The Color of The Year: A Crystal?


"Open your hearts, be peace and raise your energy towards love..."



If you’re not familiar with Pantone Color of The Year, it is a symbolic selection of a color that is supposed to represent of the mood, attitude and direction of our collective culture. Since we all know that color can affect our state of mind and that emotions can easily be expressed through color, it’s a pretty cool concept. And when the 2016 colors were announced, they were definitely something I could get excited about:



Rose Quartz - Not only is this one of my favorite stones, crèmes, everything… now this beautiful crystal color is said to represent the movement of our culture for the next year. To the Pantone Color Institute, Rose Quartz “demonstrates a warm embrace…compassion and a sense of composure”. This description fits really closely with what I feel when working with rose quartz gemstones. Warmth, love, forgiveness, and assurance all radiate from this rosy pink color and crystal.

Serenity - Does anyone else see what I see? This cool and airy blue reminds me so much of Moonstone crème! And then there’s the description, “cooler, tranquil blue…reflecting connection and wellness”. This peaceful color resonates to the energy behind Moonstone and feels like looking through the calm of the ever-expansive sky above. Moonstone brings balance and intuition, just like Serenity is bringing in a sense of order, understanding and peace.




Pantone says in 2016 “consumers [are] seek[ing] mindfulness and well-being as an antidote to modern day stresses”. And that would be a wonderful thing. Together these two colors display a beautiful message about us a worldwide society. We are surely moving away from things like gender bias and typecasts within our generation. Instead we are open and inviting everyone to embrace their own unique beauty, and to feel free to express themselves as they see best. This year’s colors speak to healing, spirituality and acceptance.

Universal Love, for the win.


<3, Sara

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January 21, 2016

I do like these colours. They are relaxing. They bring serenity. :)

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