Vegan Body Butters

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Whipped, Vegan, Organic,
Hand-Crafted Body Butter!

Made to soften, soothe, heal, and moisturize your beautiful body ~
So lather up and give your skin a moon shine like no-other.


SISTER GEMS ~ scented with lemon + blood orange +geranium + grapefruit: this one was made especially for my SISTERS who love citrus! Citrus is full of vitamin C to give your skin the healing properties to fight free radicals! This body butter is invigorating and healing.  Made with: *shea butter, *sesame oil, *sunflower oil, *flaxseed oil, *lemon, *blood orange, *geranium, and *grapefruit essential oils  (*organic). These are only available in 4oz  & 2oz tins.

FOREST GEMS ~ scented with juniper + cypress + rosemary: bathe your skin in this invigorating, forest aroma. It is light and up-lifting and will bring you home to yourself.  Made with: *shea butter, *babassu oil, *flax seed oil, *coconut oil, *juniper, *rosemary, and *cypress essential oils (*organic). These are only available 4oz & 2oz tins.


HEAVENLY GEM ~ scented with lemongrass + jasmine + cedarwood + rose absolute: bringing the celestial to your skin! You will love the heavenly scent that will gently follow you all dayMade with: *shea butter, *sesame oil, *babassu oil, *flaxseed oil, *lemongrass and *cedarwood, jasmine, rose absolute essential oils  (*organic). These are only available in tins.

MAVEN GEM ~ scented with frankincense + blue chamomile + lavender: made for the maven in each of us ~ the wisdom of age blended with the innocence of the child ~ wear it and feel powerful. sweet, and sexy. Each scent is delicate yet brings others closer to smell a little deeper.  Made with: *shea butter, *sesame oil, *babassu oil, *flaxseed oil, *frankincense, *blue chamomile, and *lavender essential oils  (*organic).

MOTHER EARTH GEM ~ scented with vetiver + cedarwood +ginger + lime: made to connect you with mother earth herself, with a little 'zing'! this butter has a deep, earthy smell, mingled with a little tingly zip. The scent of the vetiver and cedarwood will ground you  and the ginger and lime will bring you the lift you love!.  Made with: *shea butter, *sesame oil, *sunflower oil, *flaxseed oil, *vetiver, *cedarwood, *ginger, and *lime essential oils  (*organic).