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Whether you’re in a relationship, single or looking, Valentine’s Day is a great reminder to work a little bit on your heart, energetically speaking. There are a lot of crystals that vibrate to the heart chakra, and each can help to heal and open your heart space in different ways. Three of our gemstone bracelets are specifically heart-centered and can help carve a sweet and sensual path of love with their unique properties.

Rose quartz isn’t just a stone for romantic love, but it also is great for opening up to family, platonic and universal love. It carries a soft and feminine energy, but don’t let that fool you. Rose quartz is a powerful stone that can dissolve emotional wounds and fears surrounding the heart. This gives you the ability and confidence to openly give and receive love from others. Rose quartz can inspire an appreciation for beauty and encourages us to attract love into lives. It also helps to create more genuine connections and bonds, whether within our intimate circle of friends, communities, or beyond into the ethers.

Garnet is another stone in the pink/red family that vibrates to the heart chakra. This crystal also stimulates the root chakra, giving it some intriguing abilities to heighten sensual energy and even boost your sex drive! Garnet is a fiery stone and can ignite strong and intense feelings. Its dark red color is reminiscent of blood and definitely helps to increase your chi energy flow, which starts at the bottom of your spine. Having good chi energy ramps up your circulation and also the flow of light energy to all parts of your body. It can feel like a healthy energized stream, racing through your system. Keeping love is just as important as finding it and Garnet can inspire true devotion, and has been called the stone of commitment.

The heart chakra is actually said to be green (with pink the secondary color beneath). Jade is a beautiful stone to use for attracting romance, especially new love and finding love later in life. Its soothing green color brings in calm and supportive energy, inspiring healing and self-love. Jade encourages us to get rid of old, limiting beliefs and instead focus on our growing confidence and being self-assured. This is a great first step in attracting love! It can even help to restore dignity, especially if its been damaged in the past by other relationships. Jade re-balances the heart, and gives insight to your needs and wants, emotionally. Using this crystal also helps us to understand and accept changes in our relationships with more grace.

May your Valentine's Day be surrounded by love that carries with you throughout the year ~

<3, Sara 

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February 12, 2016

Wow! Muy interesante! Busca un msj en la sección de msjs de Gemstone Organic!

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