Energy Healing ~ Working With Your Five Senses

We are made up of energy and connect to our world through energy. We hold energy in our body at different frequencies sending signals to different parts of our body allowing us to breathe, walk, talk, absorb vitamins and minerals and so much more. Many times we are inattentive to the amazing, magical bodies we live in; we, my dear moon family, are vibrating beings of beauty.

Energy is unseen, yet we know it exists and we have been able to harness its power in so many ways: solar, wind, water. And what about the Internet? We are interconnected with everything through energy in its varied vibrational frequencies. Water is a great example of this. We use it daily in all its vibrational frequencies: steam, ice and water.

Our five senses can be great teachers in helping us to connect to our energy centers. They remind us that we carry a whole lot of power inside to make the changes we desire. We need to learn to experience all of our feelings, good and bad, so that when we get stuck, we know how to move the stagnant energy.

Below are simple tools that you can use and get to know. Find the ones that resonate the deepest for you. And if you are focusing on a specific energy point, take note of which one of the senses it works with the strongest, it may be helpful. Now, please have fun with this!

Sound: Music and specific natural and musical instruments have strong healing properties, but remember it is the human voice that carries the strongest healing power of all sounds. Singing, chanting and toning are powerful ways to heal using our own voice. When we use our voice we do not have to be loud or have a good voice. If you can, use the notes of do, re, mi, fa, so ,la, ti, when toning.
Taste: herbs are a wonderful way to work with you taste buds and are very healing to body and energy centers. Drinking tea or taking tinctures are great was to use herbs.
Touch: Using gemstones as your touch stones can connect you to their healing properties. Along with their own specific healing properties, they are very soothing and grounding. You can hold them or wear them.

adding color to your energy work can help you to vibrate at the level of the chaka you are working with. Using visualizations in meditation or with music works wonderful ~ if you are not someone who does well with visualizing, you can still have the knowing in your body so don’t shy away from using visualization it is a great part of dreaming into your intention. Bump it up by also eating foods or wearing the color you are working with!

smells are very stimulating to our energy fields (good and bad!). Using essential oils can energize and uplift you while also help you to get your energy moving.

 Below is a list of ways you can work with each chakra and please do not limit yourself on the use of each one for the specific chakra, this list is to support you not limit you!

Root Chakra (smell):
Color: Red
Toning: LAM
Vowel: uuh (as in “cup”)
Note: do
Nature Sound: thunder
Musical Instrument: drum
Herbs: dandelion, burdock root, ginger root.
Gemstones: garnet, black tourmaline, smoky quartz
Essential Oils: cedarwood, vetiver, sandalwood

Sacral Chakra
Color: Orange
Toning: VAM
Vowel: ooo (as in “you”)
Note: re
Nature Sounds: flowing water, ocean waves
Musical Instruments: flute, clarinet
Herbs: damiana, cinnamon,
Gemstones: tigers eye, pyrite
Essential Oils: ylang ylang, cardamom, orange

Solar Plexus Chakra
Color: Yellow
Toning: RAM
Vowel: oh (as in “go”)
Note: mi
Nature Sound(s): wild sound of fire
Musical Instrument(s): guitar, cello, violin
Herbs: fennel, milk thistle, rosemary
Gemstones: citrine, honey calcite
Essential Oils: gingerroot, rosemary 

Throat Chakra
Color: Blue/Aqua
Toning: HAM
Vowel: i (as in “fly”)
Note: so
Nature Sound(s): crickets and other singing insects
Musical Instrument(s): flutes, clarinets
Herbs: red clover, lemongrass, Chamomile
Gemstones: blue calcite, blue lace agate, sodalite
Essential Oils: eucalyptus, cypress, peppermint 

Third Eye Chakra
(inner vision, sixth sense):
Color: Indigo
Toning: SHAM
Vowel: aye (as in “play”)
Note: la
Nature Sound(s): bells, space
Musical Instrument(s): bells, chimes, trumpet
Herbs: mint, eyebright, mugwort, lavender
Gemstones: lapis lazuli, moonstone
Essential Oils: clary sage, cedarwood, lavender

Crown Chakra
(inner ear, brain):
Color: Violet, White
Toning: OM
Vowel: eee (as in “see”)
Note: ti
Nature Sound(s): silence (mountain top)
Musical Instrument(s): crystal bowels, tinkling bells
Herbs: lavender, valerian root, sage
Gemstones: charoite, amethyst, clear quartz
Essential Oils: frankincense, rose, myrrh 


Attending to the health and wellness of your chakras is a wonderful way to take care of yourself every single day. More than anyone else, you have the power to keep your personal energy clear, balanced, and vibrant.

For more information on each Chakra visit the website.

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XX Debra
Moon Mama


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