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Full Moon in Virgo ~ Mystical, Earthy Energy

Tonight I am writing this blog as I sit in the high desert in beautiful Colorado. I am sending this blog early to share with you that tonight (~60 hrs prior to the Full Moon) is a great time to notice any triggers that happen under a Full Moon. Under this Virgo Full Moon, may find yourself feeling a bit judgmental of others, or getting caught up in details or perfectionism that keeps you from acting or getting things done. Being aware of this time is helpful. 

On Tuesday, February 19th at 7:53 am PST or (10:53 am EST) we have a Super Full Moon in Virgo. This moon carries a mystical, earthy energy that might move you through deep, unconscious feelings. Now is a time to look at what needs to come to an end and what you are ready to bring to life.

Native Americans called this Moon the Worm Moon as this is the time of the year when the earth begins to soften and the earthworms begin to make their way to the surface.

Virgo is a feminine, mutable, earth sign. She rules the intestines, digestive and nervous system. Her ruling planet is Mercury. She is all about intellect, communication, wisdom and intuition!

Virgo Moons can open up our energy around our life paths and encourage us to bring our radiance out into the world to support healing for ourselves and others. This is a wonderful time to work with your Throat Chakra. Clearing the Throat Chakra helps you to have good, clear communication enabling you to express yourself authentically. 

Full Moon Ceremony

Full Moons are a time for releasing , letting go and recalibrating. Under a Full Moon in Virgo you may find that your organizational skills are available and so grab that urge and run with it!

Taking time for ceremony can deeply nourish your spirit and soul and afterwards you may find that you are more clear and connected to your center. If you can gather with others under this Moon, please do! 

A sweet ceremony for you:

  1. Go for a walk in nature. A park is good, or by a river or lake is lovely. Watch for signs of spring birds  (robin, sandhill cranes and Canadian geese moving north again) or just catch the singing birds. I am in love with the songs of the red-wing blackbirds, they are crazy beautiful right now. Watch for tree buds or flowers breaking through the earth. I took a picture, see below, of these beautiful daffodil buds. I was in awe of their tenacity for reaching the sun even through the snow!

    And if you drive to your spot ~ watch for pot-holes in the roads ~ another sign of spring!
  1. Then when you get home take a look at the symbolism of the birds or animals or trees you take in and how you can work with their energy under this Full Moon. Here are a few examples of what I saw and what they are teaching me to work with as I move into the Full Moon Energy:
    • Daffodil: Her message is about trusting in ones power. It calls for the awakening of inspiration, of a new season upon us. She calls us to trust in our creativity and power ~ we have more power to change things than we realize! I will be holding onto the message of trusting in my power to change.
    • Juniper Tree Buds: a message of protection, love, health and cleansing ~ I will work on the cleansing!
    • Redwing Blackbird: Teaches us about the energies of Mother Nature . The redwing blackbird is connected to the creative forces of nature. Her black color is associated with the Cabalistic Tree of Life (symbolizing fresh starts or positive energy), the red in her wing is a symbol of energy, and the yellow is the color of the path that connects the two, the path of cancer, the mother of the zodiac! I will be working on connecting my energy to positive, fresh starts. 
  1. This is also a wonderful time to find a prayer stick. There are many fallen sticks on the soft, wet, earth right now. So if you find one that is calling you ~ bring it home and let it dry out and we will work with again next month.

  2. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:
  • What is stirring in you?
  • Is there something you are called to begin?
  • What is needing to end? Let go?
  • Create your altar. Add colors of the earth: green, brown, reds and yellows. Gemstones you might want to work with are agates, blue sapphires, carnelian or jasper. A few great scents to work with are cypress and frankincense or burn a little sweet grass. Place your new prayer stick on the altar (more on how to use and dress your prayer stick later <3)

  • Make a cup of Tea for your ceremony ~ 
    • Fennel tea is great for digestive issues;
    • Valerian is very calming for the nervous system;
    • Skullcap is perfect for quieting a busy mind!

    Mother Earth is shifting into spring and we are shifting with her ~ feel the movement? We live in a world where endings are beginnings and beginnings are endings ~ everything comes full circle. We take for granted that each day we wake up to a new US, to someone we have never been before and will never be again.

    Catch the Moonlight over these coming evenings ~ open your curtains and soak up her light while sleeping or in the morning during your meditation/ritual. It is something magical to experience. And who knows it may shine light into areas you never knew existed ~ but be prepared that it may not be something you wanted to know and so it is sometimes jarring ~ but always healing.

    And .... don't forget to put out your Moon Water gems ~

    Full Moon Love,
    Moon Mama

    February 16, 2019


    New Moon in Aquarius ~ Mind over Matter


    Our Aquarius New Moon is here tomorrow, February 4th, at 1:04 pm PST (4:04 p.m. EST) and is a magical Cazimi Moon. New Moons in Aquarius bring us the element of air and usher in the energies of clarity of thought, intellect, visionary dreaming and the desires of working with the collective energy to make the world a better place. We are gifted by the water bearer with beautiful ideas and thoughts. Time to churn out those amazing ideas gems and shower the world with your creativity and love.

    Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus. These planets bring us strong and vibrant messages. Aquarius rules the ankles ~ a good reminder of the important way we stand for the collective and ourselves.

    I believe February is a month to be celebrated ≈ we have so much love and happiness to work with!

    This new moon is on the tail of Imbolc, a time for new beginnings ~ can you feel the stirrings of new life under your feet? There is freshness in the air moving in and around us. It is there to carry us far and wide over the next two weeks, this month, through the new year… are you ready?!

    We also have all of the planets moving forward offering us a lot of wonderful energy to invest into new beginnings ~ can you feel the energy of new beginnings yet?

    Today, we also have Venus ~ our planet of love and beauty ~ entering orderly, practical Capricorn. Time to get real about our desires and serious about our finances.

    And lets not forget this is a Cazimi Moon ~ so if you want to work on something new this is a great time to bring it forward. The Cazimi Moon for those who are new to the blog is where the Moon and the Sun are at a magical degree creating a little ‘zing’ of beauty to the New Moon energy. This is available 30 minutes before and after the New Moon (for this New Moon it is from 12:34 until 1:34 pm PST). Setting intentions during this time is lovely if you can make it happen!

    So I share a few ideas on how to work with these New Moon in Aquarius energies~ 

    • SPACE CLEARING FOR NEW IDEAS ~ time to make space for all that creativity and those inventive visions gems! Clean out your closet, your underwear drawer, or what ever will make you sigh and feel so wonderfully spacious!! You can clear your mind by changing your space ~ truly. So take a few hours today or tomorrow to clear a space (even the top of your desk) before planting your seeds for this new moon. DO IT NOW!!
    • CREATIVITY ~ If you are feeling artistic ~ create a hanging vision board. Be creative and use colors, textures and anything that brings you happiness. Hang it in the bathroom, kitchen or bring it to work and hang it from a lamp or coat rack or on the wall! Just be sure to hang it so that it brings in the air element <3.
    • DREAMING WITH INTENTION ~ Did you know that you have at least 4-5 dreams every night? Dreams can tell you a lot about your life and what your subconscious is trying to share with you. Joan Borysenko says, “ Intention is the doorway to recalling your dreams and making yourself available to the insights and guidance they often provide.” She believes that by placing a strong intention for remembering your dreams before going to sleep is equivalent to asking for guidance on life situations, to grow spiritually and to receive healing. This is a perfect time to start a dream journal and dream into your intention and year. Here are the steps she gives to recalling and journaling your dreams:
      • Choose a journal ~ not just any journal but one that is appealing. She suggests athat you even decorate the cover with an image from a strong dream that you remember to affirm your belief that dreams are important.
      • Keep your dreams journal for dreams only. This keeps your intention to recall your dreams stronger.
      • Place your journal next to your bed ~ be sure it is close enough that you DO NOT have to get out of bed to reach it! Also keep a clock, pen and light near (you can use a flashlight or I love the mighty bright book lights J.)
      • Before you go to sleep write tomorrows date in your journal ~ a subconscious message to remember your dreams. Write an intention in your journal ~ she suggests something like “I will remember my dreams” or “I need guidance on….”. It could be about work, relationships, or whatever you are needing guidance on.
      • Notice if you wake in the middle of the night what it is that wakes you up. Is it a full bladder? A snoring partner? Outside noises? Most likely, these disruptors will be incorporated into your dream. Before moving (hard for me!!) catch the tail of your dream and then grab your journal and give your dream a title ~ something fun! Adding a few short sentences and it will help you to recollect the dream in the morning.
      • Upon waking in the morning ~ don’t move! Haha! Again hard for me to remember not to move! This helps you to stay close to the dream state and where recall is best. ASK YOURSELF what you were dreaming and even before you roll over and grab your journal, give your dream a title ~ “something snappy”, she says! You will need to give yourself a few extra minutes in the morning to take the time to remember and record your dreams (5-10 minutes).
      • When you write your dreams in your journal use the first person, and add as much detail as you can.
      • Last, if you want discuss your dreams with a trusted friend or family member. She suggests that you avoid analyzing each others dreams, but instead as Revernd Jeremy Tayor suggests, preface your comments with “If that was my dream…). Hearing from others can sometimes trigger greater insight into your dreams.
    • MENTAL CLARITY ~ To celebrate Imbolc and this New Moon ~ bake a seed cake! There are tons of recipes online, so I will let you find the one that works best for you, but I want to share a little thought on the caraway seeds that are included in these lovely cakes!
      • Caraway is bound to Mercury & Air! This lovely seed is a memory herb and is known for its protective properties. It is also associated with LOVE and can be carried to attract or keep your loved one close.

    AND, on Tuesday, February 5th, we celebrate the Chinese New Year. We are entering the Year of the PIG. The PIG is a symbol of good luck, happiness and abundance ~ could we ask for more than all of this for February? 2019?

    Tonight, go outside and breathe in some of that beautiful air and catch the happiness. 

    New Moon Blessings,
    Moon Mama



    February 03, 2019


    Live by the Sun, Thrive by the Moon


    I’m going to admit it…It has been years since I had a consistent AM and PM skincare routine. When I first began working for Gemstone Organic ~ I fell in love with the face cremes and hydrosols!  Then one day, Debra asked me if I’d like to try the Sun and Moon Facial Cleansers. I’m not going to lie... I was less enthusiastic about this idea. Face Cremes and Hydrosols...yes please :), but twice a day cleansers sounded like work.

    I put the jars on my shelf for a week and thought about trying them everyday. Finally, my co-worker mentioned how much she was lovin’ the cleansers. This got me thinking, what was I waiting for...so that night I decided to take the plunge!

    Well, let me tell you...man was I wrong about the cleansers being “work”. I not only did not dread them, but I actually got excited to get up and wash my face and then do it again before I tucked myself in at night. The morning (sun) cleanser awakened my senses with its sweet, granulated mixture of raw honey and rose petals. The night (moon) cleanser calmed me down with its poppy seed infused clay and soft scent of lavender. The two cleansers reminded me that taking care of myself, taking care of my skin, could be a luxurious experience that I wanted to do everyday, not just needed to do.

    So enough about me. Try them for yourself. I went from only using a cleanser in the shower to now putting a couple of minutes aside each morning and night to happily commune with my face.

    Not convinced yet. Let’s get down to the science of why these mixtures not only feel good, but also are bangin’ for your skin. Here are the ingredients in the two cleansers:

    Sun Clean: raw, unfiltered organic honey, organic rose petals, organic thyme essential oil

    Moon Clean: bentonite clay, organic lavender hydrosol, organic chia seeds, organic poppy seeds, and organic lavender essential oil

    Let’s start with...The Sun Cleanser ~ raw honey has both antibacterial properties to help with acne and also skin saving antioxidants to help slow down the effects of aging. Honey is also great at unclogging pores and clarifying skin. Rose petals have natural oils that help trap moisture and hydrate skin. These dried petals are also great at gently exfoliating the skin. And lastly, thyme essential oil is a great antiseptic and antibacterial that can tone aged skin and prevent acne outbreaks.

    And now to….The Moon Cleanser ~ bentonite clay is known for unclogging dirt and oil from your pores and helping to shrink them. The clay can also draw out heavy metals and other toxins from the skin and it is loaded with silica that helps make skin super soft :). The poppy and chia seeds are both gentle scrubs that exfoliate the skin while also leaving the skin soft and moisturized. The lavender hydrosol is a wonderful skin toner while the lavender essential oil has both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that help fight off blemishes and heal burns.

    So there you have it. These cleansers are not just a yummy experience for your senses, but they are also a natural way to protect, heal, and nourish your skin from morning through night :).

    With Love, Meagan
    Gemstone Sorceress

    January 27, 2019


    Full Moon in Leo ~ Blood Moon ~ Super Moon ~ Wolf Moon ~ Full Lunar Eclipse

    Tonight at 9:16 pm PST (January 21st at 12:16 pm EST) is the Full Moon in Leo ~ our Wolf Moon, Blood Moon, Super Moon, and Full Lunar Eclipse. Information on these energies are flooding the internet ~ there is so much to read, so many thoughts on how to feel and what to expect.

    So I have chosen to keep this blog simple. As I want you to find your own way to feel and work with the energies.  The Moon teaches us to work in cycles to allow old growth to be moved out of the way so that we can make space for the new ~ a releasing. Maybe you don't need to make anything happen right now but to take some time to breathe and bring your energy back to your roots. To recover your sense of your own strength and autonomy, to create space for that fire to build up inside of you, to reconnect with you. 

    At this time of winter I begin to feel the rumble, the thunder within that is waiting for me to bring it to fruition. Spring is on her way. I can feel her budding energy starting to rise up in me.

    I love the Moon. She teaches me so much about myself. I try to listen to her as she moves with my body and senses and all the spaces in between.

    These planetary energies are here for each of us and we experience them individually. We may feel them deeply and we may not feel them at all. Yet they are there like the air we breathe and they touch us and move with us and guide us. I find that it is a time of learning so many beautiful teachings around astrology, the Moon and listening to our intuitive energies. However, we sometimes become so flooded with information that we loose our own journey.

    So I encourage each of you to listen to your gut, your intuition and know that only the information that touches you in a deep place is your truth. It is like a returning home to the place inside you that holds your truth. So listen and learn from others, yet be sure to check in with you, with your inner home. 

    Take time to return inward, it is a two way road, one inward and outward. To gather your fire and creativity and find harmony within you. It will give you the recharge to keep you centered in YOU when you are in the world at large. 

    So enjoy these energies and trust the feelings and love and energy that is playing with you. Take time to feel. That is what Grandmother Moon is about; and when she is in Leo, she is firing up your life with courage and strength and creativity. That is a beautiful message.

    And don't forget to put out your Moon Water gems! 

    Full Moon Love,
    Moon Mama


    January 20, 2019

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    5 Simple Steps to Detox

    This is a time of year when we start to feel our energy beginning to build again! Spring is coming and we know that we want to feel and look good for those days when our minds and bodies are energized by the warmth and light of spring days. Many times we want to jump into a cleanse and yet don't have the time for a full fast or deep detox...yet!

    So here are a few simple daily adjustments that can support your body detox and are good for you in so many other ways too!


    It may sound 'cliche' yet, skincare is a very important first step in the process of detoxifying the body. A pure, organic skincare routine can keep your skin healthy, protect you from environmental elements you are exposed to and keep your hormones safe from harmful chemicals that can wreak havoc on your body.  Head over the to the website and take our Free Skin Reading to learn more about which products can support you and your skin and receive $5.00 off on your first purchase.


    This simple step will help to kick-start your organs and help to flush out yesterdays toxins! Drinking water at room temperature is important, cold water first thing in the morning is shocking to your organs. Squeeze in some lemon (or if you prefer, apple cider vinegar) and you will gain these amazing benefits:

    • Vitamin C & Potassium ~ great for stimulating your brain, boosting your immune system and wonderful for your skin.
    • Lemons (and limes) are high in minerals that can help loosen toxins in the digestive tract
    • Lemons are also high in pectin fibers which can help to fight hunger cravings. Maintaining a more alkaline diet will also support hunger cravings!
    • Want to add a little morning fire?  Add a teaspoon/or dash of cayenne pepper! The capsaicin in cayenne will boost your metabolism,  help reduce hunger, aid in your digestive health and improve psoriasis.

    #3 - MOVEMENT

    Moving our body daily is not something that really takes more time than one normally spends on social media these days! So drop the phone and take a walk, turn on some music and dance or do some simple stretching. Movement can release tension, help to move your toxins so they are released, and clears our mind.  Moving will help hake off that sluggish feeling we get from sitting too much. Make sure is it something you do for yourself and if you can do it outside you get the extra benefit of the exhilaration from fresh air in your lungs and on your skin! 


    Your food, not just what you drink, can account for 20% of your daily fluid intake. Choosing foods that are rich in water and minerals is a great way to add energy. The more hydrated you are the faster your body can flush toxins from your system!

    • Cucumbers (96.7%) have the highest water content of any solid food and they are so delicious and easy to add to your daily meal or snack! Add cucumbers to your water ~ easy and hydrating! If you want to take a little more time, blend it with yogurt, mint and ice cubes to create a hydrating soup!
    • Celery (95.4%) is next in line for high water content.  This is not only great in salads but great for snacks and just about anytime! It also comes packed with vitamin A,C, and K. An added benefit is that it neutralizes stomach acid ~ great for acid reflux. very popular today but one that i have loved for years! I cannot tell you how much I love eating the green tops of celery! Many times you will see these delicious, nutritious tops removed in grocery stores. So when you can, I suggest shopping at your local farmers market to buy your celery with the tops full and green!
    • Tomatoes (94.5%) are another easy add to your daily diet! They can be eaten on salads, sandwiches or by themselves. Slice up the big ones or pop a sweet cherry into your mouth to get the explosive flavor as you bit into them!
    • Cauliflower, yes cauliflower, is high in water (92.1%) and also packed with vitamins and phytonutrienets that can ehlp lower cholesterol and fight cancer! These little florets can be eaten alone or on a salad or roasted to bring your mouth a satisfying crunch!
    • Grapefuit (90.5%) is a great way to start your morning or to add as an afternoon snack. Not only hydrating, but great for lowering cholesterol, stabilize blood sugars and has compounds that can help to reduce cravings.

    There are many other foods high in water content, melons (of course!), broccoli, radishes, green peppers, strawberries, and spinach to name a few. I want to emphasize the importance of choosing organic produce. Eating organic is an important way to reduce the amount of toxins (chemical pesticides, herbicides, etc.) your body has to process. Today we are blessed to have organic foods that are more affordable, so please choose organic when you can ~ for your body and the environment.


    Take a deep breathe right now! We can easily find ourselves in shallow breathing many times during the day and just stopping to take a deep breathe several times can really bring us back into our bodies. If you take time to do even a few minutes of deep breathing daily it can help your body tremendously. Oxygen pushes out carbon dioxide to rid our bodies of toxins. When we oxygenate our blood it can better absorb the vitamins and minerals we feed it ~ and improves the flow of our lymphatic system. Spray yourself with some Organic Gem Juice ~ it will not only help you to remember to breathe deeply, it will bring you all the benefits of aromatherapy.

    Our bodies are miraculous machines ~ so give yourself a little love and detox at the same time! 

    I would love to hear what your favorite ways are to detox!

    Take care of you,
    xx Debra
    Moon Mama

    January 17, 2019


    Gem Juice to the Rescue!

    We are at that time of winter when our skin is calling for a little extra moisture due to the dry air of the indoor and outdoor environments. 

    So I say, Gem Juice to the Rescue! 

    Our Gem Juice Hydrosols are made from 100 percent high-vibrational organic plant waters. They contain active plant ingredients that help support skin hydration and soothe inflammation and so much more. Please note ~ hydrosols are not flower waters! Hydrosols contain the imprint of the plant as they are created in the distillation process of the flower oil. There is a big difference in what they have to offer your skin. 

    So lets talk about how you can use these enchanting plant waters to bring relief to your dry skin:

    • Face Toner: spraying your face with your favorite Gem Juice after using your facial cleanser is a great way to prep your skin for your moisturizer. Hydrosols balance your skins pH, tighten your pores and give your skin the extra boost is needs to deeply absorb your creme and hold in the moisture. In addition, these beauties can be used throughout the day to freshen your skin (even over your makeup!).
      • Note: Gemstone Organic Face Cremes include organic cupuacu butter, a humectant that attracts and holds moisture next to the skin boosting the cremes moisturizing ability ~ so feel free to use your favorite Gem Juice before or after applying your creme!
    • Foot Soak:  Now is a great time to pamper our feet as they can get dry and cause painful cracking. Herbal foot soaks are a treat for YOU and your feet and adding 2-3 tablespoons of hydrosol to your water can help to balance the pH giving your feet extra love. Or another option is to spray your feet with your hydrosol after your soak to help you absorb and retain moisture.
    • Hand Support: Our hands can really feel the brunt of this dry weather. Routines that are fine during the moist spring and summer months can add dryness that ends us in red, dry skin.  Again, spraying your hands with a hydrosol before applying your lotion is very beneficial at this time of the year ~ so keep an extra bottle in the kitchen!
    • Baby Safe: Gem Juice hydrosols are safe for babies and children bringing subtle yet very effective benefits to skin and through aromatherapy. Add a teaspoon to your infants bathtub or up to 2 teaspoons to a larger bathtub; and for older children, a good measure to use is 1 teaspoon per year of age with a maximum of 8 teaspoons.
    • Aromatherapy: Spray your room or pillows at night with your favorite hydrosol to freshen the air. This time of year when the windows are closed spraying a hydrosol can not only bring a fresh smell, it adds moisture to the air. Additional ways to use the  Lavender Gem Juice  is to spray your bedding before sleep to   induce a good nights sleep ~ safe for your little gems bedding also!

    To support you and your skin in these colder winter days we are sharing 

    through Friday, January 11th! 

    Use the code WINTERSKIN at checkout

    Give yourself a little extra sprtiz ~ it will not only feel good, it will do you better!

    Love, love,
    Moon Mama

    January 09, 2019


    New Moon in Capricorn ~ Circling into the Wild Unknown

                                                                  Photo of Crescent Waning Moon, Jupiter and Venus rising ~ January 4, 2019

    Tomorrow, January 5th, we are bringing in 2019 with a New Moon in Capricorn at 5:38 pm PST (8:38 pm EST). With the partial solar eclipse riding on the back of this New Moon along with Saturn (Capricorns ruling planet) in close proximity you may find yourself in a place of reflection.

    Capricorn Moon energy is feminine and earthy. She connects us to our ambitions, encourages us to dream, and brings in the energy of productivity, stability and opportunity. She brings you energy to look at what you want to achieve. Under a Dark Moon in Capricorn we can find it easier to direct our thoughts to see beyond what is possible ~ to find our confidence and pay attention to our relationships. 

    These Dark Moon hours offer us the time for circling into the wild unknown, the darkness. When we take the time to practice finding comfort in these dark hours we learn to slow down and connect to our inner teacher. It also offers us the opportunity to be present to how it is ~ now. In the darkness we find there is nothing to hold onto but our truth, our faith, our inner knowing. Many times it is here, in the darkness that we can recognize where our true nourishment comes from. Darkness is the place where magic is waiting to happen. 

    As we move into the New Crescent Moon on Sunday, we can feel the energy rise up in us to act on our faith with courage and commitment. And do not forget that it can take many leaps of faith to get us where we are headed! Water carves out her path to create momentum ~ as each small tributary flows to the same source she creates a river! 

    This is a very energetic time with all the planets moving forward starting tomorrow and one that can bring positive, active energy to your intentions, to move them forward or to move you forward in your way ~  because you are each as unique as the snowflakes that fall from the sky.

    A few thoughts on rituals for this Dark/New Moon in Capricorn:

    • Capricorn is sometimes called the Seagoat and depicted with a mermaid tail at the back and a goat body for the front. As a Capricorn, I have always felt the energy of the earth, needing to be at the highest point, yet called to the water! So I have always explained myself as having one foot on land and one foot in the water. The Dark Moon is a wonderful time to bathe and release old 'stuff' before the planting of your new moon intentions/seeds. Taking a bath can bring quiet to body and mind. Add gemstones like smoky quartz, garnet and jasper. Adding essential oils is so nurturing, and as Candice Covington shares ~ "essential oils used in divination not only alert you to the influence of energy patterns in your life they provide the specific energy you need". For this moon you may be drawn to eucalyptus, rosemary or Juniper. Bathe in candle light to bring additional soothing to mind, body, and spirit. Water is a great teacher on following your path of least resistance.
    • The Celtic tree for this first New Moon cycle (December 24 - January 20th) is the Birch, known as Beith (pronounced ‘bay’). She is also known as the White Goddess or Lady of the Woods. Although she carries a gentle sway and slender trunk she is revered as a powerful symbol for new beginnings, hope and the promise of what is to come. If you are near these beautiful trees, gather some of her papery bark, dry it out and write your new years intention on it or words to carry into the New Year. Place it on your altar or hang it somewhere special or even over your altar, bed or meditation space as you move through the waxing moon and towards the Full Moon ~ it will carry her energy.
    • The Dark Goddess energy of Saturn, is about limits and boundaries. Capricorns are also builders ~ so this is a time when you may want to build boundaries to separate your inside from your outside. It is a way to create an internal home or foundation. The idea is to create boundaries for each person in you and in your life. This internal/external boundary creates a space of harmony with each person or relationship you are working on/with. These are not boundaries to keep others out, but to block or interrupt old patterns or behaviors and protect you against old fears or regrets. These barriers/boundaries create a new space for fresh starts. If we lack these barriers, we can feel unclear of our own goals and strengths. When we come from our center of uniqueness we build our relationships on the foundations of security, love and respect.
    • Start the year with a vision board ~ these can be done multiple times over the year! Since we are at the beginning of the year, I also encourage you to leave room so that you can add to the board over this waxing period. It gives you the opportunity to be open to ideas, signs, or animals that move into your path over this waxing period. We are in a high energy time and it may show up in a myriad of ways to help you act on your dreams for 2019.
    • Do a New Moon cleanse to create greater focus and clarity in creating your intention. Starting tomorrow morning drink only liquids for 24 hours. No caffeine and if possible rest and go for a quiet walk or meditate. You can fast only on water and herbal teas or add fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies.
    • Daily rituals of meditation, tarot cards, prayer, chanting, yoga, dancing, writing or whatever has heart for you can bring structure and beauty to your life. They can be done alone or with others and can be 5 minutes or 50 minutes ~ yet if they are done daily they can shift you in so many ways. Let this be a year where you start or create a new daily ritual.

    We also have a Lunar Eclipse that is occurring at the Full Moon on January 20th ~ I mention this as many times between eclipses we can find that doors open for us, so keep this in in your mind/heart as we move through the waxing moon.

    This Capricorn earth sign also calls us to place our feet, our eyes, and our ears to nature. Spend some time outside and soak up her beauty remembering you hold that same beauty inside.

    And for those of you who are early risers, Venus and Jupiter are visible just before Sunrise and starting on January 9th, Saturn will be joining them!

    Thank you Dear Moon Family, for letting me share my magic with you in 2018.

    New Moon Blessings,
    Moon Mama

    January 04, 2019


    Winter Solstice ~ A Deepening

    Tonight at 2:23 pm PST (5:23 EST) we will experience the longest night of the year. I love this time of year as it always pulls me inward to my center and I love the unfolding that occurs when I take time to pleasure in the darkness before moving into the light.

    The Winter Solstice happens when one of the Earths poles reaches its maximum tilt away from the Sun; when the sun is at its southernmost point in the sky.

    Yule or Jol (pronounced “yoh-l”), is one of the oldest winter celebrations in the world. Yule is the Norse word for wheel and was the Norwegian celebration of light and rebirth of the Sun. These longest hours of darkness or rebirth of the sun hold powerful energy for regeneration, renewal and self-reflection. On these midwinter days in Norway the days of sunlight are less than 6 hours and it resonates with my heart that they would celebrate the coming of the light, as we all know the power of the Sun to bring us joy, warmth and a deep sense of hope. 

    Historically, in Norway the Winter Solstice was the start of an almost 3-week festival that ended on the Yule, which happened near the 12th of January. It was a time of drinking, feasting, celebrating, games and songs to bring in the new solar year.

    Each season has it’s own rhythm and magic. The rhythm of winter is one of slowing down. It is the time when seeds are held within the earth and only internal germination is active. This is our call to move inward to find the courage and healing we need to call the seeds of our dreams forward. As we understand ourselves from these inner places, a deepening, a shift happens. Such deepening’s are not immediate, but come in small increments allowing us to find the alignment and clarity for our intentions.

    Let us celebrate this darkness that opens us to the light once again:

    • Walking the labyrinth. The goddess in the labyrinth goes back to the bronze age, however only between 20 and 30 labyrinths remain in Scandinavia that date back to the Viking Age. John Kraft shares, "What connect the labyrinths across time and space is not only their shared design, but also essential myths or legends as well as rituals associated with them. It is well-known that walking the stone-labyrinths had a magical purpose: It was generally thought, up to the present time, that walking the stone labyrinths in the proper way gave fortune and protection, healing and magical aid."
    • Create a spiral or participate in a spiral walk such as a labyrinth. The waldorf schools celebrate this turning point by looking for the light within themselves through a spiral walk.
      • A single candle is placed in the center of the spiral/labyrinth and lit. Each person/child walks to the center of the spiral and lights their candle from the center candle and then on their way out places their candle along the spiral. Once everyone has walked the labyrinth, the whole spiral is aglow with lights. This walk symbolizes finding the light in the darkness. It is the awakening of nature and ourselves. The spiral is associated with the cycle of rebirth, our spiritual journey and is found in shells, flowers, pinecones, fingertips and galaxies. You can create a small table spiral at home using the evergreen boughs or other plants or flowers.
      • Place a candle at the center and then let each person add a candle to the spiral, again leaving a beautiful, spiral of light.
      • Apples are used as the candleholders. They represent the seed that lies waiting patiently inside the darkness until it is to sprout, our hidden potential.
      • Evergreen trees boughs are used to place along the spiral and symbolize the tree of life. Evergreen trees do not go dormant in the winter months and carry the regenerative power of life, nature and the seasons. They represent the sustaining abundance of life on mother earth.
      • Beeswax candles are the symbol of eternal love and warmth and light the darkness to show that love is eternally present.
      • Placing crystals, seashells, feathers, pinecones, berries, ,and oranges along the path symbolize the trifecta of plant, mineral and animal.
        If you are interested in finding a labyrinth near you here is a link to a labyrinth locator
    • Do a Solstice Eve ritual by meditating in silence or in darkness and then welcome the birth of the Sun by lighting a candle and singing chants or carols.
    • Adorn your home with the sacred herbs of holly, birch, evergreen, ivy and pinecones and add in the druidic colors of red, green and white. Buy some mistletoe and hang it from a well used threshold and leave it there for the year!
    • Create a wheel of the year and move along the wheel throughout the New Year using a pin or small homemade doll or animal spirit. This is a wonderful way to see that you do not stay in one place and that no matter where you are the shift is happening. Below is a wheel to guide you, but please make your own ~ it will hold a personal healing energy that will move with you as you pass through each season. Again you can add to the wheel as the year progresses, so keep it simple and place it on a wall or board or better yet, if you have the ability create the wheel directly on a wall in your home!

      You can find many more visual wheels of the year at this link to get more ideas
    • Bring in the light with our Ceremonial Solar Plexus Chakra Bath. Work with the energies of the Masculine Sun and the feminine energies of the Moon as she becomes full in Cancer on Saturday. Working with the third chakra, Manipura, connects you to your warrior(ess) giving you the ability to move forward with confidence from a place of power. Light your inner fire and connect you to your personal power and joy.
    • Magical gemstones to work with are catseye, ruby, garnet, citrine, and bloodstone.
    • Incense to use is cedar, pine or rosemary
    • Traditional foods, mulled wine, eggnog, fruit cakes and nuts

    The Winter Solstice is followed by the Full Moon in Cancer on Saturday morning at 9:48 am PST (12: 48 pm EST). Celebrating both the light/dark, feminine/masculine, water/fire, is here for you this year. I encourage you to use these next few weeks to really anchor your dreams, hopes and aspirations for 2019. Each day can be a celebration or part of your ritual. Here are a few ways to play with each day:

    • Collect something each day for a vision board, be it a word, number, something from nature, or color. Place it on your board with your intention always being a part of the ritual.
    • Chant the Kirtan Sohelia with Snatum Kaur each night before bed. This chant is called the Song of Peace and can help to stop your mind and put you into a state of meditation of no thoughts. It is a song of poetry to connect you to your subconscious. Reciting this before going to sleep works at a very deep level and sets the vibration for your night, for your life. To learn more about the song and words go here.
    • Play in water, somewhere, somehow! Ocean, bathtub, river, lake. Even walking on the frozen ice is connecting. Snow is another version of water that can be healing. Water is life and connecting will connect you with your source, your gratitude for life and its blessing. Do something each day. Place new gemstones out in the snow or in water each night between the full moon and new moon and leave them till morning to catch the morning sun to connect the dualities that are in motion.
    • For your altar use the colors of silvery blue or greys; gemstones are moonstone, pearl or ruby; and the essential oils of peppermint or geranium.
    • And of course put out your Moon Water dearest moon sisters and brothers.

    Each day the sun rises we have the opportunity for a new beginning, to see the light rise for us and in us. Let each holiday you celebrate support you in connecting to your mystery, your fullness, and your essence.

    Sending each of you light and love,
    Moon Mama

    December 20, 2018


    Dark Moon in Sagittarius ~ Be the Archer of Your Dreams

    photo from foreverconscious

    Tonight we have our last New Moon of the Year ~ the New Moon in Sagittarius.  

    Sagittarius is a masculine, fire sign and is the archetype for wisdom, truth and understanding ~ energy for the journey. He is ruled by Jupiter and tules the liver, hips, thighs, pelvis and femur. When the Moon is in Sagittarius it is a time to manifest truth. Fire signs inspire and ignite. You may experience the ability to speak with honesty or you may feel philosophical or the spirit of inspiration. It is a time to turn your healing energies inward.

    During the Dark (Seed) Moon your intuition is active, your mind turns inward and you feel contemplative. It is a time when your metabolism slows down and although you sleep well you feel inertia upon awakening. Your dreams may be symbolic and bring you back to your childhood. It is the time of the Northeast energy, the direction of mountain, stillness, a time to retreat so that you can gain perspective to create a firm foundation for new growth. 

    It is under the dark moon when your needs are felt deeply and have the ability to call up the energy under the waxing moon cycle to meet your needs. Remember feeling invokes healing.

    Sagittarius is half man and half horse. The horse is the animal spirit for Power. It is why we have the word horsepower for engines! The medicine of Horse as described in the Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and Dave Carter is, "True power is wisdom found in remembering your total journey. "Wisdom comes from remembering pathways you have walked in another person's moccasins. Compassion, caring, teaching, loving and sharing your gifts, talents and abilities are the gateways to power."

    Along with this Dark Moon we also have our shortest days of light for the year. So  tonight I encourage you to slip into the darkness and find the comfort she offers, the nurturing womblike space that is full of quiet and stillness. Here is a space to fall into your remembering, to review your year and all the places you gained wisdom and shared your gifts and talents. Use this wisdom to be the archer of your dreams, aim your bow of compassion and love for yourself and others and your gifts and talents through the gateways to power for 2019. 

    Use the end of this Dark Moon cycle to see what is standing in your way. She is here for you until tonight at 11:20 pm PST or early tomorrow morning, 2:20 am EST. As the moon wanes, awareness of what you no longer need waxes. It opens your eyes to what is standing in your way, however, you need to slow down to receive her messages and insights. A quote I heard once was, "the Dark Moon is like one of those mountain ramps for rescuing runaway trucks that have lost their brakes. Veer onto the Dark Moon ramp and let your careening momentum run itself out." Connect with the Northeast mountain stillness and new visions will come. Use the end of the Moon's cycle to prepare for your beginning and commit to doing this for the entire year of 2019 and you may just find yourself closer to the life you've always dreamed about.

    Here are a few ways to capture her energies: 

      • Find a time to slow down today, or if you can back into your bed or lay on the couch to mourn whatever habit or attachment you are ready to release. Let the feelings surface and think about how you love this habit. Why you dislike this habit. Imagine life without it. Feel the fear. Imagine yourself on the other side of the fear, happy, strong and free. Move through all of your feelings, without stopping them or getting stuck. Once you have explored them all, finish with a clearing ritual ~ write what came up that you want to release and then burn it. Empty an old drawer or clean a corner of your closet and throw or give away wha you no longer need. The energy in this area will be 'sparkling'. Breathe it in as an encouragement for the new you.
      • Climb into a hot bath tonight to access the ending energies of the Dark Moon. Water is wonderful for supporting you in releasing emotions and toxins. Add salts (sea, celtic, epsom) blended with essential oils and/or plant powders to create soothing waters to immerse yourself into. Add flower petals to bring in beauty, and place a candle at the foot of the bath to aid you in clearing your mind and dropping into your remembering and bringing focus to your intentions.

    As we move into the energy of the New Crescent (Sprout) Moon we can feel our hearts and minds lift. You may feel this lifting when you awaken in the morning if you are not able to stay up to work with her this evening. When you are under these energies, you can find yourself writing more easily, coming up with sudden insights or ideas. You have energy spurts and may need less sleep, although your sleep may be restless! You may find yourself having wish dreams <3. This is the direction of Northwest, the direction of heaven. Here is creativity in its pure form, a force of change that confronts us with the truth and awareness of what to do, how to be and the power to act. Use it. Feel it. Ride it.

    We also have the energy of a Cazimi Moon, or dropping moon tonight. For those who can stay up, setting intentions and making wishes 30 minutes before or after the New Moon becomes exact (11:20 pm PST or 2:20 am EST), gives them a lovely boost.

    Here are a few rituals to use for your New Moon Wishes:

    • Dream. Dream big. Write down all the dreams you have for 2019 and don't worry if some of them are lofty and full. It is a way to connect to and fill your heart with desire and love. It can even help you to better understand what you hold inside of you that you love truly love or yearn to do. Put your note into a small box or vessel or on your altar and open and read at it again at the first new moon of 2019, New Moon in Capricorn on December 22.
    • Gather magazines or pictures to create a vision board. Get a poster board or paper and choose one picture that you want to be the center of your board. Paste it on and then over the next two weeks as the Moon is Waxing, add pictures, words or drawings to the board when you have time. Complete the board using the energy of the Winter Solstice and finish it before the Moon becomes Full on December 22nd.
    • If you have your milk weed and have been placing your love and thoughts of movement your want to create in your life into her seeds, set them free and then write the movement you shared on a paper or in your daily note book to bring them into form and move them forward!
    • Create elder berry syrup. The celtic tree for November 25- December 23rd is the Elder. She is a highly sacred tree and her spirit is known as the Elder Mother, The Queen of Herbs, TheTree of Faeries. She is the 13th Moon Calendar tree and has berries that many of us know well, the elderberries! She also produces a five petal flower, and as we discussed last month, in nature five symbolizes change and movement. So I suggest making of buying elderberry syrup to take daily over the next two weeks to engage in her energy of spirit and magic. It is a immune booster and is a wonderful colds and flu remedy.  Here is a link to a recipe by my favorite herbalist, Rosemary Gladstar.
    • For your altar use deep purples, or turquoise and a few gemstones are turquoise or lapis lazuli.

    The Moon is 'yin' (feminine),  and so placing our wishes in line with the lunar cycle can hold great potential for bringing new things to light in our life. Under this beautiful New Moon in Sagittarius, Be the Archer of Your Dreams.

    Deep, Beautiful, New Moon Wishes, 
    Moon Mama

    p.s. my Holiday Gift Ideas are coming tomorrow <3 

    December 06, 2018


    Full Moon in Gemini ~ Mindful Thankfulness

    photo by consciousreminder

    Full Moon in Gemini: November 22rd at 9:39 pm PST (November 23rd at 12:39 am EST)

    Tonight we have a Full Moon in Gemini, a moon that turns us towards our thoughts and how we communicate our thoughts to the world and our own lives.

    Today is also Thanksgiving, a time when we gather with friends and loved ones to celebrate our gratitude for each other and all that we have.  Combining these two together, we are gifted with how we choose to weave our words and how we listen to others. A time of giving and receiving.

    This Moon in Gemini falls under the element of air, which connects all other elements. Air has the power to shift and change the landscape ~ shaping itself into the space available or shaping space to its own nature. You experience the power of air through its movement, through your breath, as your thoughts. Your inhale represents the energy of receiving and your exhale the energy of giving. It is the wind beneath your wings, the power of your heart to direct you into right action. 

    Air is circular ~ wind creates wind, movement creates movement, a breath in creates a breath out. The influence of our thoughts create the realty of our world. Wind can always find a way through ~ we know this as we can feel the air come through our windows or walls! She never creates resistance ~ how beautiful is air! Air is something we can not see, yet she has an influence that is far-reaching and profound.

    Here are a few thoughts to carry with you through the day today:

    What if there were no limits?
    How can you use these energies of air to move your resistance
    What thoughts of beauty inspire you?
    How are your words influencing your world? 

    When we are under the energy of a Full Moon we may feel energized and want to share~ what a wonderful day to be with family and friends. Your higher energy may also keep you up later than usual due to her light. This is also a time for dreaming and a time when you are most likely to remember your dreams. 

    Here are a few rituals to play with over the next two weeks:

    1. Start a dream journal and see what is playing in your mind while you sleep! Dreams are gatekeepers to our daily world and can give us deep and important messages that our subconscious or conscious mind is trying to convey to us. Keep a pen and notebook next to your bed and upon awakening, immediately write what you can remember about your dreams. Before going to sleep you can also call on your dream keeper to help you to remember your dreams.
    2. If you take a walk today see if you can find some seeds, gather a few. I have found beautiful milkweed seeds and cattail seeds are abundant right now. Place them in a jar or small vessel ~ I placed a few of the seeds into a small vial so that I could carry them with them over these next few weeks.


      Milkweed is the flower of life for the monarch butterfly and symbolizes transformation. The flowers also have five upright hoods ~ and in nature five symbolizes change and movement. As I let go of a thought that is holding me back I will pull out my sweet milkweed seeds and think about the message they share with me and I will share thoughts of movement with them to plant under the New Moon in Sagittarius. These beautiful seeds are there to remind you that what you think is vital to your health and well being. Keep it full of abundant love, kindness and joy and it will make your life full of love, kindness and joy! When you get to the New Moon in Sagittarius in December you can release these seeds to the wind to give them the ability to bring profound and far reaching energy to your intentions!  
    3. Do a morning meditation or mantra. A sweet and simple mantra to use is, 'Breathe and breathe again'.

      Use the colors of blue, white or yellow in your surroundings or on your altar and work with the gemstones citrine, smoky quartz, lapis lazuli or blue chalcedony are lovely. And to help focus your mind use the essential oils of rosemary, juniper berry or clary sage.

      And don’t forget to put out your Moon Water gems.

      Many of you have also been asking if we will be having a Black Friday sale. For those of you who are reading this you can use the discount code Gratitude15 at  checkout tomorrow (starting at 12:00 am PST) to receive 15% off your purchase. I will be gifting an additional 15% of your purchase to families who have been devastated by the California fires.

      Don't forget though that we will have lovely holiday surprises and gift packages coming later next week <3.

      Full Moon Blessings and love and gratitude for your presence in my life,
      Moon Mama

      November 22, 2018

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