These sweet, magical bags were created for your 'Little Gems' or someone you know that is in need of some magic. Children are naturally open to the wonders of nature and these little bags of gemstones hold the beauty and magic she offers.

Even though children carry the intrinsic belief that all things are possible, their faith is sometimes depleted. Once they are out in the world at large, there are always times when they will need a little extra courage, love, joy, wonder, or peace. And we have created a little bag of magic for each!

Each bag of magic contains five gemstones to work with. We have included a clear quartz crystal in each bag to ground and amplify the energies of the other four gems. They are tumbled stones so that they are safe and easy to work. We have also included a card with each bag with a word for each gemstone to connect with, however, the gemstone may speak to them clearly with another word and we encourage them to listen to their intuition. The cards are designed to be collected. Collect them all and share with family members or friends.      These 'Little Bags of Magic' are here as medicine for your child or anyone who needs a little magic.