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We are all sharing a LOT of time with our loved ones and talking with friends so I thought you might enjoy this article! It mostly sums up a lot of the people in my life along with myself! I have smiled and laughed sharing this with others and so here it is for you to enjoy….

The Fastest Way to Trigger Someone Based On Their Zodiac Sign 
by Mykh Goldstein
We often encounter people whom we think can never be pushed to the highest level of frustration and annoyance but believe me, everyone has a tipping point. 
Here are a few ways in which you can trigger people based on their zodiac signs:
Interrupt their work.
They are the focused bees. Buzz! That’s their favorite Buzz as in being busy! Yes, they are extremely dedicated towards their work and they hate distractions or disturbances of any sort. So, the simplest way to piss them off is to interrupt their work. But their hearts and mind make them extremely focused. They will put you out of their way if need be. Be strong-willed if you want to piss them!
Catch them off guard.
They detest anything that isn’t routine. Probably, they are the boring kind. They want extreme stability in their lives and thus over time, they start to hate changes. So, perhaps all you got to do is do something not diurnal, surprise them and you will be at the receiving end of their wrath. Here, we are not suggesting some cute surprises which will make them feel special. But rather something which will make them cringe! Even some basic changes in their routine will piss them off. Catch them off guard and they’ll be completely angry and baked.
Make them wait in one place.
The surest way to piss them off is to make them waste their time waiting for you (you can probably piss many people using that technique). They love to live freely and according to their own free will. If you make them wait, they’ll feel trapped and this will make them absolutely crazy. They always want something interesting going on in their lives and waiting for you (which is surely not that interesting) will make them angry. They also get bored very easily. Make them do something boring and see their temperature rising! 
Don’t care for them
Make them feel that you don’t give a damn. Yes, Show them fake disinterest and you will have a tough time. They love making a very strong bond with other people. For them, real friendship is life. They’ll do anything to be the best they can be as a friend, and they expect this same level of love, affection, and concern and want it to be returned back to them. Caution: If they feel ignored, their anger will be unbearable for you.
When not appreciated
They love to live in their castle. Tell them that their castle doesn’t exist. Stop boosting their ego and they might get really angry. Leo people survive and thrive because of praise. They are natural leaders and are thus praised by everyone for their work. They like to take control of the things around them. Their motivation for doing something is not the satisfaction that they will get out of the work but they covet and desire the award and recognition. When they are not appreciated, they feel threatened. Thus, the simplest way to trip them is to stop patting them on their backs.
Get involved in their work
Occupy their work and you will deserve their anger. These people feel deeply attached to their work and thus cannot see their work being taken over. They are very goal-oriented and thus their life is well constructed. They have absolute trust in their abilities to meet their goals. The easiest way to piss them off is by getting involved in their work (and you could even mess it up, haha). 
Be unfair with them
Cheat them and shatter their little justice system. These people want the world to be a better place and a better place will obviously be fair. The Libra is fair to others and wants you to be just and honest. Libra people are very likable and they want to stay in the good books of others. If you want to throw them into flames of anger then pull them in an argument and then use unjust means to prove your point.
Just lie to them
Easy breezy. Just lie to them. They are very aware of the things happening around them and can easily spot a flaw in anything and everything. Also, they know the game of lies thoroughly. They feel that everyone else tries to play the lie game with them. If they spot your lies then they will get extremely mad at you.
Being clingy
Well, make them your pole and dance around it. We kid you not! Stick to them and chase them and follow them and be all over them and you have had it. They are free souls and what they want is absolute freedom to do everything. If they feel that you are being too sticky, they will give you an earful. They do not want anyone depending on them and they never like to involve the third person in any of their conversations.
Making fun of them
Welcome to the Capricorn world of pride and superiority. These people are too proud to be put down by anyone. Thus, if you want to make them angry and topple them off the cliff of calm, just simply, make fun of them. They do not have much sense of humor and thus they cannot handle jokes on themselves.
Show disagreement
Disgruntle them by disagreeing with their viewpoint and they will kill you for that. They are always right in their own small world and thus they cannot accept the opinions of other people. The simplest way to piss them off is to disagree with them. If you want to add a little insult to this, do this openly in public and we are sure you will be their prey.
Being mean to them
Show them your mean side. Pisces people hate that. Pisces are very gentle and soft people. They are unbothered by most of the things but they cannot take an unkind attitude. The harsh reality of the world and the unkind nature of the world makes them sad and they cannot handle this. Thus, all that you have to do is be really mean to them. They will lose their calm.

Do you find that your sign or your partner/child's sign is on point? Please share below!!

Moon Mama

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Moon Mama
Moon Mama

April 13, 2020

Hello Kelly,

Haha! As a Capricorn Sister I find that I can also laugh at my own jokes!! But very few times will I laugh at other jokes, in fact sometimes I just don’t get jokes :). So this truly resonated with me!

xxxx Moon Mama


April 09, 2020

I love that I made a joke about myself (Capricorns) earlier when my sign was left off the list, and now the list has been updated to say we can’t take a joke at our own expense!
(Also love that the joke was that being left of the list left me nothing to be dismissive of, and I’m currently being dismissive of the update!)

Moon Mama
Moon Mama

April 08, 2020

Hello All ~ FIXED!! xoxox


April 08, 2020

Way to trigger a Capricorn: forget to mention them on a zodiac list, leaving them nothing to be dismissive of!

Emily Flores-Gonzalez
Emily Flores-Gonzalez

April 08, 2020


Would you be able to share the Capricorn traits of the FUN NOTES TO MAKE YOU & YOURS LAUGH?

Thank you kindly,


April 08, 2020

you forgot the rest of the signs: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

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