Gem Jewelry

We have gemstone jewelry designs with three charms for you to pick from: our simple and lovely antique silver plated, copper to make those gem colors 'pop', and an antique silver for a more clean, sophisticated look. And our gold tins are perfect for holding your gem jewelry when you travel to keep them safe and protected.

Whether applied via skincare or worn as jewelry, genuine gemstones are powerful tools for wellness. For millennia gemstones have been used for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. When worn with intention, jewelry can become much more than style; these bracelets can bring you balance and wellbeing.

Gemstones have energetic properties that have been recorded and studied throughout time. We want you to know about their documented properties but also be aware of the subtle energies that you feel with them. Are you attracted to a certain gemstone? Let them draw you to what you need…your intuition will guide you in the right direction.

Which gemstone is calling you?