Ceremonial Chakra Baths For Self-Love


Ceremonial Chakra Baths for Self-Love

Embrace The Mystery of You

Connect with your body and work closely with your own healing energy. This self-care ceremony gift set has tools that will balance your energy centers through a gentle ritual.

Chakra is the Sanskrit word for “wheel,” referring to the various energy centers in the body. Working with your chakra centers through bathing is important to me as water prepares and cleanses our body for sacred ceremony. I wanted to gift you with a healing path to take you on the inner journey that is calling to you.

As we grow in understanding the power we hold in each energy center, we will begin to know better where we are holding the blockages that keep us from: feeling grounded through our physical bodies, moving through the world from a place of personal courage, finding and expressing our creativity, following our heart through self-love, hearing and listening to our inner voice of wisdom and knowing, speaking our truth with honesty and clarity, and connecting to our spiritual creator that lives within us all (inner beauty).

Ceremony is a word that rolls through my body like a sweet and gentle wave. I love the beauty and caring that comes between the moments of starting and ending ceremony. I have created these Ceremonial Chakra Baths for three main reasons:

  • To guide you into your natural internal rhythm through the beautiful trifecta of water+plant+mineral
  • To support you in embracing the deepest and most sacred mysteries of you
  • To connect you to your body so you feel the power of healing you contain and have the ability to tap into it throughout your life

Each chakra bath is created to offer you a path to activate each of your nervous systems sensory organs; sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. It is through our five senses that we experience our world. Each ritual gift set includes: gemstones, dead sea salts infused with organic plant oils and powders, chakra colored beeswax candles, organic chakra tea, a beautiful, hand-crafted, sweetgrass chakra wheel with intentional bath circle, sage bundle, mini colored pencil, chakra mandala visual and chakra specific bath ceremony.


I have placed much love and intention into each and everyone of these Ceremonial Chakra Baths and want you to feel and experience my love once again through the waters of your being. We are here together for a reason ~ you reading my write-ups and blogs ~ and me here writing and creating for you. It takes a village to raise a child and a tribe to keep us connected to our highest self.

I love you my dear moon family ~ 

Wishing you the Moon, the Stars & beyond,