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Cranberries are in season! Many of us eat cranberries at this time of year during our feasting activities – I love to juice them. Getting them fresh is a treat and I look forward to seeing them show up on the shelves at the coop. The juice is a beautiful red color and the tartness is ooh la la!! 

Cranberries have a wide-range of health benefits that have been recognized for centuries.  Today we know they prevent urinary tract infections, promote heart health, and inhibit the growth of cancer cells. But did you know they are chockfull of skin benefits? 

Now is a great time to nourish your skin with the phytonutrients and antioxidants of this power packed berry. Just one cup of this juice possess 8,983 antioxidant capacity – great for flushing out harmful toxins that can suppress the immune system. This little berry also contains flavonoids and polyphenols that prevent the damage of cells - nature at her best in the fall!

Here are ways the juice of this berry will benefit your skin:

  • Firms Your Skin: packed with vitamin C, it supports the production of hydroxyproline and hyroxylysine, amino acids that are needed for the production of collagen in the body. It will help to keep your skin soft and healthy. 
  • Skin Protection: drinking this juice regularly in the winter will protect your skin against the harsh winter weather.
  • Treats Acne: cranberry juice is rich in resveratrol, an antioxidant effective in minimizing acne.
  • Combats Free Radicals: free radicals are present in the environment and cause damage to the skin. The antioxidants in cranberry juice combat free radicals by supplying the missing electrons supporting your system in preventing many skin problems and hence keep you looking younger.
  • Fights Inflammation: a key player in acne, and particularly cystic acne, the phytochemicals in cranberry juice have potent anti-inflammatory properties to help inhibit inflammation-causing chemicals such as cyclooxygenases.

If you love juicing go and grab some of these red juicy berry’s to add to your morning or evening juice (remember to buy organic or non-gmo cranberries). I love to mix them with cucumbers, lemon and celery for a morning glow inside and out! 

And don’t forget your Gem Juice! Combining this juice with our Organic Ruby Creme is a great way to keep your skin soft and moisturized. The gem elixir of raw rubies raises your skin temperature to promote healthy blood circulation and removes toxins from the blood – so give your skin a double dose of cleansing – it will sing!

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Jennifer Gannon
Jennifer Gannon

November 15, 2015

Can’t wait to try your morning glow juice….sounds delicious!

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