Winter Solstice ~ bringing in the magic

image by Jack B from unsplash

today we celebrate the ~ Winter Solstice ~ the shortest day of light or as some say the darkest day of the year.

It is a day to move into the quiet silence of the dark and reflect on how we see the coming year unfold. Placing our intentions for the coming year today is significant as we not only have the Winter Solstice to celebrate, but the Great Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn in Aquarius. As Chani Nicholas says, "we are about to experience one of the most important astrological reboots we will ever live through...because the planets are at 0 degrees of Aquarius they are extra potent in their ability to make a lasting impressions through our dedicated and consistent efforts."

So now is the time to place your intentions for the coming year and beyond ~ dream big, dream deep, and know that you have the universe behind you to make it happen. Stay committed and make today's ritual one that you do daily or at least weekly through 2021 ~ this is your time, our time, and together as we do this for ourselves we do it for the collective. We need you and you need us!

Take time to call on mother earth as she brings forth the days of longer light ahead and open to her light of joy and faith. This is a wonderful time to anchor in your dreams financially, physically, and spiritually.

Tonight you can also see Jupiter & Saturn in the western sky at sunset and because they will be so close together they will look as though they are shining as one bright star. If you can, do go outside to view this spectacular planetary vision ~ it will not happen again in your lifetime.

And I encourage you to use the gemstone garnet to anchor in your dream(s) and ground you into your body as you take this beautiful, quiet of the dark. Darkness is for holding the place of silence where you can listen to your inner voice of truth.

Below are a few rituals I share for today, tonight or before the end of the year 2020:

  • Host a Tea Ceremony: do this alone or with friends and family. Below is a lovely tea with herbs that are magical for this seasonal time:
    • Any type of apple (or use apple cider)
    • Star anise
    • One clove
    • One cinnamon stick

Wash and cut the apple and boil it in ~ 5 cups of water for 5-6 minutes. Add the clove, anise and cinnamon stick and let everything sit for 5-10 minutes. Strain and if you like add raw honey or other sweetener.

Sit in the dark and drink your tea ~ find a place where you can experience quiet and tune into the silence while sipping on your tea. No need to think about what to do ~ just enjoy the taste, smell and feel of the tea in silence. Silence and darkness are soothing to the soul. Drink a second cup. Take your tea outside and watch the beautiful Juniper/Saturn conjunction and experience the brightest star of your lifetime while listening in silence to the words that come to you. Open to your magical self and all that you carry inside ~ its there for you.

  • Get a pomegranate and take out 12 seeds ~ throw each seed, one at a time, into a fire (fire place, fire pit or even just a bowl of burning incense. Make a wish for the New Year as you throw each one into the fire. And don’t be afraid to dream big <3.
  • Light a circle of candles and make loving wishes for friends, family, coworkers or even those in need as you light each of them. 
  • Watch the sun rise or set ~ ring bells or throw out seeds to offer to the winter birds. Give thanks for both the darkness and the light.
  • Celebrate with silence. Reflect on the stillness of this shortest day. Cultivate stillness in yourself by honoring the solstice with an hour of intentional silence.

Take the magic of this day and the days to come and believe in yourself.....

i believe in miracles

may your day be filled with magic, may your year be filled with magic, may your life be filled with magic.

love, love,
Moon Mama

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Hazel Greaves
Hazel Greaves

December 21, 2020

Beautiful thoughts to end this year of craziness,pain & hurt.But most importantly a year of transformation.Continue to be a Blessings to all with great words of wisdom.

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