Honey for Glowing Skin



Honey is the sweet alchemy of bees collecting pollen and nectar from flowers. Organic honey is collected in a way that minimally disturbs the hive, and ensures that the bees are treated well (no chemical pesticides, no supplementing with cane sugar, always building hives out of natural materials, etc). When an ingredient is harvested using a healthy symbiotic relationship, it holds a high vibration. This healing essence is passed on to us when we use raw, organic honey.

The divinely delicious, nectar of the gods makes an amazing beauty ritual as well. Honey has powerful, natural healing properties when it comes to skin:

  • Treat Acne: The antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of raw honey chase away germs that can lead to blemishes. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory as well, which will calm any redness and irritation from current breakouts.
  • Cleanse Pores: Raw honey contains enzymes and anti-oxidants that clarify skin and help keep pores clean. It’s natural antiseptic properties prevent buildup of bacteria on skin keeping it balanced, healthy and clean.
  • Extra Moisture: Since honey acts as a humectant, it doesn’t dry skin out.Humectants work by drawing moisture from the air and into skin. Always look for naturally derived humectants like aloe and honey, and avoid synthetic versions, which can actually damage skin in the long run.
  • Fade Scars: Whether from the sun or past blemishes, honey can help to fade discolorations. It is said to lighten skin naturally (not anything like harmful ‘skin bleaching’) and stimulate new cell growth for even skin.

Raw organic honey is one of my favorite earth-based ingredients; made by nature, harvested with compassion and conscience, and an easy way to heal skin. I love using the Sun Clean honey cleanser because it has added essential oil to help keep my skin clear of acne, and rose petals that gently scrub and soften skin. It doesn’t hurt that every time I use it on my face, I get to treat myself with a sweet little lick of the spoon.


<3, Sara

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February 26, 2016

I have always loved honey, and I also like the products containing it, It is very good for the skin!

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