Ruby and Her Fiery Magic




Leo’s are known to have the biggest personalities in the zodiac chart. Growing up with a boisterous little sister who always manages to be the star of the show, I can easily agree. And just like most of the Leo born babes, the birthstone for July is a bright and bold force in the world of gemstones.

Just like Leo represents the lion (the king of the jungle), ruby has been named “king” and “lord” of the gemstones by ancient cultures. These larger-than-life titles are an insight to ruby’s well-known power and majesty. Legend is that ruby’s brilliant red color comes from an internal flame that can never be extinguished. This fire represents an eternal burning strength that comes from within and is one of the gifts we receive when we use ruby in our life and our skincare.

Every time I hold rubies or use Ruby crème I instantly feel an increase in my chi. Chi is basically our circulating vital energy. It’s the life force that moves through us and connects our mind, body and spirit as one beautiful operating system. It feeds us and gives us life. This is why Ruby is great when you’re feeling dull, or stuck, or stagnant. It boosts your vitality and gives you fire to feed your passions. Just imagine a magical eternal flame burning at the base of your spine (your root chakra). Visualize that warm, red energy flowing up and through you, firing up every chakra and bursting free with white light when it leaves your body at the top of your head (your crown chakra). Using Ruby is a powerful way to naturally increase this chi and when we let this energy flow we become the queens and kings of our own lives!

On a physical level rubies are known to strengthen the heart and blood flow. Increasing your circulation leads to healthy veins and arteries. If you are sensitive to energies you will literally feel your body temperature rise when you use Ruby! Rubies are great for detoxifying the blood and lymphatic system too, which is why we recommend our Ruby crème for clearing up skin conditions, disorders, rashes etc. By cleansing distressed areas of toxins, your skin will clear up much faster than on it’s own. It’s amazing the benefits and medicine we can find within Mother Earth’s gifts like her gemstones.

Leo’s may be the kings of the zodiac but I think we can all learn to feel comfortable wearing the crown every once in a while. Ruby connects your root chakra to your heart chakra so you can feel happy knowing that all that passion and fire is in alignment with your best intentions. Happy Birthday and special blessings to all those naturally fiery Leos out there!! And luckily for the rest of us, that extra dose of energy can be found with the help of the regal ruby.


Stay Glowing,

     <3 Sara


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