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Full Moon in Gemini ~ Power to Shift & Change

 Photo from Tarot by Cecelia

Full Moon in Gemini: November 30th at 1:30 am PST (4:30 am EST)

Early tomorrow morning we have a Full Moon in Gemini, a moon that turns us towards our thoughts and how we communicate our thoughts to the world and our own lives.

We also are moving into eclipse season with our first Lunar Eclipse tonight. What a beautiful time to move deeper into our hearts ~ before we make our ascent back out into the world after these long hard months! We may not have gathered in person this holiday, yet we celebrate our gratitude for each other and all that we have.  Combining these two together, we are gifted with how we choose to weave our words and how we listen to others. A time of giving and receiving.

This Moon in Gemini falls under the element of air, which connects all other elements. Air has the power to shift and change the landscape ~ shaping itself into the space available or shaping space to its own nature. You experience the power of air through its movement, through your breath, as your thoughts. Your inhale represents the energy of receiving and your exhale the energy of giving. It is the wind beneath your wings, the power of your heart to direct you into right action. 

Air is circular ~ wind creates wind, movement creates movement, a breath in creates a breath out. The influence of our thoughts create the realty of our world. Wind can always find a way through ~ we know this as we can feel the air come through our windows or walls! She never creates resistance ~ how beautiful is air! Air is something we can not see, yet she has an influence that is far-reaching and profound.

Here are a few thoughts to carry with you through the days ahead:

What if there were no limits?
How can you use these energies of air to move your resistance
What thoughts of beauty inspire you?
How are your words influencing your world? 

When we are under the energy of a Full Moon we may feel energized and want to share~ what a wonderful day to be with family and friends. Your higher energy may also keep you up later than usual due to her light. This is also a time for dreaming and a time when you are most likely to remember your dreams. 

Here are a few rituals to play with over the next two weeks:

    1. Start a dream journal and see what is playing in your mind while you sleep! Dreams are gatekeepers to our daily world and can give us deep and important messages that our subconscious or conscious mind is trying to convey to us. Keep a pen and notebook next to your bed and upon awakening, immediately write what you can remember about your dreams. Before going to sleep you can also call on your dream keeper to help you to remember your dreams.
    2. Step out into the cool/cold air to bring you back to your breath. Breathe through your nose as much as possible. Then as you breathe deeply connect to your heartbeat. This will help you to connect mind and heart, a beautiful connection to work with over the holiday season
    3. Take a walk and see if you can find some seeds, gather one or a few. This year I have pecan seeds galore! The pecan tree can grow for 3 centuries and therefore symbolizes longevity; it also represents abundance because it produces large quantities of nuts/seeds; and they continually grow, if not vertically, they will grow by spreading their branches and this is a sign of progress. What seeds will you find? What is the meaning behind the seeds? Please share below.
    4. Because Gemini rules the hands ~ here is a hand mudra for calming and clearing the mind:

      Kalesvara Mudra

      Place the finger pads of your middle finger together; touch the first two joints of the index fingers and touch your thumbs. Bend your other fingers inward. Point your thumbs toward your chest and spread your elbows to the outside. In hale and exhale slowly 10 times. Then observe your breath and lengthen the pause after inhalation and after exhalation a little bit more. This Mudra calms your mind from its flood of thoughts and agitated feelings. The more calm you become the longer the periods between your thoughts. You become clearer supporting your ability to find solutions. 

      Affirmation: I connect to my breath and feel its calming energy.  Do a morning meditation or mantra. A sweet and simple mantra to use is, 'Breathe and breathe again'.

    Use the colors of blue, white or yellow in your surroundings or on your altar; working with the gemstones citrine, smoky quartz, lapis lazuli or blue chalcedony can be lovely. And to help focus your mind use the essential oils of rosemary, juniper berry or clary sage.

    And remember to put out your Moon Water tonight gems!

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    Full Moon Blessings and love and gratitude for your presence in my life,
    Moon Mama

    November 29, 2020


    New Moon in Scorpio ~ Become the Diver

    Tonight we have a New Moon in Scorpio at 9:07 pm PST or November 15th at 12:07 (EDT).  I love me a Scorpio New Moon and this one has me feeling deep, energized and happy. Have you ever charted your Moon Cycles?

    Scorpio is a fixed water sign ruled by Mars and Pluto. He is the eighth astrological sign and rules the 8th house: house of birth, death, mysteries and transformation ~ possibly, the house of your secret power. The number 8 is the symbol for balance and harmony and on its side is the symbol for infinity and a constant flow of energy and power. These are some deep waters.

    As a water sign, Scorpio gains his strength from the deep, emotional realm. He can teach you to how to reach the clear life giving water found at the deep, dark space of your internal well, your unconsciousness.

    In his research, Carl Jung identified that in our youth we are compelled to repress certain aspects of our personality. For example, boys can be discouraged to be soft hearted and can quickly learn the benefits of suppressing their compassionate side, which then becomes unconscious. Girls on the other hand are criticized if they are too assertive or independent and can rapidly learn to conform to social norms. As we mature, we find that we reclaim these hidden aspects of ourselves, by reclaiming our inner child; or maybe better identified for many of us as our innocence, playfulness or creativity. 

    Our highest potential is hidden within our unconsciousness. Many times we can confuse the search for the self as being absorbed in self fulfillment. On the contrary, encountering the inner Self can be a deeply moving and emotional experience. When we move inward to connect to our higher Self, we can often find ourselves humbled because we are forced to recognize the limits of our own conscious ego. We find out how small our ego is compared to what humankind can be. And when we learn to listen deeply, we can tap into a powerful pathway to renewal and clarity. Lets look at meaning of the word deep as it holds such a strong essence for Scorpio:

    • deep as an adjective means: extending far down from the top or surface; very intense or extreme
    • deep as a noun means: the sea or ocean
    • deep as an adverb means: far down or in; deeply.

    The ocean is a dark unknown, yet filled with hidden forms of life; in dreams the ocean represents the unconscious. Fishermen and -women therefore symbolize the process of retrieving material from the unconscious. We carry hidden life within our subconscious ~ and now is a perfect time to go fishing.

    Mandalas often symbolize the higher or inner Self. The meaning of the Mandala in sanskrit is magic circle. Creating mandalas can offer a "safe refuge of inner reconciliation and wholeness", while at the same time provide a sacred space into which we can invite the Self. When we create Mandalas, whether creating our own or coloring a Mandala, we are making a personal symbol of who we are in that moment.

    So let's dive deep and go inward under this New & Crescent Moon in Scorpio. Here is a ritual for you to connect/experience you deep emotional self:

    • Build your altar with deep reds, purple or ven black. Use sandalwood to open your senses, use Topaz, smoky quartz or obsidian.
    • Draw a Mandala. Here is a lovely video on How to Draw a Mandala for Beginners, or find one online and print it out. Here are some thoughts to keep in mind when choosing your shapes:
      • Droplets represent water, fluids, tears of sadness or can represent th memory of a loved one that has passed on;
      • Circles represent totality, wholeness, the self, the infinite, timelessness, cyclic movement, life, life cycle, movement
      • Spirals represent the notion of growth and evolution, transformation, fertility, anticlockwise it can take you on a journey
      • Shapes with curves represent connection and community
      • Straight lines and angles represente structure and order
      • Triangles can symbolise strength or conflict
    • Tonight dive deep and find your intention under the dark moon. Take a bath or sit under the dark starry night. 
    • Write your intention as it comes to you. 
    • In the morning, plant your intention as you create your Mandala. If it works better for you, create your Mandala tonight under the dark Moon, and hold the intention again in the morning under the energy of the New Crescent Moon. This is a time that is open to starting anew, new light and 

    As so well spoken in the Book of Runes, "When in deep water ~ become the diver".

    New Moon Magic,
    Moon Mama

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    November 14, 2020


    Full Moon in Taurus ~ Releasing

    Tomorrow morning at 7:49 am PST (10:49 am EDT) we have a Full Moon in Taurus, and will be celebrating Samhain, All Souls Day, the day of the ancestors. It is at this time we experience connections to the mystery realms as the veils are thin. We also have a calendar Blue Moon, a second full moon in the same calendar month.  I believe that the most powerful Blue Moons fall under Astrological Blue Moons. Astrological Blue Moons are Moons that fall under the same sign twice. We had an Astrological Blue Moon last year under Libra and will have our next Astrological Blue Moon in 2021 under Aquarius. I will write more about this in 2021.

    So we are moving into a steady and grounded Taurus Moon. Taurus Moons teach us to slow down so that our roots can grow deeper under her sensual creativity. She is a feminine, fixed, earth sign, ruled by Venus. She rules the neck, throat, thyroid gland, larynx, chin, ears, tongue, vocal cords and tonsils. Watch your words and language.

    Connecting with nature under a Taurus Moon can help you to ground and find a stability that you hold inside. This is a time where we experience the change of colors, temperatures, light and sounds. The Moon is akin to the intuitive part of our nature, urging us to move towards harmony and potential and alignment. When we are steady/constant, we are true to our intentions, and base our choices so that they align with our vision. Connecting to this Earth Moon creates alchemical moments to help us understand her knowledge, our wisdom; her beauty, our beauty; her softness, our softness; her power, our power; her diversity, our uniqueness; her fragility, our fragility. This is a time to be empowered, humbled, intentional and creative.

    Rituals support us in finding our center, our creative energy, and to align with our vision. Here are a few thoughts on how to use this Full Moon in Taurus Energy: 

    • Over the next three days, find a time to go outside, ground your feet or body onto the earth and look up into the sky ~
      • if you see clouds, delight in the signs and visions they share;
      • if you are taking in the Fall colors think of ways to prepare for the coming winter;
      • if you are lucky enough to step into a rain shower be reminded of the things you need to replenish;
      • if you are under a beautiful snowfall let yourself be awakened to your dreams;
      • if you are lucky enough to experience a rainbow, what hidden gifts can you find that are there for you?;
      • or if you have mist or fog think of things that are yet to be revealed. 
    • Place your gemstones onto the earth under the Moon for cleansing overnight. When you pick them up the next day, smell the earth and/or moonlight they carry before placing them back in your house, pocket or on your altar.
    • Honor your ancestors by creating an altar with pictures of those who have passed. Add the colors of the earth, browns and blues; add gemstones such as Rose Quartz, Jade, Garnet or Turquoise; and scents such as Labdanum, Myrrh or Vetiver. Place candles on the altar. As you place each picture on the altar, remember the gifts each person left you with. Talk with them and ask them questions if you are open, and listen for answers.
    • Full Moons are times of releasing, what needs releasing? Take in the signals you received from your nature walks above and ask yourself these questions:
      • What do you want to release?
      • Which path leads you to where you want to go?
      • Forgiveness can clear and cleanse ~ what might need forgiving?
      • How do you stay grounded in your daily life? 

    Take in the grounding energy of this Moon, it will help to balance the planetary and Scorpio sun energies that are also pulling on you. Stay focused on releasing so that you can move forward over the next two weeks in making your inspirations real in your daily life. And remember, whatever becomes part of the hearts circling journey will last.

    And don't forget to put out your Moon Water gems ~ you will want this magical water to help you stay rooted in your body!

    Full Moon Blessings,
    Moon Mama

    October 30, 2020


    Raising Your Vibration With Rose Hydrosol

    Most of us know that Roses are one of the most popular flowers on earth, a symbol of love, passion, and peace. But did you know that roses are the most high vibrational? It’s true! The subtle bio-energy that flows through all living things, sometimes called chi or life force, can be measured in Hertz. And pure extracts from rose can measure as much as 5 times higher as those from her sister plants, like basil and peppermint. So there is more to our love for roses than meets the eye.

    As living creatures made from organic materials, we too have our own vibration. Everything we choose to incorporate into our life can either raise or lower our vibration. This means that using authentic rose products like organic rose hydrosol or essential oil can be very healing in body, and in spirit. Besides being great aromatherapy and high vibrational tools, roses also carry with them amazing skin-healing benefits:

    Moisturizing – Sugars found in rose petals are super soothing to the skin, and the natural oils the plant contains help to lock in moisture. This makes rose one of the gentlest skin healing ingredients, especially for sensitive skin.

    Anti-inflammatory – We love the rich look of red roses, but not red skin. Luckily rose has naturally anti-inflammatory properties, reducing redness and irritation. It’s even calming to skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis.



    pH Balancing – When it comes to keeping skin moisturized, pH levels are essential. Along with balancing pH, rose tones the size and look of pores for a super smooth complexion. It even helps balance oil production, without over drying.

    Anti-bacterial – Although very gentle, rose is also anti-bacterial, which is great news for acne sufferers. It can clear breakouts and also calm down red and swollen pores.

    Anti-oxidants – Why use skincare with synthesized vitamins in it when you can get them naturally, from the source? Rose contains high amounts of vitamin C, protecting and repairing skin from damage, crucial to keeping it healthy and vibrant.

    We love when healing skin also helps us to heal, holistically: rose is not only amazing for your complexion, but using it actually raises your vibration! We can all use a little vibrational raise these days ~ and don’t forget its divine scent is also beautifully uplifting aromatherapy.

    So breathe it in, body and spirit, and reap all the benefits of mother nature’s most famous bloom.

    With love,

    Mask Relief With the use of masks over these last months, using hydrosols can really give your skin a healthy boost. Refresh your face and your mood during the day, by stopping and spraying a little Gem Juice on your face to help you stop and breathe, give your skin a boost of moisture, and also raise your vibration. And remember ~ hydrosol’s are safe to spray over your makeup!

    We also have three other healing Gem Juice Hydrosols you can choose from for Mask Relief:

    Forest Alchemy:  For a walk in the woods, Forest Alchemy is your choice! This blend was created from a sacred grove in Northern California and will ground you with her earth knowledge. Great for all skin types *except those with pine sensitivities*

    Clary Sage: Cleansing and comforting, this spray is like a sweet cup of herbal grey tea to comfort you into optimism and euphoria. A refreshment for your spirit. Great for hormonal skin and irritated and inflamed skin.

    Lavender: Known for its properties to calm, this choice of hydrosol is for those looking to reduce anxiety and stress. Lavender Angustafolia is known to relax facial muscles, and calm the nervous system. With its sweet honey-like lavender scent, it will soothe and relax your mind, body, and spirit. Great for all skin types.

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    written by Sara <3

    October 25, 2020


    New Moon In Libra ~ Treading the Tail of the Tiger

    Today we are under the Dark Moon of Libra until she peaks at 12:31 pm PST (3:31 pm EST).  Under a Libra moon we can find ourselves looking for balance and with these heightened times, finding balance is a good way to find our center for the weeks ahead. With Mercury retrograde and all the energy exchanges he is part of with Uranus and Saturn, using this balancing and harmonious Libra energy can only be helpful.

    I call this a time of ‘treading the tail of the tiger’, for there are inner and outer tigers that we may be called to tangle with during this time. As you get close to the issue at hand it is good to recognize the tiger for what it is. Treading the tigers tail can be perilous, yet if you move in harmony and balance with it, you can invite its power into your own life as protection and blessings. To ‘tame’ is to restrain and also to accumulate and nurture: it’s what the farmer does. It means that you cannot make something change/grow in a single step. You need the balance of self-restraint on your own actions so that you can respond conscientiously to the realities in the present moment while still being aware of the importance of nourishing and caring for your self. Look to the power and intensity you are drawn to in the situation: the danger is there, yet also present is its potential gift.

    This is our first New Moon following the Fall Equinox, a time to connect to your inner point of balance and working with stillness can help you to stop and listen to what tiger you are tangling with ~ the inner or outer (or maybe both!).

    To work from this inner point of balance allows you to slow down, become aware of your feet on the ground and create that moment of stillness that supports you in being able to stay in the present to address the action or situation. 

    During a dark moon (seed moon) your mind turns inward.  You may feel contemplative yet find your intuition is active. This is the time to search inward for your Libra New Moon intention. Once she goes full in her darkness, planting your seed under her New Crescent Moon is the blessing that showers you with the ability to nurture the intention for the next two weeks until Grandmother Moon comes into her fullness on October 31st.

    When we are setting intentions under this New Moon in the Air Sign of Libra we can use our breath to guide us deeper into our places of knowing.

    So here are a few questions to ask during this New Moon as you create your intentions:

    What must you do to get to trusting deeply?
    Where is the tiger?
    Do you know how to work with such power?
    How can this tension be creative?

    Here is a simple ritual for this New Moon in Libra:

    • Create your altar using blues, yellow, silver or violet. Some lovely gemstones to work with under this moon are agates, jade, peridot, lapis lazuli or opals. Cleanse your scared space with a prayer or smudging with sage or incense.
    • Light a candle or two.
    • Center yourself using your breath ~ take a few deep cleansing breaths or use a mediation CD or make yourself a cup of herbal tea.
    • Next, breathe in a quality you need right now and visualize that quality gently and gradually infusing your body with kindness, compassion, health, healing? What do you need to balance your energy, spirit or mind?
    • Once you are done with your meditation take out your notebook and write the messages or thoughts or words that come to you. Do not stop to think about what you are writing ~ just write! How does it support you in finding your inner balance? Does it inspire an idea or creative intention?
    • Over the next 48 hours eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of fluids.
    • Over the next 2-weeks, make time to do a short meditation daily to connect to your intention.

    Air is a powerful element. It carries the archetypal properties of spirit into the physical world. When we pay attention to both giving and receiving we bring energy to our creative actions. Treading the tail of the tiger offers an important lesson in how to change a situation that feels perilous into a way to harness its power into creative solutions or ideas.

    My wish for you my dear moon family, is to use this New Moon in Libra to tap into your power. 

    New Moon Blessings,
    Moon Mama

    October 16, 2020


    My Journey through Chronic Pain

    Picture from the Psychiatric Times

    Dear Moon Family,

    I am writing to share with you that I have been on a journey through chronic pain these last three months. Chronic pain is something I have never experienced until this episode and I have a new and deep respect for any one that has had to deal with chronic pain. It has taught me the true essence of patience and that our ability to look at our pain is deeper than the body itself. It is a spiritual, emotional and physical journey. 

    It started with symptoms that I thought I was addressing through diet and some daily stretching. Then when things built up it hit me like a ‘lead balloon’ and down I went. It has taken me over 6 weeks to slowly feel forward progress. Unlike having the common cold or the flu, this has been a time of one step forward and two steps backwards. I have had to learn to lean into and not away from periods of exhaustion and debilitating pain. It taught me to lay down and sleep whenever I needed and to change my diet drastically to eliminate foods that were causing inflammation. I had to put things aside and work with my emotional, physical and spiritual body to find the sources of this pain.

    I wanted to let you now that I am up and running again at about 70% and I have about two more weeks before I will be back to 100%!

    I will be back online with my Moon blogs for the upcoming New Moon in Libra next week. However, between now and then, you will be seeing some emails with news on products and a few upcoming events.

    I have missed being active in this realm and thank all of you who have been patient in receiving your orders.

    Last, I want to thank my sisters, Donna & Nancy, for being my rocks and letting me learn how to slow down and the importance of rest (I love you to the Moon and back!); my friends Bill & Tania for opening their hearts and home as I travel back home; and my healing angels, Anna and Anna for your healing hands, guidance and magical insight, in helping me to find my path to health again.

    Wishing you the Moon & the Stars,
    Moon Mama 

    p.s. please know that I do NOT have COVID19 ~ if you would like to hear more about my journey please email me at debra@gemstoneorganic.com and I would be happy to share more about my pain and how I found my way back! xoxo

    October 04, 2020

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    Full Moon in Aquarius ~ Awakening Your Inner Wisdom

    A Full Moon Water Ritual

    This morning Grandmother Moon reached her fullness in Aquarius at 8:59 am PST (11:59 am EST) and tonight we celebrate her energy and light! 

    A Moon in Aquarius calls us to connect to her inspiration and become deeply aware of our intuition and wisdom. Known as the Water Bearer, to bring forth the waters of wisdom ~ which I believe we all hold inside. Without our inspirational dreams we are not the creative, vibrant, dancing hearts that we desire to be.

    When we listen to our intuition we can feel or see flashes of insight that brings us truth and clarity. A moment of insight can become lasting awareness so that we enter into creative communication with our inner voice and the messages around us. We need to nourish these new insights to create the beginnings of clarity. It is similar to a waking up; it is true that sometimes sleeping is easier as it allows us not to have to see that path we are called towards.

    Aquarius is a masculine, air sign ruled by Uranus. He rules the calves and ankles; for me the calves can represent forward movement as they are the muscle that pulls up the heel up to allow use to move forward and the ankles represent the ability to receive pleasure.

    Full Moons are directly opposite the Sun and it is at this time we can feel the pull of our two greatest lights. The Sun is masculine, and connected to our conscious mind, the Moon is feminine, and relates to our subconscious mind. They are fire and water, yin and yang that fit perfectly together and show us how we fit perfectly together. The Sun provides us the light and warmth and Leo opens our hearts to connect with our dreams and inspirations.

    This is a time to dance between the borders of fire and air and learn to listen to the fires within. Creativity flows through us and moves us towards inspiration that wants to be realized. To start this journey we learn not only listen to our intuition, but trust it, follow it and let it become the guiding force in our life.

    A Lovely Two-week Full Moon Water Ritual:

    With this Sun and Moon Energy we are under let us connect with our inner voice and our angels.

    • AWAKEN! Tonight commit yourself to listening and following your inner wisdom over the next two weeks until we reach the New Moon in Leo.
    • Use amethyst or moonstone in your Moon water to heighten your intuition, to trust it, follow it, and let it guide you. Place your commitment into your gemstones and water.
    • Carry Lapis Lazuli or Sodalite (or Amethyst or Moonstone) to support you in listening to your inner wisdom.
    • We have created a beautiful new elixir in partnership with Goddess Provisions called Seraph ~ it will support you in connecting to your angels and inner wisdom through your sense of smell. Our potion is a blend of essential oils to ground you in the present moment through your sense of smell. Each time you use this captivating elixir your will connect to the essence in ways that will open you to new pathways of awakening.
    • Call on your angels to help you connect to your inner wisdom. We all have angels that are devotedly trying to connect with us, to guide and protect us. When we call on our angels they help to quiet our ego and help us to hear our inner voice with clarity. It is one of the best ways to raise your vibration. You can call on your angels anytime! Before your meditation helps you to know them better, yet you can call on them anytime of the day and just breathe and listen for even 30 seconds!
    • Create your altar for the Moon Water on a windowsill, near a window or outside where it can collect the most Moonlight. I encourage you to use one or all of the following gemstones for this Moon Ceremony:
      • Amethyst ~ wonderful for inspiring new ideas and creativity; a beautiful gentle stone for purifying and supporting the crown chakra to heighten intuition and inner wisdom.
      • Moonstone ~ will support you in bringing your unconscious into consciousness.
      • Sodalite ~ enhances your intuition and brings insight and guides you in meditations.
      • Lapis Lazuli ~ brings light to your intuition and opens your mind to your inner knowledge and wisdom; balances your inner light with your outer light.

    In the morning collect your Moon Water and take your first sip of your commitment you placed in the waters and gemstones and take a sip daily to help you carry that commitment forward for the next two weeks.

    Remember, wisdom is not something you have to learn, but something you have inside, your intuition. When you are not moving from your inner wisdom, you are missing the power that is right inside you. 

    Sending You Full Moon Love,
    Moon Mama


    August 03, 2020

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    Capricorn Full Moon ~ Full Hearted Commitments

    Tonight, Saturday, July 4th, we have a Full Moon in Capricorn at 9:44 pm PST (12:44 am EST on Sunday, July 5th). The Full Moon will be followed by a penumbral lunar eclipse ~ a time to set deep intentions. 

    This Capricorn Full Moon is the first Full Moon of the summer and is also known as the Buck Moon by the Native Algonquin tribes. The Buck Moon signifies the time of the antlers growth and the soft covering they exhibit. Antlers are like a crown and grow beyond the body, bringing the buck closer to the sky. Similar to the deer, the male Goat is also know as a Buck. However, the horns of the Goat are considered to represent strength, virility and power.

    Capricorn is a feminine earth sign and brings us back into our bodies, to ground and connect and to create a strong foundation. She is a cardinal sign, signs of initiation. She rules the bones and joints, and has the ruling planet of Saturn.

    Full Moons are a time to release ~ anything, big or small. I believe this Capricorn Full Moon calls us to work on our commitments, to release patterns that have stifled us from holding our commitments.

    In Richard Rudd’s book The Gene Keys, he talks about commitment under the 29th Gene Key.

    He states that the secret to all commitments lies in the way you begin. It is the energy you put behind your actions rather that the actions themselves. It does not matter if you love or hate your action, you must put the same energy into doing the dishes as you would into your favorite project. There is nothing worth doing in this life unless it is done with absolute commitment. Anything you do halfheartedly lacks power of direction and yes, even luck! When you place your heart and soul into your action with the commitment of your heart and soul it carries the seed of good fortune. This universal law is an invitation for you to trust in life. Half-heartedness robs you of participating in life’s mystery and keeps you a victim of fate. You are being dishonest with yourself. Commitments can be of many different lengths and sometimes there is no simple way to know when something will end ~ however, it is important to remain committed until the play ends of its own accord. When we break our commitments early, we will find that we will reconstruct the same patterns of experience until we actually finish the cycle and learn the lessons it holds for us. We can learn the value of our experiences when we look back and see the same emotional traumas repeating themselves in our life and learn what we are doing or not doing that is causing these patterns.

    First, there must be truth and confidence, truth to the present moment and trust in your inner knowing so you can be unreservedly present with an unshakable grasp on your heart. This is the truest test of your convictions, when you have no way of knowing where your leaps of faith might land.

    Capricorn is depicted as having half her body in water and half on the earth. Earth is open and receptive and wants to support you in following your desires. She makes inspiration manifest by giving it form and the ability to sustain its growth. She is open and ready to lend her strength to the work without limit while accepting all things in the present state and the potential state. She is unconditional.

    When Capricorn places herself in flowing water, she is deep and formless. She follows the fluid intuitive and emotional way of perceiving. Here she responds with courageous self-reliance when confronted by the unknown. When she places herself in the calm waters of lakes or marshes her energy teems with life. She can bring things into circulation and give them voice through sharing and communication. She finds the shear enjoyment of participating in life to the fullest.

    My ritual for you under this Full Moon and over the next two weeks is to release your half-hearted commitments and find those commitments that you place your energy into fully and with heart. Find those commitments that show patterns of repeating and find the lesson so that you can release them.

    1. Do a meditation under a tree and if you can ~ find one with roots showing so that you can be near those beauties to really learn how to move deep into the earth to release and receive. Roots of trees are great to be around as they bring us back to our cultural roots.
    2. Meditate by the water of your choice. Which waters are you called to work with ~ still waters or flowing water? If you are not by a body of water work with water at home by bathing or placing your self under the running water of the shower.
    3. Focus on your Sacral Chakra over the next two weeks to help you ground into your desires, sexual energy, patterns of failure and success. Work with the gemstones of Orange Calcite, Sunstone or Carnelian; drink Cinnamon Tea or use the essential oil of YlangYlang to open and connect with your passion center.
    4. Write or create vision boards or color mandalas to find your clarity and the places that you need to better focus your commitments. Finding which ones to let go of or what your patterns are that you need to release.
    5. Ride your bike and let the wind blow the cobwebs from you so that you can be open to receiving. Whatever supports you in this journey ~do it!
    6. Practice receiving. Receiving in obvious and subtle ways.
    Colors to add to your Altar under this Full Moon in Capricorn are deep greens and browns. Gemstones to work with include Smokey Quartz, Agate (great for your Full Moon Water), Garnet or Ruby. Aromatherapy could include Vetiver, Sandalwood, or Lavender.

      This is not a time to hide yourself away and grieve the past. Decide what you will do, take it on and make the practical preparations to march out. True commitment helps you to overcome obstacles and adversity and fill your life with joyful desires.

      And don’t forget to put your Moon Water out tonight! If you feel called to add a gemstone for this Full Moon, Agate would be lovely <3. 

      Full Moon Blessings,
      Moon Mama

      July 04, 2020


      New Moon in Gemini ~ Renew, Rediscover, Revitalize

      This morning, at 10:38 am PST (1:38 pm EST), we have our New Moon in Gemini shifting from Dark Moon to New Moon and later to Crescent Moon. My picture above is meant to describe the world at large today as there is so much going on in the skies and here on Mother Earth herself. I find that I am reeling in all of this energy and looking for solid ground to stand on; yet, at the same time feeling grounded! This duality change and stillness is felt deep and has me shifting in ways I never have before. Maybe some of you can relate.

      And so as we move into our sweet New Moon in Gemini, I find that I am looking to undergo a reset by checking in with my thoughts and my body. Something that is especially wonderful to do under this New Moon in Gemini.

      Gemini falls under the element of air, the ruling planet of Mercury and rules the upper body, arms, hands, shoulders, nervous system, airway AND lungs. Interesting, very interesting.

      Air is the element that connects all other elements (fire, water, earth, ether). It is circular in motion; has the power to shift, change, and shape your inner and outer landscape; it is the wind beneath your wings; the power of your heart to direct you into action. We breathe in, we breathe out, as naturally as the air moves around us.

      Gemini is about communication and our thoughts and I believe that our thoughts create the reality of the world around us. It is about moving through change and finding the stillness.

      This is the time to connect with air.

      We also have the energy of Venus beginning her retrograde in Gemini. She has left the night sky and will be missed until she returns again on June 3rd. When she reappears, she will light our mornings with her beautiful presence. I cannot wait. I want to move with her over these next few weeks and make that change from night to morning; to rise feeling renewed, revitalized and re-discovered.

      Here are two rituals to use during this New Moon and Venus Retrograde and over the next two weeks. One is to help loosen our thoughts and connect with our inner voice; let us listen to our inner voice first, always, forever! And one to reconnect with our body:

      • NADI SHODHAN ~ alternate nostril breathing

        This is a wonderful breathing exercise for harmonizing the two hemispheres of the brain, bringing you balance in mind, body and spirit. 

        Concentrate for 3-5 minutes on your normal breath. Sit comfortably, spine upright, then raise the right hand to Pranayama Mudra. Close the right nostril with the thumb and inhale through the left nostril slightly deeper than normal. Open the right nostril, at the same time closing the left nostril with the ring finger. Exhale slowly and gently through the right nostril. Perform 20 rounds of this alternate nostril breathing. Return the hand to the knee and concentrate for 2-3 minutes on the normal breath. Again raise the right hand to Pranayama Mudra. Close the left nostril with the right ring finger and inhale deeply through the right nostril. Open the left nostril, at the same time closing the right nostril with the thumb. Slowly exhale through the left. Perform 20 rounds of this alternate nostril breathing. Return the hand to the knee and concentrate for 3-5 minutes on the normal breath.

      • BODY MEDITATION ~ this only takes a few minutes but is very enlightening:
        • Sit down and tell yourself a truth out loud, such as I love to paint. Go inward and notice how your body feels when you tell yourself a truth.
          Get up and do something around the house for just one minute ~ no more.
        • Sit down again and say to yourself out loud, I hate to paint. Notice how your body responds to this message ~ something happens in your body when you tell yourself a lie ~ get to know that response.

          With practice ~ this exercise will help you to discriminate your body’s wisdom and teach you to follow your truth.

      Here are a few thoughts for preparing for your ritual:

      • When creating your altar and sacred space use a feather to fan the smoke from your incense, palo santo or sage, as you cleanse your alter, space and yourself. Or use a flute or horn (something that takes air to create the music) for cleansing your space.
      • Great colors to use are yellows, blues or silver.
      • You can also add fragrant flowers or an essential oil to bring scent into the air.
      • Air is associated with iron and copper, so it would be good to wear these jewelry items or place them on your altar.

      And here are a few questions to ponder before, during or after your ritual:

      How can you use these energies of air to move your resistance?
      Where does your imagination take you?
      What inspires you?
      How are your words influencing your world? 

      This beautiful twin moon reminds us that we have two arms, two spheres, two lungs, two feet, and two eyes ~ use them and be grateful for them as they carry you on your journey.

      New Moon Wishes,
      Moon Mama

      May 22, 2020


      Celebrating Mothers Day ~ A Proclamation of Peace


      Today I want to share a short history of “Mothers’ Day, as I believe it adds important meaning to our celebration of motherhood.

      Taken from Heather Cox Richardson ... Letters from an American:

      Mothers’ Day actually started in the 1870s, when Julia Ward Howe had a new vision. She was a talented poet and writer who wrote the Battle Hymn of the Republic in the early years of the Civil War, and whose lyrics made point that Christ was “born of woman.” She was drawn to women’s rights because the laws of her time meant that her children belonged to her abusive husband and if she left him, she would lose any rights to see her children, something he threw at her whenever she threatened to leave him. She was not at first a radical in the women’s movement under Elizabeth Cady Stanton who fought for women’s right to equality with men, but believed that women, as mothers had a special role to perform in the world.

      She found war traumatic and after the Franco-Prussian War in 1870, she remembered: “I was visited by a sudden feeling of the cruel and unnecessary character of the contest. It seemed to me a return to barbarism, the issue having been one which might easily have been settled without bloodshed. The question forced itself upon me, “Why do not the mothers of mankind interfere in these matters, to prevent the waste of that human life of which they alone know and bear the cost?”

      Howe had a new vision, she said, of “the august dignity of motherhood and its terrible responsibilities.” She sat down immediately and wrote an “Appeal to Womanhood Throughout the World.” Men always had and always would decide questions by resorting to “mutual murder.” But women did not have to accept this state of affairs, she wrote. Mothers could command their sons to stop the madness.

      It was the enormity of loss caused by the Civil War and the Franco-Prussian War that convinced American women that women must take control of politics from the men who had permitted such carnage. But out of the war also came a new sense of empowerment. Women had bought bonds, paid taxes, raised money for the war effort, managed farms, harvested fields, worked in war industries, reared children, and nursed soldiers. When the war ended, they had every intention of continuing to participate in national affairs. But the Fourteenth Amendment, which established that African American men were citizens, did not include women. In 1869, women organized the National American Woman’s Suffrage Association and the American Woman’s Suffrage Association to promote women’s right to have a say in American government.

      From her home in Boston, Julia Ward Howe was a key figure in the American Woman’s Suffrage Association.

      "Arise, women! Howe commanded. Say firmly: “We will not have great questions decided by irrelevant agencies. Our husbands shall not come to us, reeking with carnage, for caresses and applause. Our sons shall not be taken from us to unlearn all that we have been able to teach them of charity, mercy and patience. We, women of one country, will be too tender of those of another country, to allow our sons to be trained to injure theirs.”

      Mothers’ Day was not designed to encourage people to be nice to their mothers. It was part of women’s effort to gain power to change modern society.

      In addition to this short history, I would also like to honor the neighborhood mothers of my childhood. These beautiful women, mothers, friends, were like second mothers to me as they were always there to teach me about life. Josie Robinson Johnson taught me about civil rights and the struggles and beauty of being black. She continues to teach me today of the importance of fighting against the injustice of all people; Norma Anderson taught me about the struggles of raising a child with a disability and how they are a grace to society; Grace Wangaard, taught me how the ups and downs of life bring a richness to our lives; and my dear mother, Carol Katinka Haugen, was a champion of the poor, the elderly and single parents. We are shaped and molded by our childhood environment and I am grateful for these brave and beautiful women to have surrounded me with their teachings and love.

      Wishing each of you, all women, a beautiful Mothers’ Day ~ let us not forget the power we hold as women to bring beauty and change to this beautiful world!

      Moon Mama


      May 10, 2020


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