Full Moon in Taurus ~ Releasing

Tomorrow morning at 7:49 am PST (10:49 am EDT) we have a Full Moon in Taurus, and will be celebrating Samhain, All Souls Day, the day of the ancestors. It is at this time we experience connections to the mystery realms as the veils are thin. We also have a calendar Blue Moon, a second full moon in the same calendar month.  I believe that the most powerful Blue Moons fall under Astrological Blue Moons. Astrological Blue Moons are Moons that fall under the same sign twice. We had an Astrological Blue Moon last year under Libra and will have our next Astrological Blue Moon in 2021 under Aquarius. I will write more about this in 2021.

So we are moving into a steady and grounded Taurus Moon. Taurus Moons teach us to slow down so that our roots can grow deeper under her sensual creativity. She is a feminine, fixed, earth sign, ruled by Venus. She rules the neck, throat, thyroid gland, larynx, chin, ears, tongue, vocal cords and tonsils. Watch your words and language.

Connecting with nature under a Taurus Moon can help you to ground and find a stability that you hold inside. This is a time where we experience the change of colors, temperatures, light and sounds. The Moon is akin to the intuitive part of our nature, urging us to move towards harmony and potential and alignment. When we are steady/constant, we are true to our intentions, and base our choices so that they align with our vision. Connecting to this Earth Moon creates alchemical moments to help us understand her knowledge, our wisdom; her beauty, our beauty; her softness, our softness; her power, our power; her diversity, our uniqueness; her fragility, our fragility. This is a time to be empowered, humbled, intentional and creative.

Rituals support us in finding our center, our creative energy, and to align with our vision. Here are a few thoughts on how to use this Full Moon in Taurus Energy: 

  • Over the next three days, find a time to go outside, ground your feet or body onto the earth and look up into the sky ~
    • if you see clouds, delight in the signs and visions they share;
    • if you are taking in the Fall colors think of ways to prepare for the coming winter;
    • if you are lucky enough to step into a rain shower be reminded of the things you need to replenish;
    • if you are under a beautiful snowfall let yourself be awakened to your dreams;
    • if you are lucky enough to experience a rainbow, what hidden gifts can you find that are there for you?;
    • or if you have mist or fog think of things that are yet to be revealed. 
  • Place your gemstones onto the earth under the Moon for cleansing overnight. When you pick them up the next day, smell the earth and/or moonlight they carry before placing them back in your house, pocket or on your altar.
  • Honor your ancestors by creating an altar with pictures of those who have passed. Add the colors of the earth, browns and blues; add gemstones such as Rose Quartz, Jade, Garnet or Turquoise; and scents such as Labdanum, Myrrh or Vetiver. Place candles on the altar. As you place each picture on the altar, remember the gifts each person left you with. Talk with them and ask them questions if you are open, and listen for answers.
  • Full Moons are times of releasing, what needs releasing? Take in the signals you received from your nature walks above and ask yourself these questions:
    • What do you want to release?
    • Which path leads you to where you want to go?
    • Forgiveness can clear and cleanse ~ what might need forgiving?
    • How do you stay grounded in your daily life? 

Take in the grounding energy of this Moon, it will help to balance the planetary and Scorpio sun energies that are also pulling on you. Stay focused on releasing so that you can move forward over the next two weeks in making your inspirations real in your daily life. And remember, whatever becomes part of the hearts circling journey will last.

And don't forget to put out your Moon Water gems ~ you will want this magical water to help you stay rooted in your body!

Full Moon Blessings,
Moon Mama

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Tonya Halfhill-Micotto
Tonya Halfhill-Micotto

October 30, 2020


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