Full Moon in Sagittarius ~ A Fire Ceremony

Friday, June 9th @ 6:09 am (PST), 7:09 (MST), 8:09 (CST), 9:09 (EST) 

Tomorrow the Moon is Full in Sagittarius. This June Moon was called the Strawberry Moon by the Algonquin tribe as it was the time of year to gather the ripening fruit.  And is also known as the Full Rose or Honey Moon in Europe. I love these names for the June Moon ~ they match with all the love happening. It is no wonder weddings are at a high this time of year! And to add to the mix, this Full Moon's orbit is farthest from the earth and is called an "apogee" or Mini Moon. As it rises low in the sky it gives the moon its amber/rose color ~ hence giving it the name Rose/Honey Moon.

Sagittarius is a masculine, fire sign and is the archetype for wisdom, truth and understanding ~ energy for the journey. Full Moons mark a time of completion and bringing projects to a close, however, with the Moon falling close to Saturn retrograde it may suggest slowdowns. Yet, Saturn also gifts us with the traits of patience and persistence, so using these tools, we can keep ourselves steady and our projects successful.

Ahhh but there is always more right? Within an hour of the Full Moon, Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius) turns direct nudging our hopes and dreams out of hiding and inspiring us to share them with the world.

I find this Full Moon in Sagittarius a perfect opportunity for helping us call on the light of consciousness within ourselves to work with our dreams and imagination in expanding our visions. This is a time to unleash our truths, to help us to discover what has deeper meaning for us, and guide us into the energies of the Wheel of the Year turning with the Summer Solstice.

A few days before the Full Moon, you may notice that what you are ready to release is coming up for you. Before I share this beautiful fire ceremony by Lori-Lyn Hurley, I want to share a few thoughts for your altar. Gemstones you may want to connect with are Turquoise, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli or Ruby. Magnolia is a fragrance to explore your expanded beauty. And here are a few questions to contemplate over the next few days:

  • What awareness does this Full Moon bring to you?
  • Where are you feeling her in your body today, tomorrow, Saturday?
  • What are your hopes and dreams?
  • What is the spark of light that lives in your heart that is calling for awakening?
  • What are you releasing and ready to bring to completion?

Enjoy this beautiful fire ceremony my dear Moon Family ~

Sacred Fire Ceremony by Lori-Lyn Hurley

This ceremony is a way of letting go utilizing the element of fire. During a fire ceremony, the flames of the fire become the focal point of your intention (the prayer) that you offer. You send the intention of what you wish to release, and what you wish to be replaced in its absence, into the sacred fire. The fire’s flame consumes your prayer and transforms it into energy that is sent to spirit. You may choose to release:
  • Issues that no longer serve you
  • old habits that no longer carry a loving charge for you
  • physical or mental habits that you are tired of or that limit you
  • fears of moving forward
You may also choose to forgive someone or forgive yourself for something that happened in the past, release relationship entanglements or the regret of words unspoken.

First, prepare your fire. You can build your fire in your indoor fireplace, but if at all possible, I recommend an outdoor bonfire or fire pit. Once your fire is burning, prepare a spirit stick. Simply walk around with your eyes drifting across the landscape until you see the stick that calls to you. Sit comfortably near the fire and, feeling its warmth, begin to meditate on that which you wish to release. As each issue rises, tie a scrap of yarn or ribbon around the stick to represent it. This is your spirit stick. Place it where you can see it, or hold it, and write a letter. You may choose to write a letter to spirit, or you may choose (as in the case of my friend) to write a letter to a person who has crossed over. Let your words flow onto the page. Feel your emotions. Leave nothing unexpressed. Know that everything you write in this letter will be seen, heard and understood in spirit. There is no reason to censor yourself. Write into the difficult places, the loving places. Write until you have said absolutely everything that you need to say.

When you are finished, wrap your letter around the spirit stick and tie it with ribbon. Hold the stick in your hands to infuse it with the energy of your intention. You may also choose to blow your intention into the stick several times. Feel your heart releasing its grip. Feel your intention moving into the spirit stick, and when you are ready, throw it on to the fire. You may choose to conduct this ceremony with others. If so, allow each person to come forward and send her stick into the fire as the others stand behind in a circle of support. The sincerity of your heart’s intention is what makes this ceremony so powerful. For that reason, you can release and transform with symbolic fire as well. Simply imagine this fire burning in your heart as you write your letter and place it next to a candle burning on your altar for release and transformation. You may also wish to conduct this ceremony with another of the earth’s elements. To release with Earth, bury your letter, marking the spot with a stone (or your spirit wand.) The all embracing Earth takes all things back into herself, transforming all energy back into the essential building blocks of life. To release with Water, the great purifier, tear your letter into tiny pieces and release it into a flowing stream. To release with Air, tear your letter into tiny pieces and scatter them in the breeze, or tear it into long strips and tie them to the branches of a tree. Remember, it is your intention and focus that is important. You can modify this ritual in any way you see fit, so that it feels good to you. When you release and allow energy to flow in your heart, you allow communion with spirit and move forward on your path. The earth and her elements assist you with love and support.

And don’t forget to put our your Moon Water Gems ~

Full Moon Love Your Way,

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June 11, 2017

My Goddess card drawn on the strawberry moon was Pele! She flows so perfectly with this… the fire, the passion, our truth. Such powerful sentiments given to me, indeed it is time to listen to my own true desires.

Much love and always grateful for you and your guidance Moon Mama ❤

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