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Hello Sweet Moon Family. Tonight the Dark, Balsamic Moon enters Leo at 9:18 pm here on the West Coast (PST), and early tomorrow morning (August 10th) at 12:18 am on the East Coast (EST). We have a beautiful Dark Moon for the next ~34 hours to work with in the same sign as it will be for our New Moon ~ lots of time to work with what holds heart for you.

Leo is a masculine, fixed, fire sign that is ruled by the Sun and rules the heart. This is a great time to rekindle, follow, connect to what has heart for you and bring it forward in a way that aligns with body, mind and spirit. Fire signs connect us with our spirit and spirituality and when we are in a masculine, fixed sign it pushes us, literally, into energies that help us to bring things to completion. Let it call you to those things that hold heart for you.

The planetary actions this week have our emotions stirring and sometimes it feels uncomfortably deep. On Tuesday, August 7th we had Uranus go retrograde, then on Wednesday, 8-8-18 we moved through the Lions Gateway; and on Saturday, August 11th at 2:58 am PST (5:58 am EST) we have a New Moon in Leo accompanied by our last partial solar eclipse of the season; and this new moon is a Supermoon, meaning that the Moon is closer to the earth so her energies can feel stronger. We know we have planetary movement everyday, but when we feel the shifts ~ some not so comfortable ~ and follow up on what is happening not just around our house or our planet, but around the universe we can sometimes relax into the energies and find solace in their teachings and ability to bring up the work we need to do and/or see.

So as we bath in the Darkness of these next two days of the Balsamic Moon, lets find time to let go of old patterns ~ because the timing is right. Before seed day (the beginning of a new cycle) you need to identify the source of old patterns and commit yourself to the journey to opening the space for transformation and inner movement. Development comes through numerous shifts and changes and steady progress creates movement. Old skins must be shed to bring new growth ~ lets stop living the ordinary life in the ordinary way!

Lets work on our heart spaces ~ follow our hearts and trust. 

Here are a few ways to work with the energies of the Dark and New Moon:

  • Tonight and tomorrow take time ~ no matter how short ~ to feel what you want to follow ~ the dark moon guides us deeper into invoking the energy we need to bring our seeds to fruition. Wishes made, intentions placed under the Balsamic Moon hold a deeper energy to help us to bring more consciousness to our seeding under the New Crescent Moon.
  • Tomorrow night take a bath. Yes. Again. Add essential oils of geranium or rose or lavender. And add gemstones for the heart, jade, rose quartz, green calcite, or clear quartz. Any gemstones will work so if you don’t have these you can follow your heart and take one that you love or speaks to you.
  • Once you have your intention or wish deeply felt place it into the gemstone you carry into your bath ~ or if you do not have time for a bath ~ just hold the gemstone while placing/speaking your intention into the stone. Once you have this done, go outside and place the gemstone into the earth ~ bury it. As you place the gemstone into Mother Earth ask her to give the gemstone her blessing and fill it with the love she carries for us all.
  • On Saturday morning, after the Moon enters her Crescent phase retrieve your gemstone and thank mother earth for her blessing and energy. Before you take it out of the Mama you may also want to draw on the energy of the Solar Eclipse and place your prayer into your gemstone. Now take your gemstone and clean it under the water feeling her energy. Once cleaned, place the gemstone into the water and leave it over night (only place the gemstones I mentioned above into the water itself, if you have another gemstone please place the gemstone into a bowl of water and then place your glass of water into the bowl with the gemstone). Speak your intention into the water. Sunday morning take your gem elixir and drink a little each day until the Full Moon. Feel your intention and speak it daily. And if you can ~ watch for the beautiful crescent moon on this eve ~ it should be visible to all at sunset <3.
  • Drink lots of liquid and eat light today with the Solar Eclipse happening you may also find you need a little more rest.

This is a time for exploring new beginnings ~ always new beginnings. Leo is a sign that is full of courage and strength like the Lion herself. Female Lionesses are the hunters; males can roar so loud it can be heard up to 5 miles away; and their gestation period is 105 days.

So be the warriors and warrioresses you are, roar your hearts intention into the world, feel the heart love and see where your intention falls in 105 days ~ November 22nd.

New Moon Wishes,
Moon Mama

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Luann Morris
Luann Morris

August 10, 2018

Quite inspirational and interesting too thanks.

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