Little Bags of Magic

These little bags of gemstones were created for your Little Gems. Children are the light of our world they know so much and these bags were created for them to enjoy the energies and love that Mother Earth has to share with them. Children love rocks, stones and crystals ~ it is something they connect with readily and easily as they have a knowing inside that is strong and these gemstones are there to keep them connected to that inner beauty/knowing.

They are to encourage our children and ourselves that sometimes we need to ground ourselves so that we can find that inner peace, love, harmony, courage and joy.

These sweet, magical bags were designed for little ones as we know the beauty and knowing they hold. To encourage them to remember to connect to the magic they hold inside.

The themes are there to support children when they might need a little more courage, joy, harmony, peace or love in their world or space. Each bag contains four color coded gemstones along with a clear quartz for grounding and amplifying the energies of the other gemstones.

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