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Gemstone Organic skincare is unique in so many ways including being 100% organic and just as importantly, being RAW. Raw means that the ingredients are in a natural, unrefined state. The crèmes plant and mineral based ingredients are heated just to their melting point in order to meld them together into their luxurious creamy texture. And these are all whole-food, unadulterated ingredients. We use no derivatives, no synthetics and no preservatives! To be raw means that these are deliciously fresh ingredients made fresh for you to use and for your skin to indulge in the most nutrient-dense state of all these wonderful oils and butters.  


Adding preservatives to skincare, just like with food, means that it may last longer on your shelf. It does not mean that the integrity (vitamins, nutrients, life force energy and vibration) of the ingredients will be maintained. After 6 months, any skincare products have lost their vitality whether they are preserved or not. We like to listen to our bodies and to trust our intuition about our personal wellness, and the message that we hear when it comes to our food and our skincare is that fresh is best! And that ‘natural’ preservatives just aren’t for us. We want to pass this on to you through Gemstone Organic, so that you can enjoy the most pure and clean skincare overflowing with raw nourishment for your skin.

That said, there are special ways you can maintain your raw skincare products to keep them fresh and free of impurities. Here are our recommendations:

  •  keep your products out of the sun, heat and damp environments where they could be effected by the weather and humidity
  •  raw crèmes love cool temperatures and can always be refrigerated for added freshness (especially if you’ve purchased more than one or products you  won’t be using right away)
  •  always wash your hands before applying your crème, or use a clean dry utensil instead of your fingers
  •  use your crème right away. Take advantage of the delicious freshness and feed your skin generously, twice daily.


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How to Take Care of Your Products 




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