Full Moon in Leo ~ Fire Up Your Core


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Tonight at 11:33 pm PST and tomorrow, February 9th at 2:33 am EST we have our Full Moon in Leo. This Moon is known as the Snow Moon as it is the time of year that we can get our biggest snow falls. Leo is also the Moon of children and creation and this is a time where you may experience the unexpected.

The Full Moon teaches us to work in cycles to allow old growth to be moved out of the way so that we can make space for the new ~ a releasing. Maybe you don't need to make anything happen right now.

Leo Full Moons present us with a powerful time to see our relationships, our world, and ourselves more in light of how they actually are than how we would like them to be. Take time to return inward to gather your fire and creativity. It will give you the recharge to keep you centered in YOU when you are in the world at large. 

At this time of winter we begin to feel the rumble, the thunder within that is waiting to be brought forward into fruition. Spring is on her way. Don’t let the cold and snow keep you from sensing her budding energy starting to rise up in you. Enjoy the rising of the Light and the return of longer days.

Planetary energies are here for each of us to experience individually. We may feel them deeply and we may not feel them at all. Yet they are there like the air we breathe and they touch us and move within us and guide us. I encourage each of you to listen to your intuition and know that only the information that touches you in a deep place is your truth. It is like a returning home to the place inside you that holds your truth. Listen and learn from others, yet be sure to check in with you, with your inner home. 

So enjoy these energies and trust the feelings, love and energy that is playing with you. Take time to feel. That is what Grandmother Moon is about; and when she is in Leo, she is firing up your life with courage and strength and creativity. That is her beautiful message.

For your altar ~ royal blues, purples and orange; gemstones, amber, pyrite, emerald and whatever calls to you; and, grab some jasmine and sunflowers to bring you to your center and help you to remember your souls intention.

Your quality of life reflects how you are nourished; how you nourish others and the way you function in the world. Every level of our being requires nourishment ~ body, mind and spirit. This is a wonderful time to pay attention to your health and how you nourish yourself ~ here is some food for thought:

  • MIND ~ we are bombarded daily with impressions from social media, movies, books, or magazines so that we end up carrying around too much “weight”in our heads. Eliminating what does not promote wholesomeness can get you to feeling better. Gradually eliminating whatever is not longer relevant -stuff, habits, relationships, or points of view ` helps to remove some of the excess off your lifestyle.
  • BODY ~ bring awareness to what, where and how you eat. Choosing healthy foods and eating with intention sends a message to your entire being that it is worth nourishing. Finding time to move your body can clear cobwebs from an overfull mind by rerouting excess energy from the head to the body.
  • HEART ~ nourishment of the heart calls for healthy relationships in your life. Nourish your relationships with care so that they can provide you and others with emotional sustenance.
  • SPIRIT ~ nourish your spirit. Nature, rest, relaxation all bring us back to ourselves and when we do it with regularity, we clear the mind, calm the emotions and facilitate self-awareness. 

Contemplate these as you move through this this fiery Full Leo Moon and as you place your intentions in your Moon Water. Let the Sun’s energy warm your souls and the Moons energy help you to keep your personal power vibration high.

And don’t forget to put out your Moon Water Gems!

Full Moon Blessings,
Moon Mama

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