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Dark Moon in Sagittarius ~ Be the Archer of Your Dreams

photo from foreverconscious

Tonight we have our last New Moon of the Year ~ the New Moon in Sagittarius.  

Sagittarius is a masculine, fire sign and is the archetype for wisdom, truth and understanding ~ energy for the journey. He is ruled by Jupiter and tules the liver, hips, thighs, pelvis and femur. When the Moon is in Sagittarius it is a time to manifest truth. Fire signs inspire and ignite. You may experience the ability to speak with honesty or you may feel philosophical or the spirit of inspiration. It is a time to turn your healing energies inward.

During the Dark (Seed) Moon your intuition is active, your mind turns inward and you feel contemplative. It is a time when your metabolism slows down and although you sleep well you feel inertia upon awakening. Your dreams may be symbolic and bring you back to your childhood. It is the time of the Northeast energy, the direction of mountain, stillness, a time to retreat so that you can gain perspective to create a firm foundation for new growth. 

It is under the dark moon when your needs are felt deeply and have the ability to call up the energy under the waxing moon cycle to meet your needs. Remember feeling invokes healing.

Sagittarius is half man and half horse. The horse is the animal spirit for Power. It is why we have the word horsepower for engines! The medicine of Horse as described in the Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and Dave Carter is, "True power is wisdom found in remembering your total journey. "Wisdom comes from remembering pathways you have walked in another person's moccasins. Compassion, caring, teaching, loving and sharing your gifts, talents and abilities are the gateways to power."

Along with this Dark Moon we also have our shortest days of light for the year. So  tonight I encourage you to slip into the darkness and find the comfort she offers, the nurturing womblike space that is full of quiet and stillness. Here is a space to fall into your remembering, to review your year and all the places you gained wisdom and shared your gifts and talents. Use this wisdom to be the archer of your dreams, aim your bow of compassion and love for yourself and others and your gifts and talents through the gateways to power for 2019. 

Use the end of this Dark Moon cycle to see what is standing in your way. She is here for you until tonight at 11:20 pm PST or early tomorrow morning, 2:20 am EST. As the moon wanes, awareness of what you no longer need waxes. It opens your eyes to what is standing in your way, however, you need to slow down to receive her messages and insights. A quote I heard once was, "the Dark Moon is like one of those mountain ramps for rescuing runaway trucks that have lost their brakes. Veer onto the Dark Moon ramp and let your careening momentum run itself out." Connect with the Northeast mountain stillness and new visions will come. Use the end of the Moon's cycle to prepare for your beginning and commit to doing this for the entire year of 2019 and you may just find yourself closer to the life you've always dreamed about.

Here are a few ways to capture her energies: 

    • Find a time to slow down today, or if you can back into your bed or lay on the couch to mourn whatever habit or attachment you are ready to release. Let the feelings surface and think about how you love this habit. Why you dislike this habit. Imagine life without it. Feel the fear. Imagine yourself on the other side of the fear, happy, strong and free. Move through all of your feelings, without stopping them or getting stuck. Once you have explored them all, finish with a clearing ritual ~ write what came up that you want to release and then burn it. Empty an old drawer or clean a corner of your closet and throw or give away wha you no longer need. The energy in this area will be 'sparkling'. Breathe it in as an encouragement for the new you.
    • Climb into a hot bath tonight to access the ending energies of the Dark Moon. Water is wonderful for supporting you in releasing emotions and toxins. Add salts (sea, celtic, epsom) blended with essential oils and/or plant powders to create soothing waters to immerse yourself into. Add flower petals to bring in beauty, and place a candle at the foot of the bath to aid you in clearing your mind and dropping into your remembering and bringing focus to your intentions.

As we move into the energy of the New Crescent (Sprout) Moon we can feel our hearts and minds lift. You may feel this lifting when you awaken in the morning if you are not able to stay up to work with her this evening. When you are under these energies, you can find yourself writing more easily, coming up with sudden insights or ideas. You have energy spurts and may need less sleep, although your sleep may be restless! You may find yourself having wish dreams <3. This is the direction of Northwest, the direction of heaven. Here is creativity in its pure form, a force of change that confronts us with the truth and awareness of what to do, how to be and the power to act. Use it. Feel it. Ride it.

We also have the energy of a Cazimi Moon, or dropping moon tonight. For those who can stay up, setting intentions and making wishes 30 minutes before or after the New Moon becomes exact (11:20 pm PST or 2:20 am EST), gives them a lovely boost.

Here are a few rituals to use for your New Moon Wishes:

  • Dream. Dream big. Write down all the dreams you have for 2019 and don't worry if some of them are lofty and full. It is a way to connect to and fill your heart with desire and love. It can even help you to better understand what you hold inside of you that you love truly love or yearn to do. Put your note into a small box or vessel or on your altar and open and read at it again at the first new moon of 2019, New Moon in Capricorn on December 22.
  • Gather magazines or pictures to create a vision board. Get a poster board or paper and choose one picture that you want to be the center of your board. Paste it on and then over the next two weeks as the Moon is Waxing, add pictures, words or drawings to the board when you have time. Complete the board using the energy of the Winter Solstice and finish it before the Moon becomes Full on December 22nd.
  • If you have your milk weed and have been placing your love and thoughts of movement your want to create in your life into her seeds, set them free and then write the movement you shared on a paper or in your daily note book to bring them into form and move them forward!
  • Create elder berry syrup. The celtic tree for November 25- December 23rd is the Elder. She is a highly sacred tree and her spirit is known as the Elder Mother, The Queen of Herbs, TheTree of Faeries. She is the 13th Moon Calendar tree and has berries that many of us know well, the elderberries! She also produces a five petal flower, and as we discussed last month, in nature five symbolizes change and movement. So I suggest making of buying elderberry syrup to take daily over the next two weeks to engage in her energy of spirit and magic. It is a immune booster and is a wonderful colds and flu remedy.  Here is a link to a recipe by my favorite herbalist, Rosemary Gladstar.
  • For your altar use deep purples, or turquoise and a few gemstones are turquoise or lapis lazuli.

The Moon is 'yin' (feminine),  and so placing our wishes in line with the lunar cycle can hold great potential for bringing new things to light in our life. Under this beautiful New Moon in Sagittarius, Be the Archer of Your Dreams.

Deep, Beautiful, New Moon Wishes, 
Moon Mama

p.s. my Holiday Gift Ideas are coming tomorrow <3 

December 06, 2018


Full Moon in Gemini ~ Mindful Thankfulness

photo by consciousreminder

Full Moon in Gemini: November 22rd at 9:39 pm PST (November 23rd at 12:39 am EST)

Tonight we have a Full Moon in Gemini, a moon that turns us towards our thoughts and how we communicate our thoughts to the world and our own lives.

Today is also Thanksgiving, a time when we gather with friends and loved ones to celebrate our gratitude for each other and all that we have.  Combining these two together, we are gifted with how we choose to weave our words and how we listen to others. A time of giving and receiving.

This Moon in Gemini falls under the element of air, which connects all other elements. Air has the power to shift and change the landscape ~ shaping itself into the space available or shaping space to its own nature. You experience the power of air through its movement, through your breath, as your thoughts. Your inhale represents the energy of receiving and your exhale the energy of giving. It is the wind beneath your wings, the power of your heart to direct you into right action. 

Air is circular ~ wind creates wind, movement creates movement, a breath in creates a breath out. The influence of our thoughts create the realty of our world. Wind can always find a way through ~ we know this as we can feel the air come through our windows or walls! She never creates resistance ~ how beautiful is air! Air is something we can not see, yet she has an influence that is far-reaching and profound.

Here are a few thoughts to carry with you through the day today:

What if there were no limits?
How can you use these energies of air to move your resistance
What thoughts of beauty inspire you?
How are your words influencing your world? 

When we are under the energy of a Full Moon we may feel energized and want to share~ what a wonderful day to be with family and friends. Your higher energy may also keep you up later than usual due to her light. This is also a time for dreaming and a time when you are most likely to remember your dreams. 

Here are a few rituals to play with over the next two weeks:

  1. Start a dream journal and see what is playing in your mind while you sleep! Dreams are gatekeepers to our daily world and can give us deep and important messages that our subconscious or conscious mind is trying to convey to us. Keep a pen and notebook next to your bed and upon awakening, immediately write what you can remember about your dreams. Before going to sleep you can also call on your dream keeper to help you to remember your dreams.
  2. If you take a walk today see if you can find some seeds, gather a few. I have found beautiful milkweed seeds and cattail seeds are abundant right now. Place them in a jar or small vessel ~ I placed a few of the seeds into a small vial so that I could carry them with them over these next few weeks.


    Milkweed is the flower of life for the monarch butterfly and symbolizes transformation. The flowers also have five upright hoods ~ and in nature five symbolizes change and movement. As I let go of a thought that is holding me back I will pull out my sweet milkweed seeds and think about the message they share with me and I will share thoughts of movement with them to plant under the New Moon in Sagittarius. These beautiful seeds are there to remind you that what you think is vital to your health and well being. Keep it full of abundant love, kindness and joy and it will make your life full of love, kindness and joy! When you get to the New Moon in Sagittarius in December you can release these seeds to the wind to give them the ability to bring profound and far reaching energy to your intentions!  
  3. Do a morning meditation or mantra. A sweet and simple mantra to use is, 'Breathe and breathe again'.

    Use the colors of blue, white or yellow in your surroundings or on your altar and work with the gemstones citrine, smoky quartz, lapis lazuli or blue chalcedony are lovely. And to help focus your mind use the essential oils of rosemary, juniper berry or clary sage.

    And don’t forget to put out your Moon Water gems.

    Many of you have also been asking if we will be having a Black Friday sale. For those of you who are reading this you can use the discount code Gratitude15 at  checkout tomorrow (starting at 12:00 am PST) to receive 15% off your purchase. I will be gifting an additional 15% of your purchase to families who have been devastated by the California fires.

    Don't forget though that we will have lovely holiday surprises and gift packages coming later next week <3.

    Full Moon Blessings and love and gratitude for your presence in my life,
    Moon Mama

    November 22, 2018

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    New Cazimi Moon in Scorpio ~ Now!

    photo from Brad Aspy


    We are under the New Cazimi Moon in Scorpio NOW! This is a beautiful time ~ no matter where you are ~ to place your intentions for this two week period moving into the Full Moon, or even the remainder of the year, or for something you want to take into the new year! This is the time to start something new ~ something that moves you deeply, as we are swimming in the energies of this lovely, dark, watery moon. Take in the nourishment of this watery moon,

    A Moon in Scorpio turns us inwards, deepens our curiosity and focus, but gives us attitude. Scorpio is the most intense sign and when the Moon is here she feels everything to the nth degree - needless to say so do we! Passion, joy, love and desire can take center stage in our lives. This is a time when we may need more privacy to feel more deeply and to find the perfect place to plant our seeds in the gardens of our souls.

    Scorpio is a Feminine, Fixed, Water Sign, she is ruled by Mars/Pluto and she rules the genitals, bladder, cervix, urinary tract and prostate gland.

    Below is a short and sweet ritual that you can perform today ~ if possible under the Cazimi Moon ~ however, anytime today is perfect! 

    1. Get yourself a glass or vessel that you can place water in ~ here is a shell that I found on the beach and used in my ceremonies over the last few days. Use what is available as time is short here!



    1. If you can boil the water first or if you have reverse osmosis water available that would be wonderful! These waters are emptied through the process of boiling or ROhave the ability to take on your words and energy best. If not, do not worry, tap or any water works!
    2. A half hour before or after the New Moon ~ so from 7:31 am - 8:31 am PST (10:31 am - 11:31 am EST) take a few minutes to quiet yourself and choose the words or story of your intention or dreams or wishes.
    3. Now, while holding the water in your hands, or even better holding it near your mouth or heart, speak, whisper or even just silently place your intention or words of power into the water. Hold it silently for a minute and bless the water thanking if for listening and taking on your words.
    4. Now drink the water, feeling the energy shared with your water, your cells! This is a time to feel, not think, so do your best to quiet the mind and take in the messages your body shares with you.

    Try to find time for this ritual any time today ~ take in this New Moon energy that can bring you sudden insights or new ideas. This may be a time that you find writing is easier or that your appetite is getting stronger!  Or you may find that your body wants to rise earlier and needs less sleep. The energy of the Sprout Moon is from the Northwest ~ this is the  direction of heaven in the IChing ~ a powerful time to be creative and open to the energies.

    Be aware of your dreams gems ~ this is a time for wish dreams, be listening. 

    New Moon Wishes,
    Moon Mama

    November 07, 2018


    Marvelous, Wonderful, Beautiful, Babassu Oil

    Did you know that all five of our Signature Organic Face Crémes and our Sunstone Body Lotion contain Babassu Oil? This power packed seed is nutrient-dense and contains high concentrations of lauric acid, vitamin E and antioxidants. When we found this beautiful hydrating oil back in 2012, we fell in love! Here is why ~

    Babassu oil is a by-product of the fruit of the Brazilian Babassu Palm tree. The Babassu tree produces a hard-shelled nut that is broken open by women known as babassu breakers.

    Photo Credit, David Hill

    The hard-shelled nuts contain kernels/seeds that are comprised of high amounts of oil, up to 70% oil. The oil is light, clear and solid at room temperature, yet softens and melts quickly at the touch of your skin.

    This superior seed is chock-full of vitamin E, antioxidants and fatty acids that offer anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Its ability to absorb quickly gives your skin the hydrating and softening it needs. 

    Here are five additional reasons we use this superior oil in all of our skin care products: 

    1. Fights Acne because of its anti-fungal and anti-microbial This nourishing oil is also aids in the healing of acne scarring;
    2. Doesn’t clog pores because of its light weight this oil is a key ingredient to keeping your skin from breaking out, yet gives you that wonderful feeling of deep hydration as it absorbs quickly;
    3. Relief for dry, itchy skin such as eczema and psoriasis;
    4. Reduces redness and inflammation due to the high concentrations of lauric acid, this oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that are calming to rashes and rosacea;
    5. Healing to damaged and aging skin with its high levels of vitamin E, phytosterols, fatty acids, and antioxidants babassu oil is able to aid in softening the appearance of lines and wrinkles, healing to scars, and blemishes, and supports the stimulation of new cells to increase the elasticity of the skin as you age

    We want you to understand each of the wonderful ingredients we use in our skin care products! They are nutrient dense to give your skin the healing properties it needs for a healthy glow.

    Glow on gems,
    Moon Mama

    October 30, 2018

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    Releasing, Earthing, Trusting ~ Taurus Full Moon

    photo credit, Brodie Vissers

    Full Moon in Taurus: Wednesday, October 24th at 9:45 am PST (12:45 pm EST)

    Today I want to you pay attention to how you are feeling around 9:45 pm PST ~ according to Beatrex Quntanna60 hours prior to the Full Moon we may notice her energy pulling on us in ways that help us to see what needs to be released. Even if you don’t know it at the time, sometimes looking back on this small window may bring you strong insight into what is calling for release. Full Moons are openings for releasing, for letting go.

    Taurus is a fixed, feminine earth sign. She is ruled by Venus and rules our neck, throat, thyroid gland, larynx, chin, ears, tongue, vocal chords, and tonsils.

    A Moon in Taurus teaches us to slow down and connect to our creative, earthy, sensual self. She is steady and grounded.  She gifts us with her earth magic ~ encouraging us to harvest the miracle she shares with us.

    The Moon is akin to the intuitive part of our nature, urging us to move towards harmony and potential and alignment. When we are steady/constant, we are true to our intentions, and base our choices so that they align with our vision. Connecting to this Earth Moon creates alchemical moments to help us understand her knowledge; our wisdom; her beauty, our beauty; her softness, our softness; her power, our power; her diversity, our uniqueness; her fragility, our fragility. This is a time to be empowered, humbled, intentional and creative.

    Rituals support us in finding our center, our creative energy, and to align with our vision. Here are a few thoughts on how to use this Full Moon in Taurus Energy: 

    • Have you ever wondered what moves the stars through their course in the sky? Or the rains to fall, nurture growth, rise and fall again? Or the seasons to change? That creative energy force of spirit is not only what we see and experience, it is within each of us. This is a great Moon to reconnect with that earthly, creative power.
      • Over the next three days, find a time to go outside, ground your feet or body onto the earth and look up into the sky ~ if you see clouds, delight in the signs and visions they share; if you are taking in the Fall colors think of ways to prepare for the coming winter; if you are lucky enough to step into a rain shower be reminded of the things you need to replenish; or if you are under a beautiful snowfall let yourself be awakened to your dreams; if you are lucky enough to experience a rainbow what hidden gifts can you find that are there for you; or if you have mist or fog think of things that are yet to be revealed. AND if you can do it each day and night ~ maybe you can connect to the stars and their energy and the light of Grandmother Moon.
    • Place your gemstones onto the earth under the Moon for cleansing overnight. If you want, you can also place them on a table or something with a design in a spiral shape ~ it is a beautiful site (see my gemstones below!). When you pick them up the next day, smell the earth and/or moonlight they carry before placing them back in your house, pocket or on your altar.

    • Walk a labyrinth or follow a path on a hillside or roadside. And carry this question with you: Are you trusting your path even when you are not sure where it leads?
    • What needs releasing? Can you note your feelings around 9:45 pm PST tonight? Or for those on the East Coast who are not night owls, before bed or when you awaken since your time would be near 12:45 am EST tomorrow?!
    • I find this a healing time to color in my Mandala Coloring Book ~ it is a soothing, calming, meditative place for me and I also carry what I learned on my time in nature more deeply if I do it once I return.
    • For your altar use the colors of the earth; for gemstones I love Rose Quartz, Garnet, Turquoise, or Sodalite; for smells I love labdanum and cedarwood.

      • And of course don't forget to put your Moon Water out, gems!

      Today I leave you with this quote I love ~

      You yourself are even another little world and have within
      you the sun and the moon and also the stars
      ….by Origin

      Follow the light of this Moon to your little world…. and then light the world with your beauty my dear moon family.

      Full Moon Blessings,
      Moon Mama

      October 21, 2018


      New Moon in Libra ~ Winds of Change Bring Balance & Stillness

      photo by Ryan Bruce 

      Tonight, October 8th, we are under the Dark Moon of Libra at 8:47 pm PST (11:47 EST). We also have the opportunity to work with a beautiful Cazimi Moon again tonight! These dropping moons contain a strong energy for seeding your intentions. Libra energy gives us the chance weigh out what is increasing and decreasing in our lives, showing us a deeper way of intuiting paths to self-growth and inner fulfillment. When we find ourselves indecisive it can keep us from moving forward with assertiveness. Remember that making choices is freedom.

      When we are setting intentions under this New Moon in the Air Sign of Libra we can use the element of wind, the mothers breath, to guide us deeper into our places of knowing.

      This is our first New Moon following the Fall Equinox, a time to allow the winds of change to move out what longer serves us and to fill those new spaces with that which brings us forward in balance. Once the wind moves through us we may find ourselves in a place of stillness. When you are in your place of stillness you can be inwardly still and reflective while at the same time outwardly present to your situation. It is from this beautiful place of stillness that we can choose to act on a situation or not! Outer and inner stillness reinforce one another.

      During a dark moon (seed moon) your mind turns inward.  You may feel contemplative yet find your intuition is active. This is the time to seed/plant your intentions. 

      Here are a few questions to contemplate under this Dark Moon ~

      Where is your inner point of balance??
      What is increasing/decreasing in your life?

      Here are a few thoughts on seeding your intention for this New Moon in Libra:

      • Create your altar using blues, yellow, silver or violet. Some lovely gemstones to work with under this moon are agates, jade, peridot, lapis lazuli or opals. Place a picture of a scale on the yin/yang symbol on your altar to represent balance.
      • Notice the wind today and into the evening. As you are from inside to outside BREATHE in the wind, full deep breathes and let it stir you. Wind carries a certain magic that can bring change unexpectedly to our lives! Wind can also be a messenger and open us to the communications of our soul! See if you can take the winds energy and allow it to help you move out that which no longer is flowing and bring you into your place of stillness.
      • Next! Fill your notebook with the messages or thoughts or words that come to you. Do not stop to think about what you are writing ~ just write!! How does this message support your intention? How does it support you in finding your inner balance? Does it inspire an idea or creative thought?
      • Cleanse your space tonight with the smoke of sage or palo santo using a feather to move the smoke across the room and your body.
      • Then under the Cazimi Moon 8:17-9: 17 pm PST (11:17pm - 12:17am EST) take those words and allow them to guide you into placing a strong and clear intention for this New Moon seeding. When you are creating your intention ~ if you like use arrows to move your intention along the page!
      • Place your intention into your hand and blow it onto your altar ~ allowing it to place itself where it needs too! Feel the intention every time you encounter a breeze, strong or light winds until the next full moon. Let it continue to stir you and your heart.

      Air is a powerful element. It carries the archetypal properties of spirit into the physical world. Use this air element to turn and shift and move your intention in the direction of your beautiful wishes!

      Tomorrow, October 9th, we will be under the Sprouting Moon. During a sprouting moon you may find sudden insights or new ideas!  Your appetite may increase and you may need less sleep. If you can, watch the Moon set tomorrow night (7:15 pm PST, 10:15 EST) ~ look for that sliver moon as the sun is setting. It is a beautiful way to bring your intention forward and feel the blessing of new beginnings as we move into the waxing moon.

      New Moon Blessings,
      Moon Mama

      October 08, 2018


      5-Tips to Keeping Your Skin pH Balanced During this Seasonal Transition

      photo by Samantha Hurley 

      Fall is the time of year where we begin to move into our drier seasons ~ with heaters on and colder days approaching. Taking care of our skin by giving it the extra hydration it needs is important to keep it responding rather than reacting to the seasonal changes.

      One important key to keeping your skin healthy during this transition is to keep your skins pH in balance. Your skins pH is about 5.5, meaning your skin is slightly acidic. Many soaps and cleansers are closer to a pH of 8-10, which is alkaline and can create dry, sensitive skin. Making sure your skin mantle stays at the lower pH protects you from external influences like bacteria, pollution and also helps it to maintain the moisture that it needs to stay healthy and vibrant. This is the time of year when your skin will let you know it is out of balance as the air becomes drier and it begins to feel tight and dry.

      So here are a five gemstone organic tips to prepare body and soul for this colder weather transition ~

      1. Honey

      Honey has an average pH of 4.0. Using honey as a cleanser or doing a honey masque has many benefits to the skin, which is why we created our Sun Clean cleanser. Known for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties honey is a humectant—meaning it attracts water and retains it in the skin.  Using it on your skin as a wash or a masque is a great way to support your skin and keep it pH balanced. Remember to use raw, organic honey as processed honey has all the beautiful phytonutrients removed.  Honey is also beneficial for flushing.

      2. Gem Juice Hydrosols

      Our Gem Juice Hydrosols are organic, 100 percent high-vibrational plant waters. They contain active plant ingredients that help support skin hydration, soothe inflammation, promote cell regeneration, and balance sebum. They are low in pH and support your skin's barrier health by gently rebalancing your pH. In addition, they are a beautiful aromatherapy water that can positively influence your mood by connecting you to a plant, a place, and a season.

      3. Apple cider vinegar

      This magical kitchen ingredient is wonderful for the skin, which is why we use it in our Sunstone Lotion to keep your skin healthy and pH balanced. If you are brave ~ you can also use a diluted solution of apple cider vinegar on your skin after your shower to balance your skins pH. You can also make a simple apple cider vinegar drink by adding water and honey to create an internal balance for your skin to benefit from.

      4. Moisturizing

      Our five signature face cremes keep your skin hydrated and balance your skin's pH. They are thoughtfully created with waters that are pH balanced to keep your skin pH balanced. We use reverse osmosis water in our organic signature face cremes, because the process removes all the harsh chemicals and it has a pH of 4.5. We blend it with our RoseOtto Gem Juice to give your skin high vibrational waters that are perfectly pH balanced for your skin and soul. Creams with a proper pH absorb deeper and hold in the moisture longer! Which is why we call them "magic in a jar".

      If you want to take it to another level ~ try our Gemstone Facial Spa Kits. Herbal steams are wonderful way to oxygenate and purify the skin ~ the steam helps your dry skin to absorb the herbal nutrients and benefits for hydration and balance. It will open your pores making your skin more receptive for your crème to penetrate and moisturize deeper. 

      5. Warm Celtic Sea Salt Baths

      When our skins mineral quotient is out of balance we experience dryness, irritation itching and more. Taking warm celtic salt baths ~ not hot baths ~ create the container for your skin to absorb the healing minerals for healthy skin. Warm salt baths are anti inflammatory, increase circulation of the skin and can decrease stress. If you want added benefits you can take your warm bath in the morning as your body pushes acidic toxins towards the skin while you sleep and so you are able to remove the toxins from your skin while still giving it a breakfast of minerals! Our Ceremonial Chakra Baths invite you to slow down, heal and integrate body and soul into these upcoming days of winter stillness. Working with the Root Chakra brings you the grounding and feeling of rooting this season calls to.

      We all love to move into this season with cozy drinks, fires and warmer clothes. This year take time to breathe some life back into your skin and soul to prepare for the upcoming days of winter stillness.

      xx Debra
      Moon Mama

      October 02, 2018


      Full Moon in Aries ~ Nourishing our Inner Power

      beautiful artwork by David Joaquin

      Monday, September 24th @ 7:52 pm (PST), 8:52 (MST), 9:52 (CST), 10:52 (EST) 

      Tomorrow the Moon is Full in Aries. This is the Harvest Moon ~ since it is the closest full moon to the Fall Equinox. It was also known as the Full Corn Moon as it is the time of year for harvesting the corn. This is a beautiful time to honor the Corn Mother for her gifts of abundance and nourishment. 

      Aries is a masculine, cardinal, fire sign. It is ruled by mars and rules the head. That is why this is such a powerful time to get your heart and head to connect and move them in the same direction.  Use this fire to awaken your inner power and take on that Aries confidence, strength and passion and put it to good use in making your life and work successful!

      Under a full moon our emotions are heightened and the full light of her can sometimes give us more energy at night and keep us awake! This Full Moon is moving in harmony with Mars (ruling planet of Aries) and so you may feel her energy magnified!

      I find this Full Moon in Aries a perfect opportunity for harvesting our power through nourishment and balance. This is a time to know ourselves, to share our joy, a time for awakening spirit and for using this fire energy for empowering. 

      Full Moons also help us to shine light on that which needs to be released and you may notice that what you are ready to release is coming up for you. Before I share a beautiful fire/earth/water ceremony, I want to share a few thoughts for your altar. Gemstones you may want to connect with are red jasper, diamond, or black obsidian. Colors to use are oranges and reds. And are a few questions to contemplate over the next few days:

      • What awareness does this Full Moon bring to you?
      • Where are you feeling her energy in your body today, tomorrow, Tuesday?
      • When you are in your power how do you hold your body?
      • What are you releasing and ready to bring to completion?

      Here is a beautiful nourishment ceremony by the Order of the White Moon Goddess ~ I hope you can make time tomorrow to share with family and friends. Also, it would be lovely to place a second jar of water out under the moon tonight to use in this soup! Use the gemstones of moonstone and agate along with smokey quartz. 

      Enjoy this ceremony and nourish your inner power ~

      Nourishment Ritual:

      Creating: homemade Chicken (or veggie) soup

      ~ Celery, chopped
      ~ Canned peas (1)
      ~ Fresh or canned corn (1)
      ~ Fresh baby carrots
      ~ Vidalia onion
      ~ 1  free-range/organic chicken
      ~ small red potatoes
      ~ 3 cans of chicken broth
      ~ 5 cubes chicken/vegetable boullion
      ~ 2 cans full of water ~ preferably your Moon Water!
      ~ Olive oil
      ~ Mushrooms, chopped
      ~ Italian seasoning
      ~ I also suggest using a small amount of ginger to give you the wholeness of ingesting and digesting life!

      Not all is mandatory. Put in what you like, take out what you don't!


      Rose oil (or tea tree, sage, lavender or plain lemon)
      Picture/statue of Corn Woman (or aspect of corn woman)
      Candle in protective jar (any color, her colors are all of the rainbow ~ red would be nice for the Aries energy!)
      Stand in the middle of your kitchen ~ set good intent for the ritual and food you are about to prepare. Begin to meditate on the vision of the Great Goddess/Corn Mother. Light your candle and/or incense. Place the image of the Corn Woman near the candle. Wash the chicken and put it into the soup pot with a small amount of olive oil. Turn on the stove. Wash the food that need to be washed. Place it all in front of you. Think of the Mother an give her thanks. Ask that this food nourish all who eats it, and that it may be as delicious and comforting as it sounds! Place the chicken broth, bouillon cubes and 2 cans of Moon water immediately after the short blessing.  Chop up veggies (all the while, being in a meditative state). Place all ingredients into the pot with seasonings. Add more of whatever is needed to create your desired taste. Leave in pot on medium for about 2 hours. Thank Corn Mother for help in preparation. And before you eat, thank her for her bounty. Sit down and enjoy!

      And don’t forget to put out your Moon Water Gems ~

      Full Moon Love Your Way,
      Moon Mama

      September 23, 2018

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      Autumnal Equinox ~ Balance of Light & Dark


      Today is the Autumnal Equinox ~ Mabon ~ one of two days of the year when the hours of light equal the hours of dark. Autumn begins with Lammas and ends on Samhain, with Mabon marking the mid-point. The Autumnal Equinox is a time to work with balance ~ to feel and gather the memory and energy of what that means in life and body. 

      As we move forward into days of decreasing light and increasing darkness we can see how they belong together to create a free-flow of giving and receiving. It becomes like breathing, teaching us the ability to empty out to create space for new beginnings.

      Summers bring high energy and as we move into fall we feel our energy starting to become quieter, a slowing down to prepare us for coming darker days of winter. It is a beautiful time to take stock of what you have grown. This seasonal cycle of growth helps us to stay present to the ongoing changes our life brings. Today marks a lovely time to gather the riches and wisdom you have gained over this year that you would like to take with you into the depths of the reflective lake over these coming months.

      Here are a few ways to play with this energy of balance today:

      • Take a walk in Nature and see how she uses balance to create her world of beauty ~ how can you emulate what you notice into your own life?
      • Gather acorns or leaves or stones or flowers and create a mandala to show you the way the place of balance you have entered and how this wheel of life moves us forward ~ always.
      • Find the balance of receiving and giving by sharing something that no longer serves you and then receiving the gift of gratitude or love they give in return.
      • Make a beautiful meal this evening that has a balance of colors, textures, and flavors! Here is are some thoughts: roasted beets, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and potatoes along with a lovely green salad dressed with figs and/or blackberries!
      • Take some time for you today in whatever way it pleases you. An hour to read the paper, a book or write. Take a bath or paint or draw ~ just be sure to take some time for yourself to reflect and balance the energies of outward

      Today practice the art of doing without doing and see what happens. This is a concept of seeing that we move forward with or without our own participation. Enjoy the energies ~

      Happy Autumn Moon Family,
      Moon Mama

      September 22, 2018

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      Dark Moon & New Cazimi Moon in Virgo


      This beautiful picture by Rassouli, Freydoon, is from his collection of Goddesses and named JOY VIBRATIONS ~ these artworks were created to offer you a portal into the intimate, vulnerable and feminine power each goddess reveals for you.

      We are moving into our New Moon in Virgo this Sunday, September 9th at 11:01 am PST (2:01 pm EST). This is a time to look at what works and what does not work and how to make improvements. Take on Virgo’s ability to organize and shed a few things or gift others. There is nothing better than to feel the benefits of having things in their place and removing the clutter. Or maybe you just want to share yourself with a friend or family member ~ Virgo is about serving and caring for others.

      Today, September 7th, we are under the Balsamic Moon which is always a energetic time for releasing before bringing in the new. Those of you who follow me know how much I love the Dark Moon ~ I love the raw, deep energy it shares and how much I learn in this small yet powerful window of time. The Moon is currently in Leo but moves into Virgo tomorrow morning at 7:29 am PST (10:29 EST).

      As we move into this Dark Moon in Virgo tomorrow, September 8th, I want you to ask yourself this question~ 

      What must I do to get to the truth?

      This is the time to gnaw and chew your way through your obstacles to the truth ~ crack things open to penetrate to the essence. This will help you to reach the result you are holding back from.

      Then under the New Moon in Virgo on Sunday, September 9th, I want you to ask yourself this question ~

      What would I do if I knew I was blessed?

      Because you are! Let yourself imagine where you want to be, and then take the first steps that will commit you to going there. This is how to keep the momentum going. This is a time to receive.

      Virgo can sometimes shed a bit of low energy but with all the beautiful planetary action we have lots of great energy to work with. On Sunday we are also gifted with

      a Grand Earth Trine between Uranus, Mercury and Saturn. This trine encourages us to listen. So take the time to listen on Sunday and to gather solid support and information that this trine offers. If you do ~ you may find that your wishes and gifts shown will take flight like a kite!

      We also have a Cazimi or dropping Moon energy that is available for the New Virgo Crescent Moon on Sunday ½ hour before and after the New Moon (10:31 - 11:31 am PST). It is a perfect time to start something new or complete an important task that is waiting ~ use this Virgo Cazimi energy to get it done or make it happen!

      For your altar I suggest earth colors of the Earth, browns, oranges or reds. Gemstones to add are jasper, carnelian, agate or emerald! Add essential oils to your meditation of ylangylang, orange or cardamom.  

      A few short rituals I offer: 

      • Take a bath under the Dark Moon Energy with your question and see where your heart takes you.
      • On Sunday morning prepare a cacao ceremonial drink  and sip on it before and during the Cazimi New Crescent Moon Energy. It will heighten your wishes and open you to the gifts that are yours from the Grand Earth Trine. Call in your angels or guides for help in the area that you need them ~ I am sure they will answer!
      • Write in your journal all your wishes and dreams that you want to manifest over the next two weeks. Keep them close to your bedside so that you can feel them and share them with your heart before sleeping and upon waking.
      • Place your body or feet on the earth to connect and ground yourself.

      And to each of you ~ please, remember that you are blessed.

      New Moon Wishes & Blessings,
      Moon Mama

      September 07, 2018


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