have found your products."

– Kimberly, Rhode Island



"I used the Organic Gemstone Gold for my son's eczema and it cleared it up right away."

– Cecilia K, Minneapolis

“Gemstone Organics smell and feel great and is full of good energy. Everyone over at Gemstone Organic is even more amazing!
This is my new Skin Care Family. Love you guys!”

– Freddy Jouvin, Los Angeles

"Gemstone Organic Creme has been my best gift this winter... Incredible the way it melts into my skin!"

– Kerry M, Minneapolis

“It’s doing amazing things for my skin. I have the moonstone cream, it's clearing up my acne and smoothing my skin.
It’s doing everything as promised!”

– Charity Robichaux Almanza, Texas

"I have tried so many moisturizers but, so far Gemstone Moonstone has helped me a lot with my skin and acne!
My skin is really clear now."

– Vala Tatsumi, UK

"Perfect for men as well. I love the moonstone. I use it after I shave. Keeps my face baby soft and looking young."

– Stephen Metoyer, Los Angeles

“Just want to say how much I love your products.
Not only are your ingredients great but the energetic component of the gemstones takes them to a whole other level.
Big fan, highly recommend.”

– Jessica Thompson

“Absolutely love my moonstone face cream! I would highly recommend it to anyone. My skin is glowing!”

– Erin Griffith

“I found this product... and I love it! I love the rose Quartz. It's like heaven on your face!”

– Lili Mclean, California

“I received all my gemstone organic products today & couldn't be any happier!”

– Sarah Bee, Abu Dubai

“ I love your face creme! I have it in Jade and it's truly amazing. I feel a difference using your moisturizer compared to others.
It goes on so easily and smoothly, doesn't sting my eyes, and it feels like I'm nourishing and feeding my skin.
Thank you for a wonderful product!”

– Stephanie Hilliard

“Wonderful women making amazing products.”

– Corrie Novak, Los Angeles

"I love that I can slather my créme all over my face without worrying about it getting on my lips.
These are safe, healthy ingredients I can trust."

– CC, Chicago

“I do love the Gold scent. Yum!”

– Gina Carpellotti

"I am on my knees a lot playing with my three year old and a cleaning job which causes my knee caps to become very dry and discolored.
When I use the Organic Gemstone Gold it virtually repairs them overnight."

– C. Fernandez, Minneapolis

“I would recommend that everyone seriously consider stopping whatever they are using on their skin and switching to Gemstone Organic...
I have started dabbing the Ruby around my eyes and after only the 3rd use they have started improving dramatically.”

– Laura Ramos, Rhode Island

“I just received my first jar of Ruby Creme and I am in love with it!
It is so very moisturizing, has helped calm dermatitis flare-ups and smells wonderful.
As well, I was incredibly impressed that my order shipped within just hours of being placed and arrived so quickly.
Thanks again!”

– Diana Banash

"Since I've been a teenager, I have always used lotion to moisturize my skin from head to toe.
Most brands left my skin feeling dry, waxy or as if it were clogging my pores.
When I discovered Gemstone Rose Quartz it was the first time I felt lotion absorb into my skin.
It was a bonus to have healthy glowing skin with a natural scent!"

– Tiera R, Minneapolis

"Adore these products! And fab service, highly recommended!"

– Susan Grohmann, UK

"It is the only thing that I put on my skin now. Love, Love, Love it.
As a particular example, since I started using it every day on my cuticles I have had almost no hangnails (and I get a lot of hangnails in winter)."

– Jennifer Anne Fischer, Minnesota

"The little jar was a great size for traveling. I put it on my body as a moisturizer, and I couldn’t believe it, but the warts on my thigh started to go away! I ordered more right away. There is magic healing power in these products!"

– Gwen, Los Angeles

"It is lovely and nourishing. A little goes a long way. I noticed how bright my skin looked instantly. I didn’t want to get overly excited because who really can tell from the get go? 3 applications later and it was no lie. My skin looks and feels healthy. The hormonal acne has greatly diminished. The redness is alleviating. And I’ve only had the crème for 3 days! I can’t wait to see how my skin improves after a month if this is what it looks like in 3 days. This is the most fantastic find. I’m elated. Thank you Gemstone Organic!!!"

– Becca, South Carolina