New Moon In Libra ~ Treading the Tail of the Tiger

Today we are under the Dark Moon of Libra until she peaks at 12:31 pm PST (3:31 pm EST).  Under a Libra moon we can find ourselves looking for balance and with these heightened times, finding balance is a good way to find our center for the weeks ahead. With Mercury retrograde and all the energy exchanges he is part of with Uranus and Saturn, using this balancing and harmonious Libra energy can only be helpful.

I call this a time of ‘treading the tail of the tiger’, for there are inner and outer tigers that we may be called to tangle with during this time. As you get close to the issue at hand it is good to recognize the tiger for what it is. Treading the tigers tail can be perilous, yet if you move in harmony and balance with it, you can invite its power into your own life as protection and blessings. To ‘tame’ is to restrain and also to accumulate and nurture: it’s what the farmer does. It means that you cannot make something change/grow in a single step. You need the balance of self-restraint on your own actions so that you can respond conscientiously to the realities in the present moment while still being aware of the importance of nourishing and caring for your self. Look to the power and intensity you are drawn to in the situation: the danger is there, yet also present is its potential gift.

This is our first New Moon following the Fall Equinox, a time to connect to your inner point of balance and working with stillness can help you to stop and listen to what tiger you are tangling with ~ the inner or outer (or maybe both!).

To work from this inner point of balance allows you to slow down, become aware of your feet on the ground and create that moment of stillness that supports you in being able to stay in the present to address the action or situation. 

During a dark moon (seed moon) your mind turns inward.  You may feel contemplative yet find your intuition is active. This is the time to search inward for your Libra New Moon intention. Once she goes full in her darkness, planting your seed under her New Crescent Moon is the blessing that showers you with the ability to nurture the intention for the next two weeks until Grandmother Moon comes into her fullness on October 31st.

When we are setting intentions under this New Moon in the Air Sign of Libra we can use our breath to guide us deeper into our places of knowing.

So here are a few questions to ask during this New Moon as you create your intentions:

What must you do to get to trusting deeply?
Where is the tiger?
Do you know how to work with such power?
How can this tension be creative?

Here is a simple ritual for this New Moon in Libra:

  • Create your altar using blues, yellow, silver or violet. Some lovely gemstones to work with under this moon are agates, jade, peridot, lapis lazuli or opals. Cleanse your scared space with a prayer or smudging with sage or incense.
  • Light a candle or two.
  • Center yourself using your breath ~ take a few deep cleansing breaths or use a mediation CD or make yourself a cup of herbal tea.
  • Next, breathe in a quality you need right now and visualize that quality gently and gradually infusing your body with kindness, compassion, health, healing? What do you need to balance your energy, spirit or mind?
  • Once you are done with your meditation take out your notebook and write the messages or thoughts or words that come to you. Do not stop to think about what you are writing ~ just write! How does it support you in finding your inner balance? Does it inspire an idea or creative intention?
  • Over the next 48 hours eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of fluids.
  • Over the next 2-weeks, make time to do a short meditation daily to connect to your intention.

Air is a powerful element. It carries the archetypal properties of spirit into the physical world. When we pay attention to both giving and receiving we bring energy to our creative actions. Treading the tail of the tiger offers an important lesson in how to change a situation that feels perilous into a way to harness its power into creative solutions or ideas.

My wish for you my dear moon family, is to use this New Moon in Libra to tap into your power. 

New Moon Blessings,
Moon Mama

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