Aquarius Full Moon ~ Beautiful Water Bearer

Artwork by Jo Wall

Tomorrow, Firday, July 27th at 1:20 pm PST (4:20 pm EST) the Moon will be Full under the sign of Aquarius. We also will be experiencing a Full Lunar Eclipse and if you would like more information on the Eclipse and other planetary movements you can read about them from a few of my favorite astrologists: Chani Nicholas or Pat Liles. Lots of energy out there to work with and be aware of under this Full Moon.

I love those born under the sign of Aquarius…they are beautiful dreamers, have a deep love for freedom, are visionaries and want to change the world to make it a better place. We need them always and forever to teach us their gifts. When we have a Moon in Aquarius it gives us the opportunity to briefly take a ride through their lense and see how we too can join them in catching our dreams, tapping into our humanitarian side and finding ways to join them in making this world a better place. 

They are the perfect representations of the energy needed now as we move through the Age of Aquarius. We have much to learn from them ~ so welcome their teachings as we move through this Full Moon in Aquarius with a Full Lunar Eclipse. And although we will not be able to view the Lunar Eclipse here in North American I love how Pat Liles suggests pulling the energy through the Earth into your prayers.

Even if we cannot see the eclipse in North America where it will be daytime, our ceremonies and meditations will be infused with its energy.  Imagine pulling the eclipse energy through the Earth and into your prayers. 

I love to remember to tap into the energies of these planetary movements and although there is so much to read out there about how the energies can touch our lives, I like to connect with myself on a deeper level to see what I need to shift. I try to pay attention to the things that happen, how I deal with them and the words and advice that come from friends and loved ones. The messages are always there if I listen and sometimes I just know where to go to get the information I need to hear.

Aquarius is a masculine, fixed, air sign, is ruled by Uranus and rules the calves and ankles. Fixed, masculine energy is unstoppable and aggressive and can teach us to take our projects to completion. Our ankles represent balance and give us the ability to adapt to the ground we walk on. The right ankle is yang (masculine) and the left ankle is yin (feminine) ~ trouble with the ankles, according to Louise Hays, identifies issues of inflexibility and guilt ~ they also represent the ability to receive pleasure. She has an affirmation that I want to share with you to carry through this Full Moon and place in your Full Moon Water ~

I accept all the pleasure life has to offer

A few thoughts to carry under this Full Moon ~ 

  • What brings you pleasure?
  • What project do you want to bring to completion?
  • How are your ankles supporting you at this time in your life?

My teacher and colleague Candice Covington shares that one of the energies a Full Moon carries is the chance to restore universal memory. Aquarius is the water bearer and it is said that through water the light of consciousness flows.

A ritual for this Full Moon is to use this hightened energy to focus your prayers on your Full Moon Water.

Here are a few gemstones you may want to use for your Full Moon Water Ritual tonight: pearl, moonstone, tektite or rose quartz or amethyst. Use the one that connects you with pleasure. Use a pearl white or silvery moon cloth under the jar and place rosemary, myrrh or frankincense on the cloth, on yourself, or near your bed (or all three!) to capture the light and energy of this Moon.

Here again is the link on how to create your Moon Water and remember to share your words with your water ~ it will guide you and place your words inside your body as you drink it or use it in ceremony between now and the New Moon in Leo, on August 11th.

This is a time for free thinking and expressing ourselves as the wild, unique persons we ARE!

Enjoy the light, be the light.

Full Moon Blessings,
Moon Mama

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Cindy Thomas
Cindy Thomas

July 26, 2018

Thanks for sharing this information. Always a pleasure! Hope all is welll.

Cindy in Louisiana

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