4 Natural Ways to Detox Your Body


Without a choice, we get hit with environmental pollutions and toxins on a daily basis. This means the last thing our bodies need is to be slathered by chemical personal care products that add to the challenge of keeping our systems running clean. Changing to a pure, organic skincare routine is the first external step in the process of detoxing the body. What about internally? Even if you don’t have the time for a dramatic fast or juice cleanse, these are a few simple ways you can help your body detox:


A great way to start the day is with a glass of room temperature water. It will kick-start your organs and flush out any toxins that have built up while you were sleeping. Use a fresh squeezed lemon to alkalize the water and stimulate the liver. Ready to really get fired up? Add a teaspoon of cayenne pepper to speed your circulation and increase your metabolism. Remember to always use organic/non-irradiated cayenne since irradiation negates all the positive health benefits of herbs and spices.


Exercising is important for building muscle and staying active, but it also helps to increase circulation and blood flow. When we get to moving and stretching, we are stimulating parts of our bodies that would otherwise stay dormant. Movement releases tension, toxins, and other buildup that can cause us to feel sluggish and weighed down. Your skin will love it too! Since skin is responsible for 10-15% of the body’s toxin elimination, help it do its job by getting in a good sweat.


Eating organic is an important way to reduce the amount of toxins (chemical pesticides, herbicides, etc.) your body has to process. If it’s not in your budget to eat all organic, make sure to study up on the best and worst conventional foods you can buy

It’s also really important to eat whole foods. This means filling your cart with fresh fruits, veggies, etc. Shopping tip: stick to the outer isles in the grocery store where fresh produce, dairy, and bakery products are kept. For the most part, the inner isles are loaded with packaged and processed foods that are best to avoid.


Breathing is something we do all day, every day, usually with very little thought. If you’re looking to detox, a few minutes a day of deep, conscious breathing can help your body tremendously. Getting more oxygen into your blood stream helps push carbon dioxide, the waste, right out. Oxygenated blood is able to absorb more vitamins and minerals, and keeps the lymphatic system at a healthy flow. Proper breathing comes from the diaphragm – so take a deep breath and watch where your body moves. The stomach should fill up first, with your chest rising slightly only after your abdomen is full. With your conscious breath, visualize any emotional build-up also leaving the body.

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February 26, 2016

I like lemon water and all of them, but my favorite is eating organic whole foods. :)


February 18, 2016

Thank You

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