Organic Gem Juice Hydrosols

What is a hydrosol? 

Hydrosols are made by steam-distilling plant material. They carry intelligent vibrations of plant impulses and have powerful healing properties. They are very gentle and ideal for even the most sensitive skin. Hydrosols have so many different uses including balancing your skin’s pH levels as an astringent/toner. These are our favorite beauty waters!

What makes it a 'Gem Juice' Hydrosol?

Our gem essences boost the medicinal properties of each plant and increase the healing potential for your skin. We use color-coded gemstones in the hue of each plant to create a vibrational link between mineral & botanical worlds.  Along with the essence, our Gem Juices contain small crystals inside every bottle. These crystals are energetically cleansed and ready to be programmed with your unique intentions. Simply hold the bottle in your hands and let your desires be known. The crystals will vibrate in your favor! When you are done with the hydrosol, remove the crystals from the bottle and keep them for continued intentional living.