Chief Alchemist & Moon Mama

Deb’s love for travel and meeting her cosmic family extends
all the way from Africa to Fiji to Johnston, Iowa.

Debra is the founder of Gemstone Organic; the Chief Alchemist and the developer of our advanced earth-based formulas. Her love of the earth goes back to her childhood and collecting rocks in the gravel pits of northern Minnesota with her family. She nurtured her organic lifestyle over the years and when she became a mother, her deep love for all that nature offered in plants, gemstones and spirituality continued to blossom. In addition to her devotion to holistic healing Debra also found her love for science and mathematics, leading her to pursue a degree in Geological Engineering...a beautiful bridge between science and nature. Over time, her passion for crystals and earth-medicine grew as did her recipes for health and body care. The day she decided to combine her botanical skincare formulas with her powerful gemstone elixirs was the day magic was born! Debra is a Shamanic Reiki Practitioner and a skilled leader inside ceremony. She continues to dream and manifest ways to spread her love of healing to the world.

The Magic of Gemstone Organic

Debra continues to dream and spread her love of healing to the world. She shares her love, healing, and energy creating Gemstone Organic. Every single Face Créme, Hydrosol, and Chakra Bath you receive has been handcrafted from ingredients to ceremony. Gemstone Organic is a culmination of her life experiences, transmitting her healing practices to the healer within you. Debra uses crystals as a healing tool in each product. Their energetic vibration helps to heal the emotional bodies on two levels, from the inside out, inner and outer beauty. When you apply it to your skin it enters your body straight through the bloodstream. We also take the time visit our farm to thoughtfully place gemstones into the soil. These crystals help the plants to grow strong with the intention of becoming healing medicines for you and your skin.

We call it magic because by channeling energy from earthly and universal forces and using the fruits of Mother Nature's labor, we begin to become in tune to the teacher that exists within us and outside of us.

Gemstone Organic is made with love and care for YOU and Mother Nature...

We choose 100% Organic Raw Food Grade Ingredients

Locally Farmed in Northern California

USDA Certified Organic

Demeter Certified

Handpicked crystals and gemstones

Vegan/Cruelty Free

We do NOT use preservatives, additives, synthetics, fragrances, alcohol, or palm oil