Rose Quartz: Universal Stone of Love



I always say rose quartz is an incredibly soft gemstone energetically...but by that I don’t mean less powerful. I think I describe it that way because that’s how it makes me feel. Softer in my heart, in my emotions. Stress and tension are quickly released. It’s an instant opening of my soul into a gentler place, where forgiveness and unconditional love reign as the peaceful queen.

Rose quartz is a pink stone that vibrates to the heart chakra. This of course can attract romantic love into your life, but there are so many kinds of love that we can practice every day in beautiful ways. There is family love, platonic, unconditional, and maybe most importantly self-love. Using rose quartz can help you forgive and love yourself in a deeper sense. It can raise your sense of self-worth and self-esteem. When we love ourselves and find ourselves worthy of love, we send that message out into the universe. By the law of attraction, it’s what we will see in return. I believe that self-love is the best step into experiencing all types of love in your life! Rose Quartz is one of our most popular crèmes because of the wonderfully heart-opening properties of this crystal.

Watch my video to see how rose quartz makes me feel, and tell me about your relationship to this stone of love ~


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