Full Moon in Cancer ~ Inner Harmony

Happiest of New Years my dear Moon Family. We are moving into a new decade and there is a freshness in these cool, crisp days that clears mind and heart and gives us a new perspective on our lives.

Tomorrow at 11:21 am PST (2:21 pm EST) we have a full moon in Cancer and at 11:10 am PST (2:10 pm EST) the peak of the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses are not times to place intentions, although the energies can create emotional responses, so be acutely aware as to where you are and how you are responding. 

Many of you may have already worked with your New Year Intentions, however, with the Full Moon and Penumbral Lunar Eclipse tomorrow along with the movement and conjunction of Saturn and Pluto on Sunday you may want to open space to nurture them ~ or for those of you who have not finalized or created your yearly intentions or your 2020 goals, This next two weeks can be a beautiful time to discover them so that you can plant them in the fertile energies of the New Moon in Aquarius on January 24th.

Under these planetary movements, I believe we have the ability to work on our relationship with ourselves. We can create harmony with others or seek out common ground with friends and family; yet, there is also a beautiful gathering that can happen between our inner selves. In bringing them together through inner conversation, we can create a strength and energy that allows us to take greater risks, cross into new territories, and follow our visions with a tenacity that is not as accessible when they are not in agreement. Take this intuitive and collective heart of the Moon in Cancer, the deep energies of Saturn and Pluto, and these next two weeks before the New Moon and see what clarity of vision for this coming year, this new decade forms.

Here are a few thoughts on ritual for you to ponder as you work with these energies over the next few days and weeks: 

Morning Meditation Ritual:

This Ushas Mudra meditation works with your second chakra, Swadhisthana. This is the center of sexuality and creativity and we can say that it always contains something new, a secret that wants to be aired. The Ushas Mudra concentrates the energies of the Swadhisthana and directs them upward into the centers above to bring mental alertness, pleasure and new impulses. It is also known to harmonize our hormonal system (always a win-win!).
Clasp your fingers so that your right thumb lies above the left. The right thumb presses slightly on the left thumb. Important: Women should place the right thumb between the left thumb and index finger, pressing on it with the left thumb. Do this everyday for 5 to 15 minutes. Hold the mudra until the desired effect occurs…what will that be for you?
If you would like to use visualization here is a lovely one:
In your imagination, see yourself sitting in a good place where you can enjoy the sunrise. The sun slowly rises and you let the colors of the sunrise (pink, red, yellow, orange, purple) have their effect on you for a long time. These colors awaken and improve your mood. Now imagine yourself as a person who is full of youthful strength and new impulses, as someone who enjoys life, a person who goes out into the world with love and richly blesses it with a sincere smile, good deeds, and beautiful things.
Or here are a few Affirmations you can use:
I am filled with pleasure and enthusiasm, which allow me to achieve great things. I enjoy life to the fullest.
It is lovely to enjoy a cup of green tea or rosemary tea to create a refreshing effect.

Evening Water Ritual:

    • Select what you would like to add to your bath ~ it can be bath salts, essential oils (Vetiver, rosemary, cypress), herbs or gemstones. Some thoughts on gemstone themes below:
      • Being in the Flow ~ Chalcedony & Moss Agate
      • Self-awareness & Balance ~ Clear Quartz & Red Jasper
      • Strengthening & Growth ~ Apatite & All the Calcites
      • Openness & Expansion ~ Aquamarine & Apophyllite
    • Gather your candles, diffuser, music, tea or what ever you choose to bring with you into your bath to better connect to yourself.
    • Once in the water surrender into total relaxation. Be sure to have something cozy to put on when you get out.
    • Sip your tea. Just be. Nothing more. Give yourself at least 5-10 minutes of connecting with the feeling of the water on your skin ~ how it moves when you move, the smells of the essential oils, the candle light, and your body and how it interacts with this setting.
    • Listen. Maybe nothing will come yet maybe a conversation will begin and you can be open and listen and participate. Ask questions.
    • Take 5 minutes to write before you loose the words or conversation, or if you like have your journal close to the bath and write things down while as they come to you (or record them during your bath and write them afterwards).

'Kitchen' Soup Ritual:

    • Shop for your soup ingredients, be happy with all you encounter at the store, be kind, be joyful as you choose what you are to place in your water and body!
    • As you cut the vegetables ~ be grateful to the earth and all those that touched them to get them to your table (farm workers, truck drivers, store hands etc)
    • As you add them to the water, thank them for the healing they will offer your body with their vitamins, proteins and minerals.
    • Bless your food prior to eating.

Pondering, Walking, Meditation Ritual:

    • If you are someone who writes and keeps notes on your intentions and Moon Rituals, it is a good time to see what your intention was for the New Moon in Cancer under the Solar Eclipse of 2019. How has it come to fruition? Or what does it need for 2020? Use this for pondering on your walk.
    • Go outside and get your earth walks in over these next two weeks. Ponder a word that you would like to carry through this year. And take in the colors and textures and beauty. I don’t love winter cold, yet, the winter beauty has captured me and stays with me all the day long! Here are a few pictures from my morning walk today:


These rituals are for you to use over the next few days and weeks ~ use them if you are drawn to them. Let them help you to create your year and desires.

Human awareness lights up the world and its starts with us all individually. Keeping our awareness in the present moment and bringing our inner selves into harmony give us a strong inner core. We need a strong core to bring our visions forward.

We place a lot of focus on the Full and New Moons; however, I believe the true work, the hardest work, is done in the space between them. As we step into 2020 with our hopes and dreams, let us find time to nurture ourselves. 

Don't forget to put our your Moon Water Gems!

Big, Full Moon Love to Each of You,
Moon Mama

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January 10, 2020

Beautiful! I was just talking to my young daughter before bed last night about awareness of the present moment….being mindful as she moves through her day so not to miss an opportunity to smile or say hello to someone else. We will both use our moon masks tonight, thank u so very much for your writings! They are as nourishing as the vegetables we will put into our soup tonight!

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