I am beautiful


“Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths... Repeat: I am beautiful, I am love.”

 We give you this mantra with our products, but it’s something you should consider using every day! It may seem like a silly practice, but using mantra, positive affirmations, etc. are a really powerful way to transform your life. We all want to be beautiful...what would happen if we simply believed that we were? It takes practice but we can create new beliefs in our life, new thoughts, feelings and a new story of who we really are.

 Most of us have some nagging, negative voices in our heads. Sometimes they tell us that we’re not good enough, fit enough, fun enough. They fill us with doubt and these thoughts end up shaping our decisions and eventually our path. If you’re about to walk into a party or an interview for a new job and your inner voice is telling you that you won’t fit in and you won’t do well, it’s filling you with fears and making you nervous and anxious. These thoughts of self-doubt turn into true feelings of self-doubt. And then our feelings affect the way we behave, act and appear to others. It’s a vicious cycle, until you change what the voice is saying..

 So how do you change your inner voice? I have been practicing filling my head with positive mantra for a few years. And the more I consciously chose to replace the negative thoughts about myself with positive ones, the more of a natural habit it became. Start your day out by saying something positive about yourself; after all you are a wonderful, beautiful creation of this magical universe!

 When you hear negative self-talk thought coming in, don’t berate yourself over it. Hear it, acknowledge it, and let it go. Tell yourself that you now choose to feel pretty, smart, accomplished, happy. Tell yourself that you are love! You are perfectly perfect in your constant transformation. And watch the magic unfold, as these mantras become your truths.

 People like to say that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, but I believe that no one owns my beauty but me. I choose everyday to be beautiful, and encourage you to start doing the same!


 Glow On,

      <3 Sara


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August 11, 2015

Thank you Connie, I am so glad you enjoyed the post.
Hope it gives you some inspiration and motivation to practice self-love daily :)


August 04, 2015

Happy to find a place of positive information and truth. I look forward to putting this guidance into my daily life. Thank you.

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