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New Moon In Cancer ~ Water Blessing Ceremony


Tomorrow, June 23rd,  at 7:31 pm PST (10:31 EST) the Moon will move into her darkness under the sign of Cancer. I like to call this Moon the Dark Moon. This is the day that the Moon rises with the Sun and is too close to the sun’s glare to be visible with the eye. This Cancer Moon is here to guide you into feeling your potential and helping you to re-orient yourself to your highest work and purpose. Time to plant your seeds of intention under her Dark Moon energy.

Cancer, a water sign, is ruled by Grandmother Moon. Moon in Cancer reconnects us with our oceans of emotions and so we may find ourselves feeling more deeply or with a heightened sensitivity. Cancer is the sign of the archetypal mother, our own mothers as well as the Great Mother Earth. Under this Dark Moon in Cancer we can also find many other planets positioned in water signs: Chiron (Pisces), Mercury (Cancer), Mars (Cancer) and Neptune (Pisces) ~ making water very prominent and deeply felt under this Moon.

This is a time to remember that water is medicine.

Water is about movement, flow, and change. She is our most vital life resource, a cleanser, and a way to release into and give blessings under this Cancer Moon.

The water element is related to the heart, to our connection with others, which is why it is so important to be alert to her condition around the world. As we allow her to be mistreated and filled with toxins ~ we will find that our own hearts will feel the same mistreatment and become filled with troubles and harm. 

I believe this new moon is the perfect time for a water blessing ceremony ~ to help heal you, the water and the world. In fact I dedicate EVERYDAY from today a day for a water blessing ceremony!

I have designed this ceremony around the Sacred Geometry of the water element, the Icosahedron (this geometry corresponds to the Sacral Chakra so working with this Chakra is also healing under this Moon). The Icosahedron enhances your creative thought process and can help to move and eliminate emotional blocks to give your creativity the openness ‘to go with the flow’ to move you through challenging and/or exciting changes. 

Combining sacred geometry with crystals gives the water additional healing properties. I recommend using Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and Clear Quartz, as they are safe to place inside and outside the water; and contain amazing energies. Quartz provides clarity in thinking; the Rose Quartz brings in a positive, gentle love; and Amethyst is the teacher of all things spiritual and healing to body, mind and soul.

Your Water Blessing Ceremony:

  1. Gather a clear glass, bowl or vase for your water and crystals;
  2. Print out the picture of the Icosahedron below:

    You may need to change the size to fit the bottom of your vessel depending on what you have to work with.
  3. Place your paper in a windowsill or somewhere where it will catch the longest amount of the dark moon energy and then place your vessel on top of the image so that the bottom fits over the entire image.
  4. Pour water into the vessel
  5. Clean your crystals and then place them inside your vessel (for those of you who have saved the crystals from the Gem Juices ~ they are the perfect size!) and arrange them onto the numbered points on the Icosahedron as shown below (I used a bamboo skewer to move the crystals into place). You can use larger or smaller crystals, just be sure to place them on each of the numbered points:

  6. You can also place the crystals directly onto the paper and then place the jar onto the crystals (as shown below).  If you are using crystals other than the Rose Quartz, Amethyst or Clear Quartz, you may want to use this method.

  7. Now you are ready to bless the water. Take a few moments to connect to your breath and then say your blessing into the water. Remember water is prana and so you are just reminding her of her power and beauty! 
Here are a few blessing for you to choose from ~ but I encourage you to use your own words as you may want to weave your intention into the blessing ~

Here is an Angel Blessing:
Think of a joyful, loving thought. Then bless the water and ask that it nourish your soul and heal your body, the earth and all that lives on and within her.

Or you can use the Hawaian Huna Ho’oponopono blessing:
I am sorry, I forgive you, thank you, I love you.

In the morning of the Crescent Moon, June 24th, before eating or drinking anything else ~ bless the water and then take a sip. Feel your own healing powers as she moves into your system....this is your water to seed and bless your intention, use it daily. You can bless yourself with your intention by placing drops under your tongue, drinking it, or placing the drops on your body. You may not see or feel it right away, be patient, it may take a few days before you will notice something.

Use this water through out the next few weeks to change the vibration of the water you drink and cook with. Just place a few drops of your blessed water into your water jug or cooking pan. A few drops is enough to change the vibration of the other water and don’t forget to bless it at the same time! When we take on the act of blessing our water and sharing it with our bodies and larger bodies of water we become a force of healing ~ near and far.

Water is the greatest of all substances and is closely connected to the feminine and our intuition. The great flow of life is in water and that is the beauty and power of water blessings. We cannot change things outside of ourselves, because everything is coming from within. When we go inside and take responsibility for how we are feeling it has a direct effect on the planet. The ocean is made up of drops and we are each one of those precious drops ~ so let us start here one drop at a time….

Bless your water ~ bless the world,
Moon Mama

June 22, 2017

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Shining that Inner Sun~ Summer Solstice and the Solar Plexus



Summer has arrived, at last! It is time to celebrate the light, power, and love taking center stage in our lives.

The Summer Solstice marks a celestial event where the longest day and shortest night of the year is experienced on Earth’s northern hemisphere. Tuesday, June 20th at 9:24pm (PST), folks all across the northern hemisphere will be celebrating the return of the Sun back into their lives with singing, dancing and letting the love shine bright!

The solstice is a historically powerful time of the year- when we make a great shift in our energies. Not only honoring the beginning of many lovely summer days to come, but also the abundance of the Earth, and the shedding of our own personal shadows. It is a time to walk in the light.

The Sun’s cycle throughout the year, can be a metaphor of our own personal growth cycle; stepping away from darkness, and harnessing our inner creative power. This is about our potential as an Individual; the power to give, as well as the power to receive.

The summer solstice is centered around ‘Light’ and recognizing the light within ourselves and every individual. Who or what lights up your life? Perhaps take the time to light a candle for those people who are especially meaningful to you and have held your hand during dark periods or trying times. This could also be a perfect night for a bonfire with friends and family. Fire can be used to burn away any lasting remains of the old so we can be fully present in our new lives.

Whatever you do- make time to share with those that you love and who make you feel most connected to your inner strength. Your support network is calling to be acknowledged!

Spend time connecting to Self by re-establishing healthy rituals in your daily care routine and pampering yourself after long, hot days in the sun. Recharge at the end of a long day with a sweet, empowering ritual, or soaking those spent limbs in a warm bath. If you have had trouble connecting with your inner strength and vitality, giving special attention to your Solar Plexus Chakra can help you to remove the obstacles that keep you from getting through to your inner light. These ceremonies can offer release and freedom of spirit so that our childlike sense of expression is awakened. We learn again how to revel in our experiences and marvel, in fresh curiosity, at the World. With the masculine energy of the sun aiding us, it is a time to speak out, express ourselves, take action, and most importantly; don’t hold back! What has held us back from accessing our potential, hopes and dreams in the past is relinquishing its grasp. The Sun’s beautiful, brazen love is there to help us shake it the rest of the way!

The Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipura is located above the navel and below the rib cage. This energy center is where we find our warrior strength and inner fire. The color for this chakra is yellow and the element is Fire. Fire purifies and energizes giving us the ability to move forward with confidence from a place of power. This chakra teaches us how to hold our personal power, find our self-confidence, and radiate from a place of joy and warmth.

Ways to Balance the Solar Plexus:

Solar Plexus Ceremonial Chakra Bath
This self-love bath ritual activates all of your sensory organs; sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste: it is through your five senses that you experience the world. Working with gemstones, botanicals, water and color, this bath set will connect you with your inner fire to boost your self confidence and activate your inner warrior. Let your light shine! 

With Gemstones 
  • Sunstone- A joyful stone that inspires the nurturing of self to serve others. 
  • Citrine- Abundance. The sun shining with you.
  • Tiger’s Eye- Protection. Inner warrior.    
In a relaxed position, seated or lying down, take a couple of deep breaths to center yourself. Count the seconds it takes to breathe in and count the seconds it takes to breathe out. Do this until you find your facial muscles relaxing; relax your neck, relax your shoulders, relax your arms, your torso, your hips to your sits bone, relax your legs and let the warm flow of energy travel down to the tips of your toes.
Focus your energy on the space above your navel and right below your rib cage. Imagine a warm, glowing sensation blooming from within. Imagine this as a light shining out past your body. Imagine this light engulfing you with it’s warmth and spreading out into the space around you- so vast it connects you to the Mysteries of the Universe. As Summer Solstice has sometimes been told as the marriage between Heaven and Earth, so let this be a connection of the two within yourself.
You’ve connected your inner light to the source.
Stay in this feeling for awhile.
When you are ready; slowly bring your awareness back into the room you’re in. Wiggle your toes and your fingers.
Then take a deep breath in and open your eyes to a new world, radiating with fresh energy and life!

So get out there and shine your light- now’s the time to soak up all that good summer lovin’ and be around those who mean the most. After all the hard work of the winter months, and the new progress of spring, you deserve a day off in the sun, so enjoy!

Adriany Gemstone Sorceress

June 18, 2017


Full Moon in Sagittarius ~ A Fire Ceremony

Friday, June 9th @ 6:09 am (PST), 7:09 (MST), 8:09 (CST), 9:09 (EST) 

Tomorrow the Moon is Full in Sagittarius. This June Moon was called the Strawberry Moon by the Algonquin tribe as it was the time of year to gather the ripening fruit.  And is also known as the Full Rose or Honey Moon in Europe. I love these names for the June Moon ~ they match with all the love happening. It is no wonder weddings are at a high this time of year! And to add to the mix, this Full Moon's orbit is farthest from the earth and is called an "apogee" or Mini Moon. As it rises low in the sky it gives the moon its amber/rose color ~ hence giving it the name Rose/Honey Moon.

Sagittarius is a masculine, fire sign and is the archetype for wisdom, truth and understanding ~ energy for the journey. Full Moons mark a time of completion and bringing projects to a close, however, with the Moon falling close to Saturn retrograde it may suggest slowdowns. Yet, Saturn also gifts us with the traits of patience and persistence, so using these tools, we can keep ourselves steady and our projects successful.

Ahhh but there is always more right? Within an hour of the Full Moon, Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius) turns direct nudging our hopes and dreams out of hiding and inspiring us to share them with the world.

I find this Full Moon in Sagittarius a perfect opportunity for helping us call on the light of consciousness within ourselves to work with our dreams and imagination in expanding our visions. This is a time to unleash our truths, to help us to discover what has deeper meaning for us, and guide us into the energies of the Wheel of the Year turning with the Summer Solstice.

A few days before the Full Moon, you may notice that what you are ready to release is coming up for you. Before I share this beautiful fire ceremony by Lori-Lyn Hurley, I want to share a few thoughts for your altar. Gemstones you may want to connect with are Turquoise, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli or Ruby. Magnolia is a fragrance to explore your expanded beauty. And here are a few questions to contemplate over the next few days:

  • What awareness does this Full Moon bring to you?
  • Where are you feeling her in your body today, tomorrow, Saturday?
  • What are your hopes and dreams?
  • What is the spark of light that lives in your heart that is calling for awakening?
  • What are you releasing and ready to bring to completion?

Enjoy this beautiful fire ceremony my dear Moon Family ~

Sacred Fire Ceremony by Lori-Lyn Hurley

This ceremony is a way of letting go utilizing the element of fire. During a fire ceremony, the flames of the fire become the focal point of your intention (the prayer) that you offer. You send the intention of what you wish to release, and what you wish to be replaced in its absence, into the sacred fire. The fire’s flame consumes your prayer and transforms it into energy that is sent to spirit. You may choose to release:
  • Issues that no longer serve you
  • old habits that no longer carry a loving charge for you
  • physical or mental habits that you are tired of or that limit you
  • fears of moving forward
You may also choose to forgive someone or forgive yourself for something that happened in the past, release relationship entanglements or the regret of words unspoken.

First, prepare your fire. You can build your fire in your indoor fireplace, but if at all possible, I recommend an outdoor bonfire or fire pit. Once your fire is burning, prepare a spirit stick. Simply walk around with your eyes drifting across the landscape until you see the stick that calls to you. Sit comfortably near the fire and, feeling its warmth, begin to meditate on that which you wish to release. As each issue rises, tie a scrap of yarn or ribbon around the stick to represent it. This is your spirit stick. Place it where you can see it, or hold it, and write a letter. You may choose to write a letter to spirit, or you may choose (as in the case of my friend) to write a letter to a person who has crossed over. Let your words flow onto the page. Feel your emotions. Leave nothing unexpressed. Know that everything you write in this letter will be seen, heard and understood in spirit. There is no reason to censor yourself. Write into the difficult places, the loving places. Write until you have said absolutely everything that you need to say.

When you are finished, wrap your letter around the spirit stick and tie it with ribbon. Hold the stick in your hands to infuse it with the energy of your intention. You may also choose to blow your intention into the stick several times. Feel your heart releasing its grip. Feel your intention moving into the spirit stick, and when you are ready, throw it on to the fire. You may choose to conduct this ceremony with others. If so, allow each person to come forward and send her stick into the fire as the others stand behind in a circle of support. The sincerity of your heart’s intention is what makes this ceremony so powerful. For that reason, you can release and transform with symbolic fire as well. Simply imagine this fire burning in your heart as you write your letter and place it next to a candle burning on your altar for release and transformation. You may also wish to conduct this ceremony with another of the earth’s elements. To release with Earth, bury your letter, marking the spot with a stone (or your spirit wand.) The all embracing Earth takes all things back into herself, transforming all energy back into the essential building blocks of life. To release with Water, the great purifier, tear your letter into tiny pieces and release it into a flowing stream. To release with Air, tear your letter into tiny pieces and scatter them in the breeze, or tear it into long strips and tie them to the branches of a tree. Remember, it is your intention and focus that is important. You can modify this ritual in any way you see fit, so that it feels good to you. When you release and allow energy to flow in your heart, you allow communion with spirit and move forward on your path. The earth and her elements assist you with love and support.

And don’t forget to put our your Moon Water Gems ~

Full Moon Love Your Way,

June 08, 2017

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Kissed by the Sun


We are rolling into the summer and it can get hot! Mr. Sun can be healing yet grueling on the skin, but no worries- we have some tips to keeping your skin beautiful, radiant and glowing. 

The summer is a time for traveling, jumping into the water, participating in numerous festivals and taking a break from school or work life. Self-care is important at this time- especially for your body. And taking time to nurture and protect our largest organ ~ the skin ~ keeps you glowing and looking good!

So here are a few tips for you and your Sun Kissed skin ~

TIP 1:  Moisturize
Before and After your time in the sun moisturize! This will prevent dryness and keep your skin healthy and glowing! After the sun, be sure to gently cleanse your skin before applying your moisturizer. We created our Sunstone Lotion to keep your skin healthy by adding apple cider vinegar and chamomile to heal and moisturize.
TIP 2:  PINK is the limit!
Once your skin starts to turn pink under the sun make sure you cover up!! Understanding optimal and safe sun exposure is the key to getting all the benefits without the damage. Whether you use sunscreen or not ~ once you start to burn the damage being done is the same. So be sure to cover up with light clothing, move under the umbrella, or head inside and moisturize!
TIP 3:  SPF Smarts
SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. Protecting our skin from overexposure is important ~ yet how much SPF is healthy and needed? Many sunscreens with high SPF’s require more chemicals to achieve the intended results. Also, sunscreens can give you a false sense of security because you do not experience skin reddening and therefore are tempted to extend your time under the sun. However, this raises your risk of overexposure, which is damaging to your skin ~ sunscreen or no sunscreen. So although products containing natural SPF ingredients may not keep you protected for the same number of hours as sunscreen ~ they may just be a wiser option to keep you smarter at protecting your skin from over exposure and harmful chemicals!
TIP 4:  ‘Sun Red’ Remedies
We all find ourselves in the position of too much sun on occasion and the best way to remedy your burn is to get your skin temperature down and moisturize!
Taking a cool bath with apple cider vinegar or green or black tea is a perfect way to bring your skin’s temperature down and balance your pH. Add a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar to your bath water ~ this will neutralize and balance the pH levels of your burned skin to promote healing and reduce inflammation. Add 1-2 cups of strong tea, black or green. Tea has tannic acids, which help in pulling out the heat from your sunburned skin while also balancing your skins pH level to soothe and heal. Keeping your skin moisturized is the second most important step! After your bath ~ and through out the day/night ~ be sure to moisturize with our Sunstone Lotion, Rose Quartz or Gold Face Crémes ~ to deeply nurture, and protect your skin.

Have fun taking in those Sun Kisses!

Adriany ~ Gemstone Sorceress

June 04, 2017


New Moon in Gemini

Yes, the New Moon in Gemini is tomorrow, May 25th at 12:44 PST (3:44 EST). I love that Geminis are described as honey bees moving from flower to flower collecting all the information they can in the world in order to make sense of their purpose. Gemini is an air sign ruled by the planet Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication. Communication and opening your throat chakra is key under a Gemini Moon. This is a beautiful time to gather and seek out information and listen to the guidance and ideas of our kindred friends to help us better understand ourselves

This New Moon in Gemini also has a special energy to tap into. Early Friday morning, May 26th the Moon will make a trine with lucky Jupiter (a favorable aspect). This is a perfect time to ‘double down’ and start not one but two new projects ~ we need to grab this energy by the tail and watch her bring it forward with a roar!

Below are two short meditations to bring you deeper into your body and connect you to your intention and projects. These simple exercises can help to bring you into alignment with your center of knowing:

BODY MEDITATION ~ this only takes a few minutes but is very enlightening:

  • Sit down and tell yourself a truth out loud, such as I love Roses. Go inward and notice how your body feels when you tell yourself a truth.
  • Get up and do something around the house for just one minute ~ no more.
  • Sit down again and say to yourself out loud, I hate Roses. Notice how your body responds to this message ~ something happens in your body when you tell yourself a lie ~ get to know that response.

With practice ~ this exercise will help you to discriminate your body’s wisdom and teach you to follow your truth.

UTTARABODHI HAND MUDRA MEDITATION ~ Mercury rules the hands and lungs.

This mudra strengthens the metal element and is associated with the energy of the lungs and large intestine. The metal element conducts the universal life force (chi or prana) from the outside to the inside, charging your inner power reservoirs. This is a great mudra to use when you feel physically and mentally listless or when you need a rousing idea ~ a flash of inspiration!

Place both hands in front of your solar plexus, at the level of your stomach. Lay the respective index fingers and thumbs on each other. Point your index fingers upward to the ceiling, and your thumbs downward to the floor or stomach. If you are lying down, the tips of your thumbs may lie at the lower end of your sternum. This hand mudra can be held anywhere, at anytime, and for as long as you want. Create your own affirmation to use when holding the mudra or use this one: My partnership with the powers of the cosmos allow my life to appear in a new light.

Once you feel centered, begin your ceremony by cleansing your space. Place your focus on your intention and your projects you will be starting, whether they are personal or professional. Go out and collect objects from nature while holding your focus and place them on your altar. Bring in the element of air by opening a window or door, using a lavender spray or essential oil, or connecting to your breath. Draw your intention to your heart space to connect your heart and mind and open your imagination so that you can embrace all possibilities. As mentioned above, Mercury rules the hands, so this is a perfect time to work with clay, color, paint, draw, or write. If you have tarot cards, do a reading on your intention or upcoming projects.

For your altar, add the Gemini colors of yellow or orange and citrine or agate gemstones. It is also lovely to add a written note or an item that symbolizes your intention (projects) to your altar.

And if you have time ~ play with the Balsamic Moon tonight by taking a salt bath! 

dream big,

May 24, 2017


The Spoils of Oils


I absolutely love buying new skincare products! I love perusing the aisles of my local co-op, shopping online, and reading all the amazing and varied ways Mother Earth can nourish and heal our skin.

As much as I love finding new products, I must admit that I sometimes get a tad overwhelmed when I can’t identify all or even most of the ingredients.  I start to wonder what exactly does each ingredient do and how does it specifically help my skin?

In case any of you Gems have felt this way ~ I thought I could help you by demystifying some of the lesser known oils we use in our Gemstone Organic Face Crémes.

You will find Cupuacu Butter, Babassu Oil, Borage Oil, and Black Cumin Seed Oil in all of our Face Crémes (Rose Quartz, Jade, Moonstone, Gold, and Ruby). These four powerhouse oils help to nourish, repair, and balance all skin types.

Lets begin with Cupuacu Butter and Babassu Oil. Both of these luscious oils come from seeds of trees found in the Amazon rainforest.

Organic Cupuacu Butter:

Cupuacu butter is derived from the seeds of the Cupuacu tree. We source our Organic Cupuacu Butter from Brazil. This butter has a high water absorption capacity, which helps restore elasticity and is great for improving the overall appearance of your skin.


  • Natural Sun Protection ~ absorbs UV rays
  • Improves Elasticity ~ rich in phytosterol
  • Anti-Inflammatory

Organic Babassu Oil:
Babassu Oil is extracted from the seeds of the babassu palm tree. Our Babassu Oil is also sourced from Brazil. This oil is nourishing, soothing and balancing. It is lightweight and absorbs easily making it great at moisturizing both dry and oily skin.


  • Non-Comedogenic ~ meaning it doesn’t clog pores
  • Anti-Microbial and Anti-Fungal ~ helps fight acne and heal scars
  • Brings relief to dry and itchy skin conditions ~ ex: eczema or psoriasis
  • Absorbs quickly into the skin

Now lets dive into the other two oils found in all our Face Cremes ~ Organic Borage Oil and Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil. These oils come from the seeds of two different flowering plants.

Organic Borage Oil:
It is no wonder this flower is also called the Starflower!  Borage Oil is great at treating all types of skin conditions. This oil restores, moisturizes, and soothes dry or damaged skin.


  • Anti-inflammatory ~ richest known source of GLA fatty acid
  • Natural remedy for arthritis ~ known to lessen joint pain
  • Helps reduce menstrual symptoms ~ eases cramping and pain

Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil:
Black Cumin Seed Oil is a great beauty tonic for both your hair and skin and has been used since Ancient Egyptian Times.  contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties for treating skin conditions.


  • Anti-inflammatory ~ can help with burns, bug bites, bruises
  • Anti- bacterial ~ helps fight bacteria causing acne
  • Helps lessen respiratory problems

As you can see ~ these four oils help a myriad of skin issues and even a few beneath the surface :). They work together to fight off infection and inflammation and deliver moisture, healing, and nourishment to our largest organ. They help keep us healthy so we can glow from the inside out and tackle each day with our best face forward.

With Love,
Meagan ~ Gemstone Sorceress

May 19, 2017


Full Moon In Scorpio Ceremony

We are entering a Full Moon in Scorpio this afternoon at 2:42 pm PST (5:42 pm EST). I am always one to fall deep into the preparation for a Scorpio Moon and find that it is a few days before this particular Moon that I can truly find what I need to release. Scorpio is a sign that delves deeply into the emotional waters and communication is one of the themes of this Moon as she is sitting in the Third House. 

I have been preparing for a Full Moon Ceremony tonight and what came forward for me this Full Moon is the Nautilus. The Nautilus brings messages from the depths of the oceans connecting us to our ancient wisdom and knowledge. She is a living fossil that has survived the earth’s oceans for over 500 million years! As the Nautilus grows it continues to stay connected to its central point. This is a beautiful reminder that as we grow and evolve we become more centered and move back to our center ~ your experiences lead to wisdom. This beautiful Cephalopod also teaches us to grab opportunities as they come our way and her medicine will guide you to connect to your intuition and let go of past emotions that do not serve you.. The nautilus shell is a perfect spiral and reflects the order of the universe connecting us to our ancient wisdom and knowledge.

I offer you a simple yet beautiful way to work with today’s Full Moon in Scorpio and the Nautilus ~ today, tonight, or tomorrow.

  1. Below are two Nautilus Mandala’s ~ choose one and print it out.


  1. Tune into the energy and wisdom of the Nautilus. Let her help you to unfold life mysteries to you. Connect to your ancient wisdom.
  2. Grab colored pencils, crayons or markers to color your mandala.
  3. Choose a number between 1 and 10.
  4. Look below to see the word and energy connected to your number.
  5. While coloring your mandala use the colors, the energy of the nautilus and the energy of this Full Moon in Scorpio to release what you need around the word you are working with.

    For example ~ if you are working with the word resentment ~ think of all the ways you hold on to resentment and how you can learn to release it, or bring to mind what/who you are holding resentment for and laugh at how much time/energy you have spent on holding that resentment…use the mandala to create new space around the released energy and fill it with thoughts that bring you joy or happiness as you color.

  6. Once you have finished the coloring the mandala write down three words that you want to carry forward that came to you while coloring. For example it could be …release, joy, centeredness.
  7. Place the mandala somewhere you will see DAILY for the next two weeks. Use it to discover the intention you will place under the New Moon in Gemini on May 25th.

Take it where it wants to go and ~ enjoy.  And don't forget to put your Full Moon Water out gems!

Wishing you the Moon & the Stars,

Words to work with on releasing

  1. Resentment
  2. Jealousy
  3. Revenge
  4. Vendettas
  5. Betrayals
  6. Blocks to transformation
  7. Destructive relationships
  8. Unhealthy joint financial situations
  9. Obstacles to having a healthy sex life
  10. Resistance to changing paradigms
May 10, 2017

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Old Art Form ~ New Ways to Heal

Have you ever admired or been inspired by some really fantastic body art? Yeah you have. It’s everywhere and it’s getting more intricate and gallery worthy every day. All the care you take to choose your artist, choose your shop, but what about choosing your aftercare products? Fresh out of the shop is so good a feeling, we forget about the hit our body takes!

Bygone are the days of stick and poke below deck- not only are tattoos accessible and trendy, they have also infiltrated the cosmetic industry (with techniques like microblading, and permanent make-up !!).

In the wellness section of most natural food stores you will find a section devoted to tattoo aftercare; only trouble is, what to choose? And does it really matter that much?

Like any work of art that we love- architectural, sculptural, or visual media- we have an obligation to both the artist and ourselves, as patrons, to protect it and preserve it to the best of our ability.

We’re not just talking daily skin care routine, getting the softest feeling legs after shaving; this is an open wound we’re about to dab some mysterious looking goo onto and it better be made of the right stuff because we’ve got this baby for life. Being more conscientious about your body care choices could make or break your look.

We, as busy human beings running our own lives, have a tendency to overlook ‘the little things.’ When we slack on after care because this ain’t our first rodeo, or just plain overwhelmed by advice columns, we can cause potential lasting harm to our bodies and create a serious eyesore at the expense of your dedicated tattoo artist. Here are some easy pointers for keeping you on track with your new tat:

Steps and Tips for Healing Tattooed Skin:

Immediate Care

  1. Leave it Alone! - Although it’s nearly irresistible to flash that tat to coworkers, friends, family- you name it- keep it swaddled like a baby as much as possible for the first 2 hours, min. Give your skin a chance to lie low and recover from shock.  
  2. Keep it Clean- Consider your tattoo a raw wound. When you remove the bandage, rinse the skin with warm water (not too hot!) and if you do use soap, make sure it is gentle and unscented.
  3. Keep it Dry- after cleaning, pat area dry with clean towel.
  4. Keep it Moisturized- A proper ointment can double as a moisturizer and an antibacterial.** (See below natural essential oils)
  5. Keep it Protected- ABSOLUTELY NO PICKING OR SCRATCHING. It’s hard to resist the itch but, trust me, your skin will thank you for it. You will be rewarded when your image has healed- clear lines and scar-free.

A few things to watch out for-

  1.  -  damaging the ink.
  2.  -  bacterial infection.
  3.  -  difficult/prolonged healing.

Natural Tips for Healing that will get your body feeling your new groove:

  • Grape Seed Oil- A great moisturizer with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Shea butter- Great moisturizer (found in our Ruby Crème)
  • Lavender- Soothes itching, helps blood circulation (found in our Ruby Crème)
  • Helichrysum- Antibacterial, reduces swelling, contains tissue regenerating diketones (found in our Gold Crème)

** Our line offers products that are ideal for helping with immediate and long term skin care for tattooed skin- especially our Ruby Crème (with helpful ingredients like shea butter and lavender) and Gold Crème (with the amazing ingredient helichrysum). Sunstone Lotion is great for keeping that image looking vivid and glowing.

Pamper your skin- rejoice in the result of some rad art. Our natural ingredients ensure the cleanliness and healing tattooed skin deserves. **

Next time you catch yourself zoning out in the beauty section- do your skin and yourself a little favor and get the product that’s feels right to you. Make sure it’s hitting all those high marks! Is it made of 100% organic non-harmful ingredients? No harsh synthetic fragrances? Goes on like a dream, and leaves your skin feeling cooler and calmer? Probably not a bad bet!

Surround yourselves with the luxury and beauty of
great art,
great health &
great skin.
Celebrate the finer things... LIVE IT UP.

Adriany Poluan, Gemstone Sorceress

April 30, 2017


Balsamic Wishing Moon ~ New Moon in Taurus

We are entering the New Moon in Taurus this Wednesday, April 26th at 5:16 am (PST). Moon in Taurus slows us down and creates an earthy, sensual time. I cannot think of a better time to connect to my creative and sensual self ~ to plant the fertile seed and listen to the miracle of Mother Earth within as she shares her magic and guides us to manifesting our hearts dreams and songs. There is much going on under this Earth sign that is ruled by Venus and for this new moon I want to share a ritual to invoke the energy of the Balsamic Moon ~ the Wishing Moon. The Balsamic Moon phase is the three days before the New Moon and a beautiful, magical time for placing your wishes in the air. As Steve Nelson says, “A wish made on the Balsamic Moon is more likely to come true because needs are felt more deeply now…the more deeply a need is felt, the more invocative energy goes into the Moon cycle and the more likely this need will be met. You may be more aware of fears, self-doubts and difficult emotional tides at the close of the Moon cycle. The old emotional cycle is breaking down and everything that is wrong tends to come to awareness ~ let’s not forget, feeling invokes healing

As the moon wanes, awareness of what you no longer need waxes. This is a time to see what is standing in your way, holding you back ~ the New Moon in Taurus is a time to slow down, clear the way and allow yourself the space to plant your seeds ~ receive the insight

Here is a Bath Ritual for you to use under the Balsamic Moon (Today, Monday, Tuesday) 

A great way to cleanse during the Balsamic Moon is to bathe in salt water. A hot mineral bath is healing when your emotional and physical toxins are ready to be released. So take a bath to support your clearing of toxins and perceptions and open up to the awareness.

  • 1 cup Epsom Salt
  • 1 cup Sea Salt
  • Essential Oil ~ you can use quite a few drops and let it soak into the salts prior to using - remember the smell in the bath will be diluted so don’t be afraid to make it strong ~ a few oils I suggest are rosemary or geranium.
  • If you feel you are drawn to work on a chakra – use the color/smell to match that chakra – check out the ceremonial chakra baths on the website for more information.
  • Place a candle at the foot of the bath to aid in clearing the mind and focusing intentions.
  • Add flowers to bring the image, word and feeling of beauty to your time…remember your own beauty matches the beauty that surrounds you daily.
  • Play soft music or create a time of silence.

Then on Wednesday, April 26th once we move into the New Moon (5:16 am PST) create a vision board ~ one that can tap you into your center of creativity ~ the energy center that strengthens your ability to express yourself and your manifestations. It will be a great tool to guide you through to the Full Moon in Scorpio on May 10th.

Here are some thoughts on creating your vision board:

  1. Plan a time that will give you at least 2 hours for creating …
  2. Light a candle and tune into your vision for manifesting over the next few weeks or longer…
  3. Using a heavier paper like a Matboard ~ cut it into the circle or use it in the square…
  4. Grab magazines, colored pencils, stamps or anything that sparks you…
  5. Cut, write, paste and create….
  6. If you like, once you have completed your cuttings, blindly draw several to cover your paper and let your intuition guide you…
  7. Place your picture in a place where you can connect with your vision daily ~ preferably in the morning upon awakening and in the evening before going to sleep ~ maybe at the end of your bed! 

And remember sweet moon family, the universe is there for you ~ so use your powers to manifest your dreams and more! 

Sending New Moon Wishes Your Way,




April 23, 2017


Live by the Sun, Thrive by the Moon


I’m going to admit it…It has been years since I had a consistent AM and PM skincare routine. When I first began working for Gemstone Organic ~ I fell in love with the face cremes and hydrosols!  Then one day, Debra asked me if I’d like to try the Sun and Moon Facial Cleansers. I’m not going to lie... I was less enthusiastic about this idea. Face Cremes and Hydrosols...yes please :), but twice a day cleansers sounded like work.

I put the jars on my shelf for a week and thought about trying them everyday. Finally, my co-worker mentioned how much she was lovin’ the cleansers. This got me thinking, what was I waiting for...so that night I decided to take the plunge!

Well, let me tell you...man was I wrong about the cleansers being “work”. I not only did not dread them, but I actually got excited to get up and wash my face and then do it again before I tucked myself in at night. The morning (sun) cleanser awakened my senses with its sweet, granulated mixture of raw honey and rose petals. The night (moon) cleanser calmed me down with its poppy seed infused clay and soft scent of lavender. The two cleansers reminded me that taking care of myself, taking care of my skin, could be a luxurious experience that I wanted to do everyday, not just needed to do.

So enough about me. Try them for yourself. I went from only using a cleanser in the shower to now putting a couple of minutes aside each morning and night to happily commune with my face.

Not convinced yet. Let’s get down to the science of why these mixtures not only feel good, but also are bangin’ for your skin. Here are the ingredients in the two cleansers:

Sun Clean: raw, unfiltered organic honey, organic rose petals, organic thyme essential oil

Moon Clean: bentonite clay, organic lavender hydrosol, organic chia seeds, organic poppy seeds, and organic lavender essential oil

Let’s start with...The Sun Cleanser ~ raw honey has both antibacterial properties to help with acne and also skin saving antioxidants to help slow down the effects of aging. Honey is also great at unclogging pores and clarifying skin. Rose petals have natural oils that help trap moisture and hydrate skin. These dried petals are also great at gently exfoliating the skin. And lastly, thyme essential oil is a great antiseptic and antibacterial that can tone aged skin and prevent acne outbreaks.

And now to….The Moon Cleanser ~ bentonite clay is known for unclogging dirt and oil from your pores and helping to shrink them. The clay can also draw out heavy metals and other toxins from the skin and it is loaded with silica that helps make skin super soft :). The poppy and chia seeds are both gentle scrubs that exfoliate the skin while also leaving the skin soft and moisturized. The lavender hydrosol is a wonderful skin toner while the lavender essential oil has both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that help fight off blemishes and heal burns.

So there you have it. These cleansers are not just a yummy experience for your senses, but they are also a natural way to protect, heal, and nourish your skin from morning through night :).

With Love, Meagan
Gemstone Sorceress



April 19, 2017


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