Flower Moon ~ Full Moon in Sagittarius


Tomorrow morning the Moon will reach her fullness in Sagittarius at 7:19 am PST (10:19 am EST).  She moved into Sagittarius today at 3:29 pm PST (6:29 pm EST) ~ maybe you felt a shift in energy as she entered the sign of Sagittarius as when the Moon is in this sign she is at her most optimistic and sheds a feeling of willingness to let go of things. Sagittarius is a masculine, mutable, fire sign and is ruled by Jupiter. Get ready to feel inspired, with an optimism that leads to radical change! With her bow and arrow she inspires us to hit our mark and hold fast to our truth. This is a Moon to guide you closer to your personal freedom and independence. He holds radical change behind his aim and is there for you to bring your intention from the Taurus New Moon to light.

This Full Moon is also known as the Flower Moon by Native Americans and across Europe because it is the time of year of blooming flowers. The flowers here in California right now are like eye candy ~ so, so beautiful, with vibrant reds, crimsons, peaches, yellows, whites, blues and purples. And the jasmine flowers are heavenly with their soft and yet powerful scent that pushes a smile across my face every time! I am in love <3. Don't dilly-dally ~ get outside NOW as these blooms come and go much faster than you remember.

I am hoping that some or all of you were able to follow the last ritual by collecting your flowers each day and placing them into books or under boards to press them. I found it a lovely ceremony with the tasting of each one and the surprise they all brought to my mouth and taste buds.

Tomorrow is the day to take them all and place them into a flower Mandala to bring your intention(s) onto a Moon circle ~ one that you can now turn each day to keep the intention moving forward and with new light and energy. 

I completed my mandala to give you an idea of how you might want to work with your pressed flowers ~ and for those of you who did not gather them, do it now and over the next few weeks ~ it will inspire you with heartfelt love for your intention every time you look at it.

So here is what I did ~

  1. Get a poster board or any paper that you can place your flowers on
  2. Using a glue stick or other glue ~ place your glue down and then lay your flower on top and hold in place for a few minutes.
  3. Placement of the flowers is up to your eye and hand ~ they cannot be anything but beautiful!
  4. Each day, turn your mandala if you can and take your eye with your intention in mind to the next place on the wheel.  It is important to see your intention and keep it moving and this is a beautiful way to see it from a new perspective each day as it is time to bring it to fulfillment in what ever way you can ~ each step is a step.

I gathered my last flowers today and must admit with all the blooms some days I was not able to only gather one :)).

I will add them to my Moon Mandala tomorrow.....and I added a dandelion today as I wanted to be sure to include a beautiful healing weed!

So take this Moon and fee the freedom she can light up in you ~ this is a time to laugh hard and loud! and be spontaneous ~ feel the flower in YOU. Watch her rise tomorrow night at 8:11 pm PST (11:11 pm EST).

And don't forget to put your Moon Water out tonight gems.

Full Moon Flowers for each of you,
Moon Mama

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Jennifer Gannon
Jennifer Gannon

May 29, 2018

Always feel so peaceful and happy when I read your articles!
Thank you!

Bill Rosener
Bill Rosener

May 29, 2018

You are an inspiration Moon Mama.

Love from Iowa.


May 29, 2018

Thank you! Have you considered writing a book? I’d love to read a book full of your wisdom and rituals!

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